Mrs R And Tara Pregnancy After Miscarriage

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Cabbie - March 27

Just wanted to hear from you guys and also give you an update. I am now in week 29 with Cooper Robert. I had an ultrasound today to check on my low placenta. It has risen out of the worry area. My section is set for June 8. They told me everything looks great, and he is measuring big (3.5 lbs already!). Anyway, I hope you both are doing well.


MRS.R - March 28

OMG, Cabbie that is great.. June 8th will be here before you know it.. My son will be 6 on June 13th..:) He also just lost his 1st tooth so it has been exciting around here with the tooth ferry coming.. We called an adoption agency and recieved some info about starting our adoption process.. But, i just don't know for sure yet.. I might try one more time in another year.. I am doing my spring cleaning and getting ready for the warm weather to come.. I LOVE the name you chose.. Thank you so much for the update and keep me posted.. I can't wait to hear that you had a healthy baby boy to bring home.... YAY!!!!


Cabbie - March 28

Great to hear from you, Mrs. R. I am sorry it has taken me so long to make a new posting. I have thought of both of you often. Ugh, the dreaded tooth stuff. My six year old is beside herself because she hasn't lost any yet. It's been quite a trama. I keep telling her that she didn't get her first teeth until much later than most babies (10 months, then six at one time!) so God is letting her keep them a little longer too. NOT working, hehe! Anyway, I know you have quite a decision to make, but I hope maybe I can give you a little hope that after three miscarriages, I've made it this far. Ten more weeks to go! I'll keep you updated better now! Talk to you soon!


Tara S - March 28

Hi ladies, Wow Cabbie, thats so awesome that your 29 weeks. Mrs R, I too have been cleaning and getting ready for my sons birthday this weekend he will be 3. Well hubby and I have been having unprotected s_x, but not really trying. if it happens then we will be happy, but i have had no signs of ovulation that I know of this month and sometimes I have regrets and think we should wait or not try at all. I guess Im leaving it in Gods hands this time and not really thinking about trying to concieve.I so scared of another loss, but deep inside I still want to carry a healthy baby to term. wishing you both the very best!


Cabbie - March 29

Tara, you sound exactly like I did when this little one was conceived. We were having unprotected s_x without trying to get pregnant. I too had twinges of whether I should get back on the pill, but didn't do it. It just happened. Good luck and keep in touch.


Tara S - April 13

Hi ladies, just checking in with you. i got my period on Monday, so Im not pregnant. My date of my c section was on Monday April 17, so thats coming up and Im a bit sad. Everyone I was pregnant with is having thier babies and Im so happy for them, but a little jelous. Mrs. R I would love to adopt a child, but my hubby wants us to try again. Im still really scared of becoming pregnant. Cabbie, Cooper must really be growing. I just wanted to let you know that your pregnancy has given me so much hope that good things can happen after losses and the strength to try again. Take care !



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