Missed Miscarriage At 10 Weeks

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sophieoakley - January 9

i was 10 weeks , baby didint survive past week 7. i had no symptoms ,doctor said its better to do a d & c as its been a long time and no sign of miscarrying naturaly. so last night i was given two tablets to put in my va___a to open my cervix. i had no pain a little blood. Then this morning went in to have my surgery i had a general anesthetic and it lasted a half hour and i was awake again and it was all finished. and i had no pain and just a little blood. Its afternoon now and i feel almost back to normal I am back home watching movies. When i first heard the news that the baby had passed i was in so much shock and devestation. and i cried on and off for 3 days.but now i feel so much better that i have some closure now where as before there was so much uncertainty of when and how i would start to miscarry. i am glad i had the d & c. because i couldnt cope with the physical side of this while its so hard emotionaly. but i feel i get better and bettter each day just to encourage other ladies out there who are going through this.


Pearl - January 9

Oh sophieoakley. It is rough emotionally. I have been going through it for nearly 2 weeks now and it's finally getting easier to talk about without bursting into tears. My body is starting to settle down and I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am thankful that this happened early in my pregnancy because I don't know if I could have handled it later. I am here with you girl.


sophieoakley - January 11

Hi Pearl sorry to hear its been two weeks for you, that must be hard. i couldnt go through with a natural miscarriage right now.you are so brave. even though its hard for me to think about ttc again, it gives me some hope. I hope to wait for two cycles before i do. I know this last pregnancy for you was unplanned but would you like to ttc again?


Pearl - January 11

Was the D & C painful? I opted out because all I could think about was coming home and letting my body take time to relax (maybe somewhere inside of me I was hoping that the doctors were wrong). At the rate that my miscarriage came on, my doctor was sure that I would be able to get through it naturally. It's a couple of weeks since the first spotting began and my body is finally starting to settle down. My stomach is completely back to flat and I have stopped bleeding. There's been no pain for a long time now. I think it's all over. We have 3 wonderful children, a girl (9) and two boys (2 & 6) and we had been (when I got pregnant) considering a 4th for a few months. As of right now I don't think we really have a plan. My husband and I have both decided that we don't trust contraceptives so I think we are just going to let nature takes it's course. My first was a condom baby and I got on the pill after I had her but I was always so sick that I stopped taking it. Then I got the shot after my second child and it made me even more sick so I switched back to the pill (tried different kinds/levels of hormone) and I was still getting sick. We decided to have our third so I was off of the pill for 2 years (not actively trying or tracking my cycle, just letting things happen). After my third I got an IUD and got pregnant with the one we just lost. My husband's theory is that I am just super fertile. lol As far as trying, I am not sure yet but I do know that we aren't looking to prevent pregnancy. How long did your doctor recommend you wait to try? I have read that waiting a cycle or two is best but we aren't planning on using any birth control and since I am not sure when my period will return our only option is to not have s_x until it does. That could be a while. lol My only worry with ttc again is that I will have a repeat miscarriage. I am not sure that I want to put my family through that again. It's tough. If we do have another child, we agreed that we are not telling anyone (including the other children) until I am at least 12 weeks along. The hardest part was telling my kids that the baby had died. There were lots of tears for all of us. I think it's too early for me to start thinking about ttc...only time will tell.


sophieoakley - January 12

no i had no pain, before or after from the d&c it was a positive experience as far as surgerys go. I even got lunch afterwards. it cost 600 dollars with insurence and 300 without. I am taking a course of antibiotics for 7 days so i dont get infection. and no need for pain meds. the problem for me is that there was still no sign of a natural miscarriage and i still had nausea. so fustrating. but i made the doctor do 3 ultrasounds and i had a second opinion one too! so it was sure. I had a friend phone me and say he had been praying for me and he felt that God would bring the baby back from the dead. the day befor my d&c!!! but i already knew the baby didnt survive so i decided that they were just trying to give me some faith ...they didnt know all the details. so i went ahead with it. Did you have alot of pain Pearl? or was it like period cramps? how are you doing emotionally? i feel kind of numb right now. i felt kind of shoved out of the first trimester board i think they could of started a new thread in a more gentle way. Doctor told me to wait 3 cycles till i ttc, but most ladies only wait one, but i will wait two. i may not conceieve first time again. but with my boy and with this one i conceived first month ttc! so like you i am super fertile. Well it is so great we already have children. it must be harder if its your first time and you miscarry.


