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Cabbie - July 11

How are you doing?


MRS.R - July 12

Hi Cabbie, I am doing great. How about you? I have my follow up appointment on the 18th to make sure everything went ok with the D&E. But i feel really good these past couple of days.. Right now i am trying to get some weight off and then we will probably try again in about 2or 3 months. At this point i am in no Hurry after that experience.. I am trying to make up for lost time with my 5 year old. I think before this happened i went through a depression and kind of neglected him a little.. so he has been keeping me busy.. We are going to school shop soon.. Gosh does the summer fly by..Well keep me updated and thanks for checking on me... Where do you live? I am in Pennsylvania.. It has been sooooo hot here.. I am ready to get to the pool. But have to wait until i am done bleeding.. Take care talk to you soon....


Tara - July 12

Hi cabbie and MRS R! I know what you mean MRS R about feeling like you need to spend time wish your son.If my uterus is not infected and I still can have babies Im going to wait a few months as well. I want more then anything to be a mom again, but I have two wonderful children that need there mommy back. I need time to heal phsically and mentally just in case this happens again.I can't believe how a miscarriage can change someones life. I f there was any good from all of this it made me a better, stronger person and to appreciate what I have already. Are you guys going to go on any holidays for the summer? My husband likes water skiing so I think we will pack up the fifth wheel and boat and go camping. I just want to get away from doctors and start to get my life back on track. take care and keep in touch oh by the way Im from Alberta Canada


MRS.R - July 12

Hi tara, I have been thinking about you.. I know what you mean by this ordeal makes you realize what you have already.. I feel the same way.. Thank God i have him.. I don't think we will be doing a vacation this summer. We are remodeling our house and that has been taking our money. But, i think a vacation sounds good for you. Take care and have fun.Talk to you soon..


Cabbie - July 12

Glad to here things are looking up for the both of you. Tara, I know you are anxious for Friday, but I think everything will work out. Mrs. R, glad all is well. I go back the 19 for my check up. Had to put it off a week because I am in a seminar all this week. I live in OK. We have been on two mini vacations already and have another planned for Sept. We took the girls to Sea World in TX in June and just returned from a 4th of July weekend in Angel Fire, NM. Talk to you soon.


Tara - July 15

Cabbie, Mrs R, How are you ladies? I had my ultrasound today and they didn't notice anything unusual. I might have had an allergic reaction to antibiotics.I sick of these drugs not working and just causing me more pain(cytotec, antibiotics). Im still waiting for af to arrive doctor told me to wait two weeks then he will give me progesterone to bring it on. I can't wait until my body starts getting back to normal. I still feel I might have had a uterus infection, but results today said no infection. Im going to wait a few months before evn thinking of trying again, this was way too much stress!!Going camping for a week to relax and celebrate my 4 year olds birthday. I wish you guys luck and Ill talk to you when I get back. Take Care


MRS.R - July 16

Tara, NIce to here from you. I am soo glad to hear that there doesn't seem to be any infection. That is great news. I am my follow up on MON. morning. I am anxious to see if everything is normal. I keep spotting on and off. well i hope you have a well deserved vacation and enjoy!!!!! I will follow up when i know something. Take care.


Tara - July 26

cabbie,Mrs R, how was your follow-up ? I got my af on July 18 (46 days after D&C) what a relief! Im so happy I didn't have to take progesterone to bring it on.I think my husband and I are going to try again. Its kind of scary though, I sure dont want to go through this again. I guess Im just going to have to leave everything in gods hands and if it happens again I just have to trust god that it was in his plan. don't stress to much if your af seems really late my doctor said it can take 8 weeks and even then you might have to have progesterone to start things( I quess its normal ) take care ladies and let me know how your doing


MRS.R - July 27

Tara, good to hear from you. My follow up went well. Everything seems back to normal. I am just waiting for af to arrive wich should be next week. Was your af heavy? I am kind of dreading it to come in a way. My hubby and i are going to wait 3 cycles and then start trying again. Take care and good luck ttc.


Tara - July 27

Mrs R,Im glad your follow up went well! My period was strange at first. I had cramping three days prior and then it completely stopped, so I didn't expect it to come. It started off light and got heavier, but never really bad. I have had worse and it lasted 5 days. I bought some opk yesterday and plan on starting them tonite. My body is really mixed up though last night I had what I thought was cervical mucus, but no other signs of being fertile.I think this month is going to be confusing,so this will just be a trial month. We are not getting our hopes up this month.I think 3 cycles is the best, but husband and I are too impatient. Take care


Cabbie - July 27

Hi, Mrs. R and Tara, Everything is going fine here. AF came 26 days post d&c. I was so thankful it came on time and it was not another thing to worry about. Makes me feel like I have control again. I feel really lucky right now after reading a lot of other posts. Seems I might have had an unusually easy time with all this as far as physically. I only bled for six or seven days and it was only spotting. I also had no pain after the procedure. Weird huh. Don't know what the future holds. We were not ttc in the first place, but who knows. Right now I am focusing on getting my oldest ready for kindergarten with clothes shopping,etc. Talk to you later.


Tara - August 15

Mrs R, cabbie, I took a pregnancy test today and it was positive. I never expected it to be positive. I used two packs of opks and bbt method and it kept showing negative for ovulation. I think I must have ovulated before I even started testing, because I took a digital pregnancy test and it was positive today. Im not telling my daughter this time until Im really showing. I started showing with the last and I had seen the heartbeat and told everything looked good only to miscarry, so I want to make sure everything is good before we tell her (shes only 4 and last one was so hard on her). I hope everything is going good for you guys. You are such wonderful ladies and I hope the best for you.


MRS.R - August 15

OMG Tara, That is great news!!!! I am soo scared to try again. I had my first af and it wasen't bad at all.. I think i am going to wait and try after at least 2 more periods.. Thanks for sharing your wonderful news and congrats!!! Let me know how you are getting along.. Hopefully i will not be that far behind you... Goodluck... HUGS for you!!!!


MRS.R - August 16

Tara, How are you feeling? Are you sick with this one? I am so happy for you.. did you make an appointment yet to see the Dr.? My Dr. said that when it happens again that they will see me early because i have had a misscariage. Let me know how you are feeling. take care of yourself....sorry for all the questions.. You just give me hope now..


Tara - August 16

Hi Mrs R, I was thinking of you and wondering how you were doing! Im going to a Obgyn that is more sensitive to women and he delivered my two children and gave me D&C with third. Its funny because hes only doctor on call when I need him. My last Obgyn was either on holidays or not on call nights that I was having my babies. He was the best doctor in the small city I live in, but not caring when something goes wrong, so I choose to go to new doctor.We only have 4 Obgyns and they are so busy they just started only taking high risk pregnancies, but doctor that did D&C said I could come see him even though I havent had three miscarriages. He has four young daughters and I think it makes him more sensitive to women. I have an ultrasound on September 6 (7 weeks preggo) its at a radiology clinic because they have a better ultrasound there, doctor wont be there but he will get the pictures from the ultrasound. I cant get in to see doctor until Im 12 weeks so that kind of sucks. I only told my mom, sister in law, and ladies on this site because they are the only ones who supported me with my loss and I dont want to have to tell everyone if something should go wrong again.I dont feel like I can mentally accept that Im having a baby until Im past 12 weeks because thats when I lost my last baby .To be honest with you Im so scared of going through another loss . I have been feeling really tierd,sore b___sts, and smells are just starting to bother me. I pray we both will have healthy future babies.


Cabbie - August 16

Congratulations, Tara! This is wonderful! I know that this is so exciting for you. I will be thinking of you and checking back on you. I came to this site today to leave you a message then saw the Mrs. R thread! My news just announced that the federal government is now checking into your medicine that you took that caused you so many problems (cytotec?). They just said FDA and CDC are doing indepth investigations! Thought you might find that interesting.


Tara - August 20

Hi cabbie, Im from Canada and cytotec is not FDA approved to be given to any pregnant women it is for ulcers. I did read some stories on the internet about doctors giving cytotec to induce labour without the women even knowing. In some causes the uterus ruptured and the women and baby died and in others women lost baby and fertility. When I picked up the drug it had a warning, in women over 8 weeks that uterus could rupture. I was 12 weeks and didnt read and had taken the pill and it scared me because I have a cesarean scar and the uterus could tear right at the scar. The first thing the doctor checked when I arrived at emergency was my uterus. I was losing so much blood that they thought it could have ruptured. Thank God it never! I dont think Ill ever take that drug ever again.take care ladies



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