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laura32 - March 18

hi everyone... just checking in to see how everyone is doing? i'm still waiting in limbo to see my high risk doctor on april 2nd. Bumblebee, i'll let you know if i have any words of advice for you after my appointment. Stefkay... how are things going with your pregnancy? bibi1388... where are you at with things? keep us updated guys! we need each other... we are the only ones who know what we are going through.... not many others understand.


bibi1388 - March 19

Hi everyone, I'm not sure at the moment where I stand. I am 3 days late getting my period, I took 2 hpt both came up negative. but I have felt like I should be getting my period for the last 3 days cramps etc but nothing. Also I don't feel quite right in myself. I was going to call my doc but since 2 test came up negative I don't know if I should or not. I was trying not to get my hopes up but you know what it's like when your periods late you begin to hope for the best, now I just don't know what to think! I keep reminding myself that if 2 tests came up negative then I cant be pregnant. But everyday that pa__ses and I don't get my period I wonder whats going on! Any advice? Good luck with your app Laura. Hope everyone is doing okay.


stefkay - March 19

Hi! I'm doing well and just about at 25 weeks. I had a regular OB appt. today and all was well. Just kind of waiting to get to the third trimester at this point. I'm really ready for my baby girl to be here :) Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant, but I worry about things going wrong all the time. Bibi, I'm not sure about the tests, i'd say it could be too early OR you are using tests that aren't very sensitive. The most sensitive pregnancy test out there is the First Response Early Results (often referred to as FRER on these threads)....good luck