jodie - January 12

Hi ladies! I miscarried at 12 weeks but was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at 9 weeks. I also had a D&C scheduled but started bleeding 3 days before so I cancelled it. Well that bleeding lasted almost 3 weeks when I miscarried. I had zero cramping what so ever. Just tons of blood on the day I actually miscarried. It was waaaay different then everything I read. I was just lucky to have no cramping or pain. After I finally miscarried I bled for another week that was like normal period bleeding. The sucky thing is, I have been going in every week since the miscarriage for the doctor to check the hcg in my blood to make sure it's going down and it's taking FOREVER! I miscarried on Thanksgiving and I still have enough of the hormone in my body to show up as positive on a pregnancy test and I still haven't had my first period. I went in for a blood draw yesterday and am waiting for my results today. I'm sooo hoping they are at zero now. We really want to start trying again. When are you ladies going to start ttc again?


Pearl - January 12

sophieoakley-I agree about the thread but at the same time I understand that I kind of feel guilty because I started this trend for August babies. I felt really bad because as soon as I miscarried, a couple other ladies (including yourself) started showing signs of miscarriage. I did/do feel quite shunned though. It was emotionally a little tough. I thought I was being a little too sensitive. Glad I wasn't the only one that felt that way. Emotionally in other parts of my life it's been a little tough. I was completely stone faced about it at first. I didn't want my husband to know just how much it was breaking my heart to lose our little one. I kept quiet and pretty much didn't talk to anyone for the first week or so. When I returned to work I made sure to tell my closest co-worker so that he could help me out when it was necessary. I didn't give him all of the details just that I was miscarrying and bleeding a lot so I might need him to cover (I run a live tv broadcast and can't exactly take a break without causing the show to tank). He has been amazing and any time I need to run to bathroom due to pain or even to change my pad, he has jumped right in and taken over. I am a little more bummed than anything right now. It's all over and I will never know for sure what that little baby could have been. Mentally I know that it's probably for the best because miscarriages usually happen due to problems with the fetus but it still hurts. My husband has been awesome and super supportive. Even when I get a little testy (as I seem to have been for the last couple of days) he reminds me that we have 3 wonderful children and if I want to, we can try again soon. I'm just not sure how I feel about that yet. Hi jodie. On one hand I would like to ttc as soon as possible but on the other I am not quite sure if I could handle the loss of another child. Right now I am leaning toward trying again and risking a repeat miscarriage. I guess I am just really scared. Somewhere in me I think that if I am not actively "trying" to conceive that I can't get too attached. Sounds strange. If it just "happens" then it is meant to be. If it doesn't happen then I guess I don't have to worry about miscarrying again. In all honesty, I never thought losing a child that I wasn't expecting in the first place would be this difficult. I have high hopes for the future and my husband and I are well aware that using no birth control may result in another little baby. I guess I am still torn and confused. Going to take some time for me to heal mentally. How are you ladies feeling?


DownbutnotOUT - January 13

My story happened awhile back but it still feels like yesterday, I was suppose to be 11 weeks 1 day and it was the day after mother's day and the day before my first scheduled u/s. Woke up with blood soaked panties followed by brown spotting, went to the ER immediately. I had blood work done which showed levels around 7500 which looked really really low and they did a u/s. Thew u/s showed a 6 week 6 day fetus with an unusual shaped sack, basically decomposition. There was no heartbeat. The dr gave me less than a 5% chance that mb the due dates we really wrong and the heart beat is really low. I just knew my baby was gone and the drs wanted me to take a repeat HCG test and have another u/s. Shortly after returning home I started bleeding heavier and pa__sed blood clots the size of golf b___s and the cramping got so bad I had to go back the next day to the ER. When I did the repeat blood work, it was Wednesday I believe and I had another u/s on Thursday. During this time I was so sad and sickened as I felt my body was a walking tomb for my baby and I cried all the time. The other u/s showed the same thing as the one on monday, 6 weeks 6 day fetus no heartbeat still inside me. Also my HCG levels dropped to around 2900 so it was a matter of time before I pa__sed my baby I was hoping for it to come quickly. It was Friday night, when the thick tissue started coming out, I went right back to th ER there was no way I was going to pull it out myself. They were very understanding and I was in the waiting room only a short time before the dr removed everything, I was lucky everything came out together. they asked if i wanted to see the gestational sac and i refused, it was my baby due December 3, 2006. I know several years have pa__sed but I will never forget my baby or the miscarriage. Even though I got pregnant afterward and had a healthy baby boy, who I love to death, I still have a hole in my heart. This is something I wish no woman ever had to experience.


