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ca__sboyd - January 8

Hi girls! Its been a while and I wanted to check on everyone. How is everyone doing? I am 31 weeks pregnant and we are having a baby girl, Isabella Grace. The Grace is because she is being given to us by the Grace of God. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and doing great.


kriser04 - January 8

It has been so long since anybody has posted anything on here!!!! I am doing well. We are also 31 wks. and are expecting a baby boy, Addax Dean. I can't believe that time has flown by as quickly as it has! We are starting on construction of the nursery tomorrow (late not by my choice, but by the procrastination of my husband!!!). At least we only have to drywall one wall! My doc has decided that she will probably be inducing at 38 wks. Meaning that we only have 7 weeks left!!!! I just can't wait until he is here! It has been a long, stressful journey. Hope all is well for everyone else!


ldig - January 9

Hi guys! I'm glad to see you are doing good...I'm sure you're excited! I unfortunately am in the same boat I've been in for a year now....we've done 4 cycles of IUI and nothing is happening...just got my period today :( I am pretty much ready to give up....maybe I won't be having a baby after all. Well I hope everything continues to go well for you two....keep in touch


ca__sboyd - January 10

Kriser, Congrats...and have fun on the nursery. My doctor has not set a date for my c section but I am going to try to get some information from him when I go back on the 22nd. On my last ultrasound she was measuring a week ahead of schedule so who knows! Idig, I wish you the best of luck! Did the doctor ever find anything else besides the MTHFR? Remember what I posted on here that a friend told me when we were thinking about adoption...that you will get your baby someday! God will bless you in someway, I just really beleive that. I can't imagine what you are feeling. I still feel like its a dream that I am pregnant and I still feel like something is going to go wrong but I have decided that its normal. Keep your head up and stay strong!


bibi1388 - January 11

I am glad to see the thread is still going, I have not been on here in a while although I do get the emails when someone posts on here. To update those who are new since I was on here last I had 4 miscarriages before being told I had mthfr, my doc prescribed baby aspirin, prenatal vitamins and lovenox for my next pregnancy and I had abeautiful baby girl on Dec 18 08. We were extremely happy and could not have asked for more. During this whole process I was also diagnosed with rhumatoid arthritus. so immediately after having my daughter I went back on that medication and to my surprise last year I found out I was pregnant again!! I didn't know for almost 2 months since we hadn't planned it and being a busy mom of 2 I lost track of my periods. This pregnancy thankfully has gone well without any lovnox since I was so far along when I found out we didn't do lovenox I did however start taking baby aspirin and extra folic acid. Iam around 20 weeks now and go for my anatomy scan on thursday. I am so thankful this baby is ok and look forward to thing contnuing to go well. My doc actually thinks that the medicine I take for arthritus is what protected the pregnncies. Its so hard to know which doc is right and I'm sure like me in my last pregnancy you'll do anything to have a healthy baby. I am so glad this thread has helped people and allowed us to share our experiences. Good luck to everyone who is still trying I know how hard this whole process can be. Congratulations to those who are expecting, I bet you can't wait to hold your babies.


remaining positive - January 11

Hello Ladies! Wow-I have not been on here in a while, but I do still get updates on all of you when you post. Congrats to all of you who have gone on to have your precious babies, and best wishes to those of you who are still in the will happen:)! I think I updated about 9 months ago, but just a little refresher...I ended up miscarrying 4 times, went onto IVF w/ PGD (they test the embryo's) but that failed because all the embryo's were abnormal:(, went on to IVF w/ donor eggs & that failed:(, so my hubby & I are in the process of adopting a newborn:). We are so excited! We were just approved for our home study and are officially waiting for "The Call"... I am a moderator for a Infertility group right here in San Diego & that has really helped me through this long, hard road of IF. I am actually seeing a naturalpath Dr. & she is digging deeper into the mthfr, thyroid, & hormone issues, so we do plan on trying natrually again once the adoption goes through:)... Congrats again to all of you...I think of you often and have been meaning to get on here:) Remaining Positive:)


kriser04 - January 11

Some interesting news... I went today for my weekly non-stress test and ultrasound. I reported to my doc that I had some severe cramping last night. She examined me and found that I am dialated "a solid one" centimeters and my cervix is "very soft". I have officially been put on bedrest until Thursday. Then I am on 1/2 work days 1/2 bedrest until delivery. Just thought I would keep everybody updated.


ldig - January 11

Thanks Ca__sboyd for your support....they didnt find anything else besides the mthfr. I went to the dr today and he was surprised to see me back....he doesn't understand why I'm not pregnant yet being that everything else looks good. He said this month will be my last time taking clomid and then they will move me to injectables....we didnt get into it much...have another apt on the 18th to discuss the details. So we will see.....I will try to stay strong...and yes I do remember your post about the adoption and I actually have been trying to tell myself that. Well good luck again to everyone!


ca__sboyd - January 11

Kriser, I hope everything is okay with you. I am sure that bedrest will not be fun but remember that you only have a couple of weeks. Keep us posted! Idig, I hope things work out for you. Will you be on clomid injectables?


ldig - January 11

Ca__sboyd...I have no idea what kind of injectables - he didn't say yet - did you do injectables? I really don't know what the difference is....I have to do my research!


ca__sboyd - January 11

No, I didn't do the injectables. I was going to start Clomid if I didnt get pregnant but I got pregnant the month before I was supposed to start Clomid.


stefkay - January 13

Hi everyone, long time since I've posted here! Congrats to the pregnant ladies and good luck to those still my experience and from watching girls on here it almost always happens eventually. I still chat with the group we had going while I was struggling with my losses and almost all of us went on to have babies and are even working on more. Idig, good luck with the injectables, it seems that most women I have heard of doing those who had issues conceiving get pregnant after doing those so that may be your ticket! Bibi, congrats on your new pregnancy! That's funny because I too am pregnant again (my daughter turned 18 months last week) and I'm almost 18 weeks along due June 19! Not planned but I'm very happy about it. I found out right away so I did the whole protocol the same as I did with my last pregnancy. Lovenox, progesterone, baby aspirin, folic, Bvits, prenatal, omega 3 and iodine. I pray every day that all goes ok. So far so good and we find out the gender January 28. Honestly coming on this forum freaks me out a bit while pregnant because I always find the posts that scare the c___p out of me, but I realize what can I do right now other than take care of myself the best I can? Hang in there everyone, sending sticky baby dust....


ldig - January 13

Congratulations stefkay....good luck with everything! Thanks for the positive thoughts...I definitely need it! Hopefully the injectables will work better. thanks again


remaining positive - January 14

Hi Ladies! I am not sure if my last message was posted, so disreguard this message if you already got my update:)...I have not been on in a very long time, but think of you all often. I am so excited for those of you who went on to have babies--congrats!!! For those of you still trying, hang in there, it will happen:)... After suffering 4 miscarriages, I went on to do IVF 3 times and they all failed:(. 2 of my cycles were w/ donor eggs, but still no luck. But, I am happy to announce that my DH and I are in the process of adopting a newborn! We are so excited & can't wait for "The Call"...I have started seeing a homeopath Dr. who said she can help w/ my mthfr issues & a thyroid issue she thinks I may have. After our baby comes home, we are going to try naturally one more time....Well, congrats again to all of you & I wish you all the Best:)!! Remaining Positive:)


remaining positive - January 14

Oh, I just saw my last post and noticed that it did get posted! Sorry that I posted again:) Remaining Positive


ca__sboyd - January 18

Idig, How did your doctors appointment go on Thursday?



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