Missed Tissue And Asherman S Syndrome

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AllieP. - April 25

Does anyone have success stories that have asherman's syndrome? I had a D&C end of January and since moved away. This was my third miscarriage. I am seeing an RE where i live now and three months later i still have retained tissue. He is performing a hysterscopy next week to remove it and will be checking for ashermans. If i do have it what are my chances of having a normal pregnancy? Are there any treatments for this? Any insight would be so appreciated!!! Oh i had a sonohysterogram after my first two miscarriages and there was no scarring so this scarring would be from my last D&C. I'm beside myself and have been bawling for hours now.


smmom2 - April 26

Allie....I am so sorry you have to go through all this. I dont know anything about Ashermans...I am sorry. Have you tried googling it???What has your doc said about it???


stefkay - April 26

Allie, Here is some info I found just in the first two places I visited online: Treatment of Ashermans Syndrome Asherman's syndrome should be treated if it is causing infertility or amenorrhea. Surgical treatment includes cutting and removing adhesions or scar tissue within the uterine cavity, there are many treatment of ashermans-syndrome are : * Health care provider may place a small balloon inside the uterus for several days, and he or she may prescribe estrogen replacement therapy while the uterine lining heals. * Antibiotic treatment may be necessary if infection is identified. * In real life Ashermans is an extremely rare complication of abortion and is virtually unknown in the UK. * Despite a possible prophylaxis (if a post-partum D & C is really necessary estrogen supplementation would help), keys to treatment include early recognition and treatment by a very experienced surgeon via hysteroscopy. ***And from a pamphlet from the American Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology: In rare cases, after a D&C for miscarriage, bands of scar tissue, or adhesions, may form inside the uterus. This is called Asherman's syndrome. These adhesions may cause infertility and changes in menstrual flow. In most women, Asherman's syndrome can be treated successfully with surgery. Call your doctor if you notice changes in your menstrual periods after a D&C procedure.


stefkay - April 26

I'll see what else I can find! I really am thinking this is something that can be treated and that is IF you even have it! Did your doctor do the ultrasound on you and did he see no lining built up? I'm just wondering what things lead him to think it may be Ashermans....


AllieP. - April 26

SHELLEY-thanks for your kind words! STEF-Thanks so much. You are the best. I have been researching it a lot in the past twelve hours (lol) and after speaking with my NJ doctor i really don't truly think i have that. TG for my NJ doctor. I emailed him around five last night and he called me around 7pm. He's out in California doing some lectures (he's a national speaker). He's wonderful and talked to me for almost a half hour. He seems to think that its doubtful I'd have Ashermans as most women don't bleed and have an AF with it. He said if i had that much scar tissue i wouldn't have a period becuase the cervix would have been closed shut due to scarring. I told him about the shg i had done today and he was surprised the RE did it with my AF still. He agreed with me and said the RE should have waited until next week. I told him my concerns that i really didn't want to be put under for the hysterscope and not only that but they dilate the cervix for that and i've had ENOUGH done to my cervix to last a lifetime and i'm worried about incompetent cervix as it is. The other thing is lsat night i pa__sed this HUGE clot/tissue thing the size of a tampon. I've never seen anything like that before! It was not normal (though i've never had a natural m/c at seven weeks before) so it could have been the list of the tissue. I wonder if its possible that during the shg the RE stirred it up and it finally pa__sed. First thing Monday morning i'm gong to call the RE and tell him i pa__sed this tissue and asked to be checked again. I seriously don't want to have to do the hysterscope. My doc from NJ even said he'd call on MOnday the RE and talk to him. I do feel better having talked to my doctor from home. I just want to be sure i'm doing the right things.


