Mothers Day

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A - May 8

I'm feeling really depressed today, it's 2 weeks after my d&c from a missed miscarriage and this day just reminds of everything. My boyfriend has no clue and is off with his mother celebrating the day. I couldn't feel worse.


jessie - May 8

i am so sorry for your loss. i know exactly how you feel. i too had a miscarriage last month. my boyfriends brother and sister in law found out they were PG the day after i had an empty sac ultrasound. the timing couldn't have been worse. they are down at their mother's celebrating mother's day. we were invited to come along, but i could not even think about going. for them to celebrate their baby and us to grieve our loss all at the same time and on mother's day! two couples in one family having such different experiences...


A - May 8

Oh Jessie I'm sorry for you as well. That sounds really rough having someone else in the family get pregnant right when you had your m/c. Here's something that might help, just think further down the road when you get pregnant again how special it will be for you, and you won't have to share the spotlight with anyone ;)


jessie - May 8

i am at wok right now. a girl i know just came in and said "hi happy mom's day. you aren't a mother are you?" ugh. she didn't know i was PG obviously. i am holding back the tears. i knew i should have asked for the day off...


stacey - May 8

I had my m/c about 3 mos ago and I still can't help but think that today would have been my first Mother's Day. It's hard :(


Kylie - May 8

Sorry for your loss, I have just had my second mc and have also got my future sister in law who is now three months and healthily going through her third pregnancy. this xmas we would have both had bubs but now im hoping ill at least be pg again with no problems. i get married this weekend its hard to grieve and be excite at the same time hopefully we'll make a honeymoon baby.Good luck to all of you.


sarah - May 9

Im sure we all were a little down this mothers day! I WAS its hard to be so cheery and expect to be in a good mood! Im sure everyone wondered why I was a little blue yesterday. Oh well, let me think, I wonder why! I would be 6 months now! It sucks well all get on im sure and have children too! Sarahxoxox



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