Morning Sickness With Miscarriage

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AThena - September 6

My sister-in-law went to her first ultrasound at 9 weeks and there was not a heartbeat. Her morning sickness actually stopped a few days before the ultrasound, but started again. She still gets colostrum as well. We are hoping for a miracle from God, but we are still waiting for blood tests to see if her pregnancy hormone has dropped yet.


Marge - September 7

Hjs, I recently had a D&C due to a blighted ovum. Was pregnant but fetus did not develop. But you know what, the best thing you can do for your baby right now is not to worry. Be happy that you are pregnant, nothing doesn't even seem to be wrong with you. Worrying can cause stress and stress can cause you complications. I am also 30 and that was my first pregnancy and therefore my first m/c. All you need to do is smile and think happily that you are pregnant. Forget what your doc said, he/she should not be putting any negative thought on your mind. My doctor did pretty well on making me feel better even though my pregnancy was not all that viable to begin with. But I stayed happy and strong because I know that the baby will thrive in the environment in which I have, so it is not good to be all worried and especially stressed out for the baby. Nature will take its course as it did not turn out so well for me, but I am still happy that we are able to conceive and I know it is not my fault that i had a m/c because I did everything I could for the baby. I did not worry, I rested when asked to since I had hemorrhaging and i ate the right food and took my vitamins. But it was a better luck next time experience. We will be trying again after 3 months as doctor advised. If you are 6 weeks already, for peace of mind, you can have an ultrasound. On your 6th week, you should be able to see a gestational sac and a yolk sac though you may not still be able to see a fetus. Early ultrasound tests are done to see if everything is doing well and to eliminate cases such as ectopic and blighted ovum as in my case. I had 4 ultrasounds done between my 6-8 weeks and there was no fetal development and the sac was deteriorating and not growing as it should to its age. You can read about U/S in early pregnancy in this site:, NO WORRIES!!!


annieb - January 16

Well this is kinda an older forum but i will be happy to answer this anyways for future reference. I had a MC last year. I had all the normal pregnancy symptoms from nausea to tender b___sts everything seemed so normal to me. My doc discovered i had hypothyroidism and i was put on meds right away. Although this happened when i was around 8 weeks. Up until i had a doc appt when i was around 14 weeks he couldnt find a heartbeat with the doppler so i was sent for an ultrasound almost 2 weeks after!! (it was hard!!! to go that long knowing it might not have a heartbeat!!) so when i went for the ultrasound it showed the baby had no heartbeat. I had what they called a missed MC. BUT my blood tests showed i was a high risk for trisomy 18. Now this doesnt mean anything until later on in pregnancy when they can see if the baby has defects but i think there was a link with the lack of growth hormone (hypothyriod) Usually the baby aborts itself early due to birth defects is what i was told. I hope this helps but all women are different all pregnancies are different. I am now pregnant again and i pray that this time it will work out!! Dont give up!! good luck to all!!!


danielle16 - April 5

Hi, i am in my 5th week of pregnancy and had some minimal spotting which was brownish. I went to the doctor and had an ultra sound and the one where the camera goes up the v____a, they said they couldnt hear a heart beat. Has anyone else had this? Im supposed to come back in a week and have another, im really worried as i have had some cramping, but this has been there the whole 5 weeks. They saw the baby and said it is 1mm in size. I have also been really nauseas for about 5 days.


AngieEason - November 2

No Morning sickness,  no symptoms of any kind. Barely knew i was prego but figured i was after since i was 17 days late. Then a little cramping. Miscarriage wasn't bloody but the 2 drops of blood the next day along with an yellowish orangish rectangle looking thing with a spot on the bottom that goes put a little...I saw the bean (what we named it) it didn't quite have arms but it had little nubs.  but couple days after that i started getting tired and tender breasts and very sick. I had the miscarriage over 2 weeks ago and still sick. ..If i wasn't before why am i now?


AngieEason - November 2

 I didn't have any morning sickness or any symptoms of being pregnant. Barely even knew I was pregnant, but figured since I was 15 days late that I was. Over 2 weeks ago I had a miscarriage. By the look of the little bean it looked like I was about 7 weeks along.  the next the next day I had two drops of blood and a weird snot colored rectangle thing in the toilet a little line that goes out on the bottom. A day or two after that I start getting really tired and sick and tender breasts. Over two weeks later still sick. If I wasn't sick before I why am I sick now?



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