Missed Mispregnancy

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mana moo - May 20

hi all I have endometriosis and PSO. Been TTC for about 6 years and finally on the 24th March had the best easter pressie ever and had +test. But was getting pains in my tummy doctor and midwife told me it would be the endo causing it but when I had a scan the scan showed as only being 4 wks so 2 wks later had to return and it still showing as being just over 4 wks. Doctor at EPAU told me I had suffered a missed mis pregnancy and as i was having so much pain and according to size it would mean baby has died 5 weeks ago i was offered a medical miscarriage which i accepted. Wasnt a very nice experience but seemed the best thing to do at the time, still dont know if it was the right thing tho.Anyway we want to start trying again asap but i have read alot of feeds that say the doc advised to wait, nobody has spoken to me about it and i am not sure when i should start trying again. Is there anybody who can help me what do i do now as i have had no medical advice or support? Thanks


ChattyKathy - May 20

I think the term you are looking for is "missed miscarriage". It can be a very difficult decision to get a D&C, but if the baby was not growing after five weeks then it needed to be done. To answer your question, Many doctors will say wait 3 months to TTC. Some wil say that its okay to try again after one cycle. Good luck to you and I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Its a shame after you've already been through so much.


mana moo - May 21

Hi, yes you are right it was a missed miscarriage. I didnt have the D&C doctor had recommended tablets to bring it all away, my midwife told me it was called a silent abortion which didnt really make me feel any better but i was advised that it better than surgery as no risk of scarring just more bleeding and pains. Would anybody know if this changes how soon I can start trying again, or do I still have to do the same as i would if i had surgery? THANKS



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