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ca__sboyd - January 18

Idig, How did your doctors appointment go on Thursday?


ldig - January 18

ca__sboyd....actually my apt was supposed to be today but they forgot they were closed so they rescheduled me for 2/3 which is annoying but oh well. I have an apt tomorrow for another sono just to see how many eggs are maturing. I a__sume that I'd be starting the injectables after my period starts, so feb 3 is still before that point so I can still talk to the dr about everything. I will let you know what happens! Thanks for asking! Lynne


hope4best - January 27

Hi girls...I am new to this group and just wanted to share my story with everyone. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with a little boy. I was dx at 9 weeks with compound MTHFR after discovering a SCH at 7 weeks. I was given Folguard. I did some research when I got home and instantly I knew this was more then I wanted it to be. I was already on BA at 4 weeks and Prometrium (till 14 weeks) just as PRECAUTION.I am currently taking two folic acids, folguard, and BA everyday. I have seen many doctors and none would perscribe me lovenox because they said it was not needed. I never imagined i would make it this far...and i hope i make it all the way. It has been a SCARY time for us and we are praying that MTHFR will not take our Mr.Landree from us. I am curious to know what type of doctors perscribed you your lovenox? DID you have to ask or did they say you needed to be on it. Also are there any other COMPOUND heteros on here? Thanks and best of luck to everyone!


ldig - January 27

Hi hope4best, congratulations on your pregnancy, I'm glad to see you came so far! I was 8 or 9 wks when they found the SCH, but they didnt look into it....they just sat and hoped for the best. I had to wait til after I lost the baby and then a friend of mine told me to ask for the bloodtest for clotting disorders...thats when I found out about MTHFR (I believe I am compound hetero also). I wish I had your doctors...i wonder if something could have been done to help me along :( I guess I can't wonder about that! Anyway, Im not on lovenox or anything so I can't answer your question about that, but I think the other girls have more info. Well good luck with everything...I wish you the best! - Lynne


ca__sboyd - January 27

Hi Hope4best, my doctor did not see a need in lovenox either. I saw a fertility endo. and I asked about it and he said that he thought BA was good enough. I am 34 weeks so hopefully he was right. Congrats on the pregnancy! Idig, I hope things go okay on February 3rd..its not very far away! Kriser, are you still on bedrest? I was told on Friday if my swelling does not go down then I will be put on bedrest. So I have to come home from work and do nothing, which I am not doing very well!


kriser04 - January 28

Ca__sboyd, I am still on bedrest. The doctor has told me that I can return to work on Feb. 15th. I am more than ready to go back!!! I hope that you do not get put on is awful!!! I get sooo bored! I met with my doc on Tues. and everything looks good. B/C my cervix is "so soft" she is not willing to check me until 34 weeks (I will be 33 tomorrow). She did measure my tummy Tues. and said that the baby had dropped significantly since last week's apt. Although he isn't "scary low yet". Just hangin in there! Good luck.


hope4best - January 28

Hey Ca__sboyd what type of MTHFR do you have? Thanks for the reply!! HOW GREAT you dont have much longer to go:) How are you feeling...anything hurting or any new feelings these days? I am feeling good...restless and large but good! So is it a Boy or a Girl?


hope4best - January 28

Hello IDIG, Thanks for the reply! Oh my doctors have not been that great. My SCH was at 7 weeks and they didnt do much for me except tell me to do pelvic rest and told me to expect another loss. I did complete bed rest for months just because i wanted to make sure i was doing everything possiable. I think the baby asprin helped it though because once i started started to bleed out. I dont know but just an idea. I am so sorry for your pain, I know how you feel and its just a hard hard journey. Did your doctors tell you if you would need lovenox once pregnant? I wish you the best and thanks for the support.


ca__sboyd - January 28

Kriser, is the doctor releasing on the 15th because it will okay to have the baby after that? Hope4best, I have the MTHFR that I got from my mother and father..not sure the name. The doctor did tell me that I will pa__s this to our daughter so God help her I hope she doesn't have to go through the loss that we all have. I am feeling good just really getting tired and big. I am not complaining though. We are going to schedule my c-section next Friday but the nurse thinks it will probably be March 5..not sure if I told you guys that or not.


ldig - January 28

Hi Hope4best, I'm glad you decided to do the bedrest and BA...that may have been the key! They told me the same...not too much activity. I asked them if I can take bloodthinners to thin out the clot but they said its too the time I didnt even think about BA. Anyway they didnt say anything about lovenox when I get pregnant...Im pretty sure they wont want to do it. They said they want me to stop the BA once Im pregnant but I dont want to, so I think I may go against what they say since I know it will have more benefit than harm. This whole thing is confusing but hopefully I will have an easy ride next time! Ca__sboyd...I can't believe you are having the csection next Friday! It went so fast!(for me anyway lol) Well good luck!


ca__sboyd - January 28

Idig, my csection will probably be March 5. We are just going to set everything in stone next Friday. My baby shower had to be cancelled this weekend thanks to this wonderful winter storm that is about to hit Arkansas!


ldig - January 28

oh ok...I misunderstood what you said. That stinks about your shower! Well hopefully you can do it in a couple weeks, otherwise it will be a "welcome baby" shower!


ldig - February 7

Hi everyone.....guess what! I'm finally pregnant!I took a test 2 days early and it was a faint positive, the next day darker, and the day after I had a blood test that confirmed it. My hormone levels are all good too. I have to go tomorrow to have another bloodtest to check the hormones again. I'm trying not to get too excited but it's too late lol.


kriser04 - February 8

Just an update... I had a growth ultrasound today and the baby weighs 5lbs. 5oz.! I am 34 1/2 wks. I was also checked during my Group Strep test and the doc says that I have dialated to 2cm. and his head is down and resting on my pelvic bone. Which in turn means that he is constantly pushing on my bladder!! YIPPEE!!! I will be stopping my Procardia (anti-contraction med) on Mon (2/15). We will see how it progresses after that. The doc tried to switch me to Heparin injections last week b/c they have a shorter half life (12hrs) compared to Lovenox(24hrs). However, I was going to have to pay $600 for a month supply! NO WAY! So I am still on Lovenox and we will just have to wait and see when it comes time to delivery. I hope that everybody is doing well.


ca__sboyd - February 8

Idig, I am so happy for you. We all know what you are feeling. Please keep us posted on how things are going with you. How far along do you think you are? Kriser, you may beat me! Do you have everything ready and your bags packed!? We found out on Friday that my csection will be March 5 unless she comes earlier than that. I can't beleive that she is almost here and I will be able to hold her in 3 weeks!


ldig - February 8

Hi ca__sboyd, thanks...I am just over 4 wks. They tested my hcg at 4wks preg and it was 73 and then today (3 days later) 118. They said its ok but a little on the low side so I am going back wednesday to get another test. This is freaking me out now...hopefully Im just getting a slow start and theres nothing wrong. I will let you know what happens. are you? March 5th is right around the corner! I'm sure you're excited!



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