Morning Sickness With Miscarriage

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hjs - February 25

I was just curious, I've read that a lot of women have had miscarriages in their first trimester. Were there any implications that your doctors may have thought something was wrong, like in the early weeks? Did anyone have regular morning sickness and still miscarry? I read that some had no fetal heartbeat at so many weeks. Were early blood tests normal? Is this just something that "happens" without knowing until an ultrasound? I assume because I'm having morning sickness that everything is okay but I still worry. It's my first pregnancy and I'm 30 and my doc said there's a 1 in 3 chance of miscarriage or something like that. I'm 6 weeks along. Moderate morning sickness, sore enlarging br___ts! Lots of minor/moderate cramping, draining lots of clear stuff like when you ovulate. Just curious.


AmyF - February 25

I had morning sickness and all the pg symptoms and I still m/c


A - February 25

Sounds like everything is going long as you don't have a sudden loss of pregnancy symptoms and/or prolonged bleeding..I ultimately "knew" that something wasn't right. Listen to your body and if you have concerns talk to your MD right away...they can do blood tests and/or U/S to ease your mind! Good luck in your pregnancy!


stacey - February 25

I had all symptoms, just moderately. After a while, they stopped- but I didn't realize it. All blood tests were normal. My baby had a heartbeat, but a low one- before the heart stopped.


Petra - February 28

When I saw the dr because I started loosing blood, I was 8 weeks. The baby measured 5 weeks. The same weeks I took a hpt. which was positive. I thought it strange not to have any morningsickness... this was my third pregnancy. And with both pregnancies I was sick until the afternoon... for about 4 months.I did have a week where I did not feel good, just before the test. And I remember thinking that if this was how I was going to spend the next few months... I didn't know if I would be able to gain any weight, I was extremly nauseas. But the rest of the family had some sort of stomach flu and I thought that must be what that was.... That was the week where things went wrong. I started miscarrying two weeks later. And the other sympotoms started to fade gradually and after the m/c it I felt normal again.


Mary - February 28

I had morning sickness during the week we knew I was going to have a m/c - as a matter of fact it never had a natural m/c the baby was just there not growing very fast in my tube. For a total of 2 weeks since we knew this was not a viable pregnancy all the way until the chemical lowered to below 5 - I had many symptoms.


Misty - March 2

It sounds to me like you are doing just fine. White discharge during pregnancy is completley normal. I would only worry if you start to bleed. Like "A" said, I felt like something was wrong the time that I miscarried. I just didn't feeel pregnant. But it really sounds like you are doing good. Good luck honey:)


naomi - March 14

when i was first pregnant i had morning sickness, tender b___sts and a whole lot of runnin to the ladies room and when it came to the pregnancy test it was positive and when i went into the doctor they did a blood test and a quontum check and they said i was miscarrying, a week later it happened but right before i had miscarryed the syptoms of pregnancy subsided. its a 50/50 chance but lots of women have normal healthy pregnancys! good luck to everyone, just found out im now 5 weeks 1 day last week!! congrats!


jamie - March 14

I had all of the symptoms of pregnancy. My b___sts were sore and swollen, I had morning sickness, and I was tired all of the time. I went in for my regular doctor appointment at 12 weeks. I had started to feel better a few weeks before, but still felt sick sometimes. At that appointment they couldn't find the heartbeat, so they did an ultrasound. My baby had died. I hope this doesn't happen to you and you have a healthy baby. Even though my pregnancy was not planned, I loved that baby and it was the hardest thing I have ever gone through when I lost that baby.


Heather - March 14

Naomi - How long ago was your m/c?? And Congratulations!!!!!!!!


J - March 14

I believe that morning sickness is an indication that everything progressing normally and that hormone levels are rising. I had a healthy pregnancy and was sick from weeks 8-11 and had a m/c in Nov. at 8 weeks and had no m/s but I noticed my b___st tenderness started to disappear. I am now 10 weeks and sick as a dog. My doctor says it is a good sign. I have had 2 ultrasounds and heartbeat looks good. Good luck.


Heidi - March 16

Thanks for all the replies. I had my 9 week appt yesterday and they listened to the heartbeat and said it was strong and sounded healthy so that's a good sign! The cramping went away around 7 weeks too. Good luck to you all!


Ivan Kent Steinke - August 22

My wife has had a period every month all summer. However, we took a pregnancy test in July, which came up positive. She began throwing up every morning, only in the morning, starting near the end of June. The other day we took another EPT, which came out absolutely negative. However, my wife is still throwing up every morning- has been now for three months. Is it possible to continue having morning sickness months after a miscarriage?


Alison - August 23

I continued to have morning sickness after each of my miscarriages for a little while. (and had had lots of other pregnancy symptoms too) It is horrible when you know you are not pregnant anymore but it is just because the pregnancy hormones are not all gone yet. Many women have babies over 30 with no problems-1 in 3 seems an awful high figure? Usually 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage. I wasn't aware it would change so much just because you're 30?! My sister in law is 30 and is due next month with a healthy baby, my mother was 36 when I was born and no problems at all! 30 is a pretty average age for having a baby I would say. Please do not start thinking the worst because of what your doctor has said. Yes quite often it is only discovered at the first ultrasound-(as is my experience) but you have every reason to believe all is well. Think positively-when is your first scan? You will hopefully feel better once you see the heartbeat for yourself. Take care-oh and by the way minor cramping is perfectly normal! Lots of things are stretching so try not to worry! Wishing you lots of blessings xxx


Stacey - August 23

HJS, Just to answer some of your questions, there is actually a 1 in 5 chance in miscarrying. I recently just lost my pregnancy and I was eight weeks along. The doctors all told me that it was not my fault and that their is absolutely no way to tell why it happned. It just does. I guess the best advice I can give you, is that you have to try not to worry so much. Don't let it consume you. I know that is easier said than done. I wish you all the luck in your pregnancy.


Angie - August 26

I had mornign sickness and still had a m/c. After I found out I was going to m/c, the sickness went away. It took a long time for my b___sts to stop hurting and almost a month before they were normal size again.


AThena - September 6

My sister-in-law went to her first ultrasound at 9 weeks and there was not a heartbeat. Her morning sickness actually stopped a few days before the ultrasound, but started again. She still gets colostrum as well. We are hoping for a miracle from God, but we are still waiting for blood tests to see if her pregnancy hormone has dropped yet.



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