Pearl - January 13

Thank you DownbutnotOUT. Your story brought tears to my eyes. I know that it's tough (and I am not expecting to be "over" the loss anytime soon) but I am happy to hear that you were successful with your little boy. The emotional reaction was quite delayed for me. In a lot of ways it made me feel really selfish (not grieving immediately) but I know now that it was just my reaction to try and keep things together and stay strong. Reading the stories of all of you ladies who are planning on/did ttc again gives me hope. Have a wonderful evening.


Chimpette22 - January 15

Hi all, I went for an early scan on the 23rd Dec due to slight spotting, I should have been 9 weeks, but baby only measured 6 with no heartbeat so I had a missed miscarriage. I couldn't the D & C before the 7th Jan because of xmas and the new years, that was the first appointment they could give me. I had the D & C and was home again in by early evening, and have had no bleeding since or cramps really (had a few on the first couple of days). I was completely shocked by it, as I already have a lovely little 19 month old boy and so just a__sumed that I would be ok with this one too.. how wrong I was. I'm getting to terms with it now, I know it wasn't my fault (finally), and we're hoping to try again after 1 cycle, so now it's just a waiting game to see when it comes. I don't have a post op appointment, but did read on here that you can do pregnancy tests to check when your hormones are back to normal. I did a test yesterday and it came up positive so I guess I'll have to wait another couple of weeks. Guess it was just wishful thinking.... Reading all the success stories after d & c gives me much hope xx


bea123 - January 20

Hi everyone Just wanted to give you a bit of hope. I had two miscarriages last year. One at 11 wks and the second at 7wks. The first one I did naturally but found it so painful both physically and emotionally that the second time round I opted for a D and C. I was so glad I did as it helped me get over every thing so much quicker and the testing we did showed that it was just a chromosomal abnormality. The depression and absolute fear that I was never going to have children was overwhelming but I was determined to try again and now I'm 9 weeks pregnant with a very healthy heartbeat of 177. I know it's still early but neither of my previous pregnancies had heartbeats so my doc is really hopeful. I'm having scans every 2 weeks which helps to ease my nervous but it's still tough. So please don't feel too hopeless and what ever you do don't give up! xxx


sophieoakley - January 21

Hi Pearl and jodie, how are you ladies doing? have you had your first period yet? for me its 12 days past d&c and i had what i thought was ovulation pain as it was in the right and then left side. but i went to the doctors she did a v____al ultrasound and she said i had an infection due to having intercourse 5 days after the d&c . the doctor never told us when it was safe to start having it again. so now i am on my second course of antibiotics. I hope my period comes soon so i can start tracking and getting my hopes up for ttc ( which i plan to start in March) but wont have any dates until my first period comes. as i am a 28 days on the dot! is it harder to conceive after a d&c? i have heard conflicting stories. My sister in law will come and stay next week, she was pregnant the same time as me . so it will be hard to be confronted with her baby bump. and me not having one :(


Pearl - January 21

I am doing alright. I have been working out tons to relieve the stress. It's really helping. No sign of a period as of yet. I stopped bleeding on January 11th (2 weeks after the miscarriage began) but I have no idea when my period will return. No real signs of anything going on with my body. Nothing unusual, no ovulation cramps or anything. I am just here. lol Not a lot to report. Sorry to hear about the infection. That's no fun. Seeing your SIL would be tough. I feel for you honey. EVERYONE I work with is pregnant now and I look at their baby bumps everyday. It was rough at first but I think I am ok now. Just trying to stay busy. Have a nice day ladies!


bcmahmood - January 21

Hello, I had my first miscarriage in December of 2009. I saw the heart beat at 7w4d and everything looked fine. I then started spotting with brown discharge and then light bleeding on the 17th of December, so I went in for am emergency ultrasound and found out the baby had stopped growing at 8w, I was 10w4d when I found out. I had a D&C on the 21st of December. I bleed for about 4 days, mainly spotting but no cramping. I just got my first AF today, January 21st which was one month exactly from my D&C. It has been exactly like all of my past periods, heavy but not terrible. We started ttc about a week and four days after my d&c, because my doctor cleared us to. I am not sure if I ovualted or not...or if my lining was too weak for the egg to attach, which is what I hear is common after a d&c. My husband and I are crossing our fingers and going to try again!! *Just a side note to everyone, I know going through a miscarriage can be very hard, but remember, this is all in God's plan for us. Just trust that God's will is perfect and give all of your worries to him.*



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