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trish35 - February 26

i had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago after experiencing blood loss, it revealed that the baby had died but the sac is still there, after further bleeding i went for another ultrasound yesterday and the sac is still there. i dont understand how a fetus can die over 8 wks ago and yet still be inside me? i have to wait a further 2 wks to see if i miscarry naturally if not i will have to go back to have the abortion pill and pessarys to make it come away. i feel so sad and lonely at the minute


Maggie H - February 26

Hi trish..When this happen to me I felt alone as well..I was 5 wks..I found out I was miscarrying on Feb 7th...I went back for 2 ultrasounds and the sac was still there...My doctor told me that since the sac had stayed in place for that long ( 2weeks) I was not able to take the abortion pill...I had to have a D&C which actually was the best thing for me..I understand how you feel..Having the sac stil inside you makes you stil feel pregnant..I know there were many times during that two weeks where I still was very protective of my stomach....I just want you to know these feelings will slowy pa__s/...Things will get better..You will find much needed support on this forum...You are in my prayers..Please post any questions you have about your current situations..Answering questions and giving support is helping me heal as well...


AshleyB - February 26

Hi Trish, So sorry for your loss. Its so hard. I too had a missed m/c. I found out at 11wks that my baby died at 8-9wks. I had to have a d&c, that was definatly the right way to go for me, It got it over with quickly, I was able to have closure and move on and it was a lot less traumatic than I believe a natural m/c would be. So just remember, we're here for you and your not alone. Good LUck honey.


Susan W - February 26

My pregnancy had stopped at 8-9 weeks but I got to almost 12 before it ended, although I started spotting at 10 weeks. I had no idea there was anything wrong because I use a midwife, and she does not order an u/s early on. Your pregnancy is still in there because it takes some time for your body to realize the pregnancy is not viable and for your hormone levels to decrease and start letting the pregnancy go. I'm on the other end of the spectrum from AshleyB, and I am really glad I had a natural m/c. I think I would have always wondered, in the back of my mind, if the doctor had missed something had I chosen a D&C. And I was able to see the tissues I pa__sed out and knew the doctor was right. My midwife later told me our bodies know what to do if the doctors don't interfere; I am healthy and reproductively normal, even after the whole thing taking a little more than a month from fetal death to end of the m/c, and actually I conceived again on my first ovulation after the m/c. Once your m/c gets going, it will take a while to complete, and that's not fun. But the emotional stuff is the worst part of the whole mess. I find this forum to be so helpful. You are not alone in this.



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