Missed Miscarriage Wait It Out Or D Amp C

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CaliTrish - December 24

U/S and hcg levels show the embryo has failed to thrive. I have no symptoms of miscarriage - no bleeding, no cramping, etc. Should I wait it out and let it happen naturally or schedule a D&C? Anyone experience both? What can I expect if I let it pass naturally - I don't usually have menstrual cramps and skipped the whole labor thing with my son by having a cesarean - is it terribly painful?


dyarcho - December 24

I found out there was no baby in my sac dec 11th, and i had a D&c that friday. Well the next day after i found out i had lost my baby, i miscarried allll day!!! it sucked bad!!! i never been pregnant, but i felt like i was in labor all day. i pa__sed alot of big clots, went through 10 or 15 big over nite pads. it was the most painful thing i have ever experienced! after the D&C i felt sooooo much better! no more cramps and no more bleeding...just spotted a little


sagemy - December 27

I'm in the same situation wight now i don't know weather to have the d&c or just let it come out naturally. What did you deciede? (if you don't mind me asking) I really don't know what to do i have had two healthy kids already and never been through something like this. Please let me know what happens with you.


CaliTrish - January 3

dyarcho & sagemy - Sorry to hear of your losses. We decided to wait it out and let nature take its course. We flew out of town last Saturday. I just didn't want to deal with the hospital visit and any complications following a D&C. Course, I am risking having a natural miscarriage while out-of-state and the possible complications that entails, but figured with my lack of symptoms and high hormone levels that it would be a while. Since we want to ttc again ASAP, I will probably get another blood test to double-check my hCG levels and schedule a D&C next week when we get back home if it doesn't happen on its own. Dyarcho - out of curiosity, do you normally have menstrual cramps? Sagemy - what did you decide? Neither are easy choices, but you've got to do what's right for you. Good luck.


krissy2006 - January 3

Calitrish, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is such a difficult time. While it is completely your decision to do what makes you feel best and most comfortable. I will tell you that I had a missed miscarriage as well. The demise was at six weeks and I didnt find out till almost 11. I was offered the D&C and I scheduled it. The night before my scheduled D&C I started to miscarry on my own. Unlike I was told it wasn't as unpleasant an experience as I had expected. It was like a heavy period (not much cramping) and huge (like the size prunes) clots... I decided to go ahead and go through with the D&C anyway the next day because even though I had started the m/c naturally there was no guaranty my body would expel all the material and then I would have had to have a d&c anyway. So I had the D&C which also was not as unpleasant as I had been told. They put an IV in, put you out, go in and if you have a good doctor they will dialate you (or in my case I was already dialated) and vacuum out the uterus in place of sc___ping it to minimize the amount of scarring. When you wake up you have mild cramping and some bleeding like a regular period. I got my regular cycle 33 days later and conceived again that cycle. I am now 15.5 weeks pregnant and my doctor says that the D&C helped to aid in my quick conception as it removes all the old endometrial lining and allows your uterus to build a completely new and fresh one. This is just my experience and I hope yours is as easy (physically) as mine was no matter what you choose. Remember all the girls here are wonderful and willing to talk if you ever need to. GL to you and again I am sorry about your loss.


GimmeaBub - January 3

Hey girls, i asked that same question at the end of october when i miscarried at 6 weeks, i miscarried naturally in the last week of october and stopped bleeding after 7 days, i lost several large lots and around the middle of november i lost a large mucus clot, so gross sorry for tmi but it was like a large peice of snot, not nice, but apparantly accoridng to my dr that was a good sign and my body had completed a natural abortion, as horrible as it sounds. He said with me being so early in my pregnancy i did not need to be too concerned about having a DNC. Anyway nearly 2 months later i have just found out i am pregnant again and absolutely terrified. So i really think you ould need to talk to your gp that way they can advise you the best way to go, the body can expell on it's own but sometimes not everything comes out and you may end up with infection, if you do decide to miscarry naturally be sure to check to see that you are not bleeding heavily and painfully consistently, and no longer than 2 weeks, also have your hcg levels checked every coupla days to make sure they are going down. Best of luck and i am sorry for your losses. Baby Juice


CaliTrish - January 8

krissy2006 & GimmeaBub - Thank you for your posts. Congrats to you both. Wishing you smooth pregnancies and healthy babes. We're at the 10 week mark and still no signs of natural expulsion. I will likely get my hCG level checked on more time and schedule a D&C. Tired of waiting. We've accepted the loss and are ready to move on.


Annar - January 8

I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. It was also a failure to thrive case. I had no bleeding, cramping etc. I had no symptoms in fact, except my b___st tenderness started to go away, and in my gut I just felt like something was wrong. I had an ultrasound and there was no longer a heart beat. I was devastated. But the fetus was not being expelled from my body. It was just staying there. My choices were D&C and possibly drugs as well. I wanted neither. I waited a few days but still nothing at all was happening. So I decided to use Pennyroyal tea. I drank several strong pots of the tea and by about the 5th pot contractions began. Then I basically went into 'labour' as the contents were expelled. It was unbelievably painful....well, labour pains, and cramping. But it cleared out everything. The ultrasound technician was shocked. It cleared everything out on a miscarriage that was guaranteed to need a D&C. I also only bled for about three days with some mild spotting a few days after that. I don't know if that would word for everyone, but it certainly worked for me. A word of caution though, ONLY use the TEA do NOT use the oil which is extremely toxic in high doses. I was also told that with D&Cs come the risk of scarring the uterus. So I think if it can be avoided it's probably best to avoid it if you can.


Freeman22 - January 8

I had a D&C done 4 weeks ago. I was about 4 weeks along, and was having bleeding like a period, I went to the doctor and he said my cervix was softening but the cervix was not yet open, he gave me the option. He said if I let if happen naturally the bleeding may go on for up to 3 weeks, and would be pretty heavy with clotting witha D&C that would clean all that out and would have light bleeding for a couple days. I chose the D&C, the day after had slight bleeding and then it stopped. I was happy with my descision.Also, I did not want to wait another 3 weeks or so for it to be over, I wanted my body to start trying to regulate immediatly. I have 2 children but have been trying for about 4 months. Hope this helps, That is just my experience, of course I never had one happen naturally just know what the doc said.


tycosgirl - January 9

CaliTrish, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I was in a very similar situation with mine. I chose to let it happen naturally. My miscarriage wasn't very painful, just like a bad period, the cramps seemed to come in waves like labor to the point I was able to time them. I normally have cramps with my period (Endometreosis) and they weren't much worse. My Gyn told me I would be able to try again with my next cycle if I let it happen natural because the hormones will return to normal faster and it's not such a shock to the system. I think I was able to grieve the loss of my baby better. I was 8-10 weeks and was off of work. I saw my Gyn every other day to check Hsg levels, and I had u/s two days after to be sure nothing was left so I wouldn't get an infection. I hope the best for you.


CaliTrish - January 15

Just wanted to thank everyone for posting and give an update. It's been 4 weeks since we got the news. I finally started spotting Sunday night. We checked my hCG level again last week and confirmed that it was still decreasing, down to 4000 from 38,000 three weeks prior. So, we started the process of scheduling a D&C for tomorrow. Gonna go ahead with it. Ready to move on. Thanks again for your concerns and sharing your experiences. -Trish



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