Missed Misscarriage

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adreya - June 13

I was told today that my doctor thinks im having a missed misscarriage, so i went and had my hcg levels drawn if hey go down then im going to have a D&C tommarrow. What are my chances of getting pregnant after a D&C.


hcw - June 13

hi adreya - i'm so sorry that you're going through this tough time; it's heartrending and shocking and i'm sorry that any of us have gone through it... the good news is though that the vast majority of women who have an m/c (either naturally or with a d&c) go on to have healthy, full term babies. many folks here have had a d&c and try again successfully just a month or two later. some prefer to wait three months. i did not have a d&c, and i decided to wait a month to start ttc just because i felt like my body wanted a rest... hope this helps, but even more I hope that your hCG levels go up and that you don't have to confront any of this! best wishes and take care...


JuJu - June 19

Adreya; having a D&C does not affect your fertility, or ability to carry a baby to full term. I know of countless women who have had babies after a D&C....so don't worry; you're cool!


Kira_lynn - June 20

Nope dont worry. I had a missed m/c at 13weeks (stopped growing at 7) and then i had one period and then got pregnant. my cycles were off and we wernt expecting it to happen so fast! Now im 14weeks and have a healthy baby growing inside!


frankschick2001 - June 20

I had a D&C in October. I am now 13 weeks pregnant, so your chances are fine!


Lavender - June 22

adreya--How did your levels look? I had a d&c in april (also due to missed miscarriage) and dh and I are preparing to ttc this month. I was an emotional wreck for the first week after--but I'm doing fine now. I hope the doc was wrong and that you didn't have a m/c. If you did you can always post on here for extra support! We all know what you are going through!



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