Missed Miscarriage

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Tara - June 9

Went for my first scan on 24th may, (day after my b'day) and found out that iv had a missed miscarriage, they recon that heartbeat stopped at 8 weeks which was devistating as i still had pregnancy symptoms a bump growing and no signs that there was anything wrong. On 25th i went in for a d&c. Im now worrying that we wont be able to concieve or that i'll misscarry again, the thought if going through that again scares me! Has anyone any hints/tips/advise?? Many Thanx


crisy - June 9

Hi Tara. I had a natural miscarriage on April 25th. I also worry that if I get pregnant I will miscarry again or that I won't be able to get pregnant. Got my first period last week and now we are trying to conceive. The doctor told me to wait 2 cycles but if I wait too long I will chicken out. After the miscarriage we did not use any protection but I did not get pregnant the first month. I think that the way you are feeling is normal because I feel like this too. I don't think it will get easier. They say that when you become pregnant again you tend to be extra careful. The best advice I could give you is to have faith and don't give up hope. I always try to think that I got pregnant the first time so I pray that I will be able to get pregnant the second time. I wish you lots of baby dust.


Julia - June 9

Sorry Tara this is exactly what happened with me. I had my d&c May 10. At least my AF showed right on time June 5 and I am definitely trying this month. Next week! I'm sure I'll be terrified when I get pg that it will happen again. I bet I'll be even more careful of what I do and eat.The other fear of course is what if I DON'T get pg again :-( only time will tell. Take care.


Sandra - June 9

Hi Tara, sorry for your loss. The same happened to me except I was 10 weeks and baby died at 6, had a D&C 2 days later. I fell pg startight away without af, and am now 13 weeks. I was naturally very worried about the same things. Just because you had a missed m/c definitely doesn't mean you wob't fall pg again, and the risks of another are no higher now than it was before last time you got pg. Try to relax a bit more, let your body heal and nature take it's course. It will happen for you, crisy and julia :-)


Tara - June 10

Thank you for your replies, its 'nice/good' (so to speak) to know that im not the only one thats going through this heart ache. Its great to hear your story Sandra, its given me and im sure others hope. Thank you again and best wishes to you all.xxxT


Jenn - June 13

Sorry for your loss. I am currently in a similiar situation. I lost my baby at 14 weeks, I also found out when I went in for a normal check up and their was no heart beat. Because the baby was so big I could not have a d&c. The Doctor tried to get me to go into labor but failed so I had to have a c-section. It was a tramatic experiece and I thought the best way to move on was get pregnant again. I had my c-section on March 19th and today I am 7 weeks pregnant. I just wanted to warn you that it has not been easy for me. I often have nightmares about losing this baby. I have a lot of trouble getting excited for this baby because I always have the thought that I could lose the baby at any time. Hopefully It gets easy with time. Looking back I just wish I had delt more with my feelings about losing the last baby before becoming pregnant again. I thought this baby would replace the last baby but it doesn't. Good luck, I hope everything works out the best for you.


staci - June 14

I wish you all the best in trying again, it is a very scary decision to make b/c you do worry that something will go wrong. I became pg 2 weeks after my first D&C in March. I just m/c again at 8.5 weeks on 6/8 and had another D&C. I have heard many people with successful pg's after a m/c and know that your chances to m/c aren't any higher after one m/c. I am having some testing done in a couple weeks to see if there are any underlying issues going on that may be causing me to m/c. it is devastating, I am trying to get through each day. hang in there, prayers to you all.


aa - June 14

hi tara...i know exactly what you are going though...i had a missed miscarraige at 10 weeks. I found out at my 12 week U/S. My husband had just come back from abroad we were so exicted, that finally my 4 year old would have a bro or sis. i had gone though hell - i had to take the pills and not all the material had pa__sed so i had a manual d&c, i thought i was out of the woods, and ready to conceive. i was taking the prenatal meds and all. but when i went for my physical, i found out that i was not immune to rubella - which means i have to wait an additional 3 more months, ontop of the 3 i already waited. it seems as though it's a lifetime. i'm frightened now even more, since i've taken the rubella shot. i just hope that you are doing well, im sure things will work out for you :) take care and happy thoughts


staci - June 14

aa-good luck to you. yes, the waiting feels like eternity doesn't it? I feel like a day is a week and so on. I had to have the ruebella vacaination a year ago b/c I wasnt immune to it, they tell you as a precautionary, and it is eternity when you are wanting something so badly. so many people get pregnant though and never get tested to see if they are immune to it or not, think positive, it will happen...as I am trying to tell myself the same thing.


julia - June 14

i posted in the other m/c board too.. it's really common to have a miscarriage.. something like 1/4 of known preg end this way and my doctor said 90-95% of women who have one have normal pregnancies afterwards. i'm going to posr repeat about missed m/c which is what i had.. in the hope someone will be spared the physical pain i had. you can bleed from a few days to a few weeks. normally you're told to wait a cycle before trying, but there are no studies that show there's a greater risk of m/c if you don't. it seems the reason we're told to wait is so you get a normal period and so any preg can be dated. also it makes sense to give the body a cycle to recover. as to m/c natural or d&c. if you haven't m/c yet but know you will here are my suggestions. if you're 10 weeks or less (size of fetus, not since your last period) ask about an MVA manual vacuum aspiration. it it basically a manual syringe that sucks out what's left in the uterus. much gentler on the uterus than the sc___ping mechanism of D&C. also.. some m/c are intensely intensely painful, MORE than birth (i've had 1 and 2 kids and the m/c was WAYYY more painful than birth) so make sure your not sent home with motrin only. get something stronger and be prepared to go to the hospital if your screaming. third, if you haven't m/c 3,4 weeks after the death of the fetus and if you have any of the following - intense pain, fever, stinky discharge, chills, go to the hospital immediately - the fetus could be causing an infection and not treting it can cause big problems! good luck to you all.


Kathy - June 15

I went for my 12 week found out the baby had died at 9. I am now four days past my d&c. How long did you guys bleed for?


priya - June 15

i had a d&c 2 weeks back. i bled for 3 days which was a bit heavy. Had some spottings after a week. But now waiting for my af to ttc. But my dr. has adviced to ttc after 6 months, but am not going to wait for such a long time. i worried whether to listen to my dr. or not. My mother says u dr. knows abt u r health condition and so better to hear the dr. don't know in a bit confusion, that too she have pills for 5 months and am sure am not going to take it.


staci - June 15

I had my first D&C on March of this year and only spotted for a couple days and was fine. I just had my 2nd D&C last week, 6/8 and have been bleeding since, so it has been 1 week so far and still counting...hang in there as I am trying to do. I am so sorry for your loss, I know your pain.


Tara - June 15

Bless you all. Well, im feel a lot better in myself although emotionally i still feel a little fragile. I started taking vitamins (due to blood loss - Blood low iron) The bleeding/spotting stopped after a week and a bit and my b___bs have stopped leaking. (the leaky b___bs were a shock! - The doubled in size overnight about 3 days after i came out of hospital and starting leaking! this with the dizzyness, headaches and tiredness are all part of the hormones changing back.) My doc said to wait a cycle before ttc and said there is absolutley no reason why i couldnt go on to have a 'normal' pregnancy. Me and my OH had a chat about things sat night (for first time) and he wants to enjoy the summer and wait till nxt year b4 we try again as he said that he couldnt cope with the heartache of it happening again, that it'd destroy him. I think this is a wise decision as it'll give my body a chance to heal and my heart too. If anyone wants to chat they can email me at [email protected] Best wishes to you all. xxx


aa - June 15

hi staci - i wasn't aware that you had 2 miscarriages, i'm sorry for both of your losses. how are you doing now? any plans to being anytime soon? do you have any children? yeah i wasnt too keen on getting the vaccination. but Dr insisted....i don't mind the wait i guess i don't have much of a choice :( just hope that the vaccination doesn't affect the baby in any way....best of luck staci.


staci - June 15

aa-no children yet, anxiously hoping that I can have kids. we tried for 6 mos to get pg the first time and after our 6.5 weeks scan and seeing the heartbeat a few days later I m/c. Then I got pg again 3 weeks after D&C and no af inbetween and had seen heartbeat at 6.5 weeks and at our f/u 8.5 week appt no longer a heartbeat. It is so frustrating, I am so concerned but have to stay positive and know that I will have a baby---praying!


N - June 15

I also had a missed miscarriage. Week 13 I went to the doctor and she could not find a heartbeat. She booked an Ultrasound for that day and when I got there it was plain to see the baby had died at somewhere around 9.5 weeks. I had a pseudo-natural miscarriage on March 1st--pseudo as in my cervix dilated but I bled so heavily I was rushed to the ER. Now I am pregnant again--around 6 weeks I believe. The fear of miscarrying is always going to be there. But, trying to relax and not obsess about it (if at all possible) is important for your sanity and the health of any baby you may later conceive.



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