Mrs R And Cabbie Ive Got Some News

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Tara S - May 8

Took a pregnancy test today and it was a slight line indicating a bfp. Im so excited, but so very scared.Hope all is well with you ladies and just thought I would share the news.


Cabbie - May 8

Oh, Tara. That is wonderful news. I remember the excitement and the extreme fear. All I can say is stay positive and I know that that is easier said than done. Will you get to see a dr for confirmation? I'm so happy for you! Congrats. I am sitting at 35 w 6d, starting to get really nervous too. My second was ten day early so who knows. Keep me posted!


Tara S - May 8

Cabbie, Its been a strange day. I was waiting for results from a bloodtest to see if I was ovulating. I was getting really impatient sitting by the phone so I decided to run to walmart which is only 5 mins from my house and buy an hpt. well I got home and doc left message that I had ovulated and could be pregnant, so I took the test. It first appeared negative, but the the line on the clear blue easy was showing faint positive. I phoned doctors office and immediatly they had me come in for blood work to monitor Hcg levels. I go in on Wednesday for another then if levels are doubling I go for my ultrasound when Im 7 weeks . I did the second test few minutes ago and it was a definite positive (funny how half a day made a difference with the test. I really don't know if I should be really happy or sad.We were trying to get pregnant, but I honestly thought it wouldn't happen this soon. Im so scared of another loss, but I have to take the chance in order to have a healthy baby. Its kindof weird how this is what I really wanted, but inside I feel so bad.Best wishes to both of you.


MRS.R - May 10

OMG ,i am so happy for you.. Keep us posted.


Cabbie - May 13

Tara, how did your tests go?


MRS.R - May 14

Yea, let us know.. Happy Mother's day Girls.. Hope you have a good one. My DH and DS are making me breakfast as we speak. :)


MRS.R - May 19

BuMP this up for tara.. Hope you are ok.


Tara S - May 19

Hi , I got my results back and at 4 weeks my hcg was 103 and 48 hours later it was 342. I really dont know much about hcg, but it seemed low, but doctor said at least its doubling so pregnancy is headed in the right direction. I havent had any more tests so Im hoping all will be well. I have my ultrasound booked at 7 weeks 3 days on June 1. Im back to stressing over every little symptom or lack of. How are you ladies doing? Cabbie you should be having your baby really soon, let us know how it goes. Mrs. R thats so nice of your husband and son to make you breakfast. My husband is wonderful, but a really bad cook . He had been doing house work and since we lost Treya has been so good about listening to me. In fact when we were ttc he kept reminding me every two days to have s_x.My husband used to get scared when I would mention I wanted to get pregnant. Well if theres some good out of losing Treya, it sure brought our family closer and made us better people.take care and keep in touch!


Cabbie - May 19

Tara, my HCG was 350 at 4 weeks 3 days, so yours seems to be right on and its doubling! That's wonderful. Keep us updated!


MRS.R - May 20

Tara ,sounds like everything is going well for you.. I will also be going off this pill next month, we will give it one more try. I hope everything works out for all of us.. Keep us posted. Cabbie let us know when that bundle of love comes.


Tara S - May 20

Best of luck Mrs R in ttc! Thanks cabbie that makes me feel better . I know its not Turners again because they tend to be really high hcg like your having twins. Take care and best wishes!



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