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murfirhea - October 16

I have had 3 miscarriages in the last year. I tested positive for compund heterozygous MTHFR. My homocysteine levels came back normal. Could MTHFR still be causing me to lose my babies even if the homocysteine is normal? I have started taking 1mg of folic acid, and B6 &B12. I have also been taking baby aspirin. It scares me because my father passed away at age 37 from a possible clot to the heart. He had no heart disease or congenital defect. He also had normal homocysteine levels like me. Any thoughts? Anyone experience the same thing? I go to see a perinatologist next week. I'm freakin a bit


nicole26 - October 18

I had 2 m/c in the last 8 months. I am homozygous for MTHFR 677T. I also have been taking folic acid, B6, B12 and baby aspirin. My homocystein levels were normal so my dr. said that this probably was not the cause of my m/c. They have no answers as to why I m/c. My husband and I were told to try again and if I m/c again then they will do the chromosome a___lysis. We have been ttc now for 3 months. Just starting the 2 week wait.


Amanda76 - November 14

I am finding myself in a similar situation to many of the ladies here, but I am worried at my doctor's recommendations for treatment. I have had two m/c since last November, after trying for eight years to conceive. I put my foot down after the second one until my ob/gyn finally agreed to do the bloodwork and look for any causes. (she kept telling my they normally wait until three losses before checking) She told me that I was a heterozygous MTHFR (but didn't mention anything about compound or not) and has put me on one baby aspirin a day right now, while I'm trying to conceive again. Once I have another (if I ever do) positive preg test, she is going to start me on daily injections of Lovenox as well as the aspirin. I am not scared of injections, I will do whateve it takes to have a healthy baby to term, but I am concerned that she never once mentioned upping my folic acid or B6/B12. She made it sound as if this Lovenox is the only thing that she would recommend as the safest route. Now I am worried about how much, if any, of these daily shots my insurance will pick up, and if that is all I need to be doing. Surely more folic acid & B vitamins aren't a bad thing, are they? I want to do whatever I can. Has anyone else here used Lovenox, or a similar injection?



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