AllieP. - April 26

STEF- oh yea, he did do an u//s but he didn't say either way if my lining build it up but i would say it HAD to if i'm having a period. Right?


stefkay - April 26

How much are you bleeding? From what I read with Ashermans you can bleed but periods are light. There seem to be varying degrees of it. I hope you don't have it and it seems pretty rare so you probably DON'T--that said though, you need to rule it out. I am so glad your NJ doctor is involved, but also remember that he is the one who performed your d&c, correct? That could make him liable if you ended up having complications due to HIS d&c...just a thing to keep in mind! I'm sure the last thing he wants or needs is for you to have this. I'm just overly cautious and don't want you to let something go that might be harder to treat later. It's so hard to make a call on it though. So you had an HSG this past week (saline?) and he saw something that led him to believe he needs to do a hysteroscopy (sp?) next week? I'm sorry if I've gotten a bit lost...ugh! I understand about not wanting to be dilated either. The blood clot sounds like a good thing because maybe it was the retained tissue that was making you not have a normal period? Have you always had light periods or did they only start after your miscarriages?


smmom2 - April 26

Allie...I ams o glad you talked to your doc. Sounds like you did pa__s more tisue and that can cause allkins of stuff reguarding cycles. I am glad the doc is calling your re also...they can communicate together and get all this sorted out for you !!!! L pray the best for you !!! ANd that you soon get your healthy bean !!!


Terri1 - April 27

Allie, I hope you don't have Asherman's...I have just undergone my third surgery to try to correct mine which was caused by a second D&C for retained tissue after my miscarriage. Please research this condition just in case you do have it so you know what questions to ask your doctor and what treatment you should receive. There are many women on the ashermans website who have gone on to have successful pregnancies. Good luck, and I hope you find out you DON"T have AS.


AllieP. - April 27

Thanks girls STEF-you have it right, the RE did a sonohysterogram (saline solution u/s) and saw what he thinks is retained tissue. He wants to go up witth the microscope (hysterscopy) to check things out and remove any tissue that might be there. My period was a bit lighter this month but not super light. If i hadn't been going to the doctor to be monitored i would probably think this was a pretty normal period. It was Friday night when i pa__sed that big clot. I am sure it was tissue as it was all congealed and was the size of a tampon. No joke. I really have never seen anything like that before. I am going to call tomorrow first thing and tell him what happened. You are right about my NJ doc though, he was the one who did the D&C. My only confusion is if this is missed tissue why would the RE think i could have ashermans? I mean wouldn't he just remove the tissue and be done with it? I guess i'm wondering how the tissue could cause scarring? It feels like i have a lot of unanswered questions and i really want to be checked before i do this hysterscopy thing. TERRI and SHELLEY- thanks for your kind words and advice. My gutt feeling is that i don't have it and i pa__sed on Friday what was left. Fingers crossed thats what it was!


Emma 21 - May 10

Allie, how did you go with this? Reading your story is like an echo; this is happening to me right now, but i am afraid my situation is worse. I have had no period for 12 weeks since my D&C. Does anyone know what this means. I am booked in for hysteroscopy in a little over a week.


AllieP. - May 10

Emma-i'm sorry you are going through this! It is certainly no fun! :( Have you had u/s or a shg to confirm missed tissue in your lining and have you had your hcg levels tested? For me the shg and remaining levels of hcg in my system was what prompted the RE to do the hysteroscopy and D&C to remove the missed tissue and check for Ashermans. I had it done about ten days ago and i didn't get to talk to my doctor right afterwards but my husband did and the doctor said all went well and there was no mention of scarring. Thank God! Fortunately i only had the missed tissue. I see my doctor this week for a follow up so i can discuss in more detail with him everything. I will def let you know how that goes. If you haven't had a period in 12weeks i think it's good your doc is doing the hysteroscopy and if there is a problem he can try and remove any scar tissue or any remaining tissue. Ashermans is very rare and in most cases with a good RE the scarring can be repaired! Good luck sweetie! i know what you are going through but you will be okay!


Emma 21 - May 11

Hi Allie, I have had an ultrasound and a sonogram, as well as blood tests. The sonogram showed what my doctor thinks are bands of scarring. He sounded positive but what I have read on the internet sounds scary. Will have to wait and see. Keep you posted!


AllieP. - May 12

Emma- i'm glad your doc is doing the hysteroscopy! He'll be able to get a clear picture and try and repair the scarring! I know what you mean about what the internet says. When my doc first mentioned ashermans i freaked out and looked stuff up. It is scary but with a good doctor he/she should hopefully be able to repair the scarring! When is your hysteroscopy?



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