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ldig - August 11

Im glad everything is going good with you kriser....that's good that the spotting was just implantation bleeding! I got my stupid period again aaahh!


kriser04 - August 12

Idig, It is very frustrating...I know. However, you are seeing the fertility specialist and you WILL get it figured out. Like we always say, just try to relax even though it is the hardest thing in the world to do right now. You are in my prayers!


MRoth - August 12

I ready all of the comments about MTHFR and I was also recently diagnosed with it as well along with the Factor V Leinden. I had a miscarriage in Aug, 2008 at 10 weeks and it was found to be a partical mole. Then in May, 2009 I endured another miscarriage for unexplained reasons. After the second I seen a specialist who diagnosed me and put me on a low dose asprine and a MTHFR medication. I became pregnant quickly and was put on Lovenox and Progesteron. Well, to my devistation I once again miscarriage on August 4, 2009. My third in a row. I have my follow up appointment next week and I don't even know what to say to the doctor. I have a little girl who is 6 and she was perfect. From the moment my husband and I decided to have a child we got pregnant and she was as healthy as can be. However, now I have all these problems. I just don't know what to do.


ca__sboyd - August 12

Hi girls, We lost our internet service so I haven't had a chance to get on here until today. MRoth, thanks for your story. How far along were you this time. I am so sorry for your loss, I know that no one can say anything to take the pain away but know that we are here for you. If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is Factor V? Kriser, I am so happy that things are working out for you. Idig, it sounds like the doctor is on the right track. One of the tests you mentioned I think I did ask well..with the uterus. Not a fun test! I think someone asked me how far along I am and I don't think I answered. I am 9 weeks and 1 day today. I am still cramping but no bleeding and I am still very sick. I see my regular OB on Monday to start with him again. Hope everyone has a good week!


ldig - August 12

Hi Ca__sboyd....glad you're doing bleeding! The cramping Im sure is normal..I had that too with my pregnancy (not that that's a good example, but I think it's just the uterus stretching slightly) So you did the uterus test? the dr said it feels kinda like a papsmear? is that true? my apt is tomorrow but Im not sure if they are doing that procedure tomorrow or the next apt (the secretary didnt know what she was talking about). They wanted me to come in day 3 of my period which is tomorrow (I guess for bw for hormones) the thing is, my period is extremely light like I barely have it so I dont even know if it actually started or not...very weird...not normal....Im going anyway though. He said something about looking at the eggs to see how they look? did they do that to you too? MROTH - thanks also for your story and Im very sorry for your losses...we all know how you feel (unfortunately!) I dont know much about Factor V either. It is weird with this MTHFR...some people have already have normal pregnancys with no problems before being diagnosed with it...I don't get it...I guess you lucked out!! Well I wish you the best


ca__sboyd - August 12

The test that I had they did a ultrasound plus shot dye in my uterus. The doctor recommended that I take an asprin 30 minutes before but I can't take it because of an ulcer so I took a pain pill, which made me so sick and was not worth it in the end. They had a hard time shooting the dye inside so mine lasted longer than most. That was the most painful thing about it because I could feel the tube inside of me that had the dye in it. Once they got the tube out I was okay. Whatever the test is just relax as hard as it sounds. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Oh yeah, the lady that did the test kept saying that I had a pretty uterus, I think I told you guys about that.


MRoth - August 12

Hi everyone. For those that asked Factor V Leiden is a blood cloting disorder just like the MTHFR. It is just another chromo mutation. Apparently my body decided one blood cloting disorder was not enough. I was 10 weeks with the first pregnancy. Then found out I had a partial molar pregnany. That required a D & C. I had to wait 6 months before we could try again. The we did and were successful. However that ended after 7 weeks. Another D & C required because of the previous mole. Again we were successful. I was seeing a specialist and thought I was taking the right steps. Again at 8 weeks another D & C was required (last week). Now I am just waiting. I am scheduling an appointment with a hemotologist (blood clot specialist) and hoping to get better news. It is nice to hear other people tell their stories. Thank you all. Stay positive one day at a time


ldig - August 13

Hi Ca__sboyd....They ended up just doing a v____al sono to see the eggs and ovaries. I have to go back next Wed and Thurs for the test that you had and also for a follicle sono? They got my bw results back from the other day and it looks like there may be something wrong with my thyroid....they are retesting my thyroid hormones and I may be put on meds for that. I dont get it...I thought I was so healthy! They keep finding things wrong with me haha I guess thats what happens as you get older! Hopefully they wont have difficulty putting the dye into the uterus like they did with you! And hopefully my uterus is just as "pretty" as yours haha too funny


MRoth - August 13

Idig - I had the dye done as well. It wasn't fun but it was tolerable. I am feeling the same way as you are. I am tired of hearing all the things that are wrong with. Every time I take a test or give blood it is something else. And looking it up on the Internet is even worse because you read so many bad things. It is so overwheming. I go to the specialist Wednesday. I can't wait to see what his next plan of attack is. How much more medication can I take. Did I also mention I have seizures. Well that is 2 in 3 years. They don't know why. I just do. So you have to add medication for that as well. So there is more stress because the medication can create birth defects. So all of this just adds up. Sometime I think I should just count my blessings and enjoy the little girl I am and let it go. But I don't want her to be alone. My husband and I are only children. There for no cousins either. When we go she will be alone. I hate that thought. So my strongest reason for doing this is for her. Everyone, stay strong.


ca__sboyd - August 14

MRoth, have you ever had an MRI with contrast dye done for your seizures? My doctor thought I had a seizure about 2 years ago..I found out that I have an AVM on my brain. Its a cluster of blood vessels. Mine hemmorhaged(?) and I had to go throuhg all kinds of tests. I really do believe that my AVM and MTHFR are related even if no one has told me that. It might be something to look into. Idig, I hope everything goes okay with the test. Just remember realize! I had a scare last night. I had a pain in the upper back of my stomach so I called the doctor today and they wanted me to come in for ultrasound. Everything is okay! The baby looks like a baby and the heartbeat was 178. Have a great weekend!


ldig - August 20

Hi Girls....just an update on my tests....everything came back normal with the saline sono, and they did the follicle test today and said I have 3 eggs waiting to be released! He asked if I have twins in the family because someone who is not taking any fertility meds usually has just one egg. So, hopefully it increases my chances of getting pregnant, but hopefully only 1 or 2 get fertilized! He wants me to come back Saturday to do the follicle test again to see where the eggs are at that point. Oh and my thyroid is fine. MRoth..that really stinks about the seizures. How often do you get them? If its not that often is it possible not to take the meds during pregnancy? You should definitely look into what ca__sboyd was saying about the AVM...that would be nice if they can stop the seizures! Ca__sboyd...I'm glad the scare was nothing!


kriser04 - September 21

How is everybody doing????????????? Haven't heard anything in a while. Just checkin in.


ldig - September 21

Hi Kriser...yeah nothings going on here...the fertility dr said that everything is fine with me, my husband has a slightly low number for the morphology (shape) of the sperm, but the dr said its not that low. I was a little disappointed though bc I thought we were going to do IUI this month and my husband said he wants to wait and do it naturally, so that stinks. So I guess we are just going to continue trying on our own and hope for the best...its been 7 months since my miscarriage..feels like its taking forever! Well I hope everything is good with you and everyone else!


ca__sboyd - September 22

Hi girls. Idig, are you still doing ovulation tests? Things are going great with us. I have had ultrasouds every other week until now because the doctor thinks everything is on the right track. They are pretty sure it a girl but I won't find out until around 18 weeks. The cramping has pretty much stop and the sickness is almost gone! I still think about the pain of my miscarriages. My due date was on Saturday and it was still painful to think about.


ldig - September 22

Hi Ca__sboyd, yeah I am still doing the ovulation tests but now I am doing the clearblue easy digital that the dr recommended doing so maybe it will be more accurate...he also said not to try too much before ovulation time because the sperm count will decrease, so we are just going to wait until I get a positive on the test before we try. Im glad that everything is going good for you. I dont know if the pain of the miscarriage will ever go away...I guess we will see. I felt like that on my due date in was horrible! Hopefully once Im preg again it will maybe get a little easier! I see my friends baby growing and growing....I feel like by the time I have a baby he will be walking and talking...really frustrating! Well it was nice hearing from you! Keep in touch


ca__sboyd - January 8

Hi girls! Its been a while and I wanted to check on everyone. How is everyone doing? I am 31 weeks pregnant and we are having a baby girl, Isabella Grace. The Grace is because she is being given to us by the Grace of God. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and doing great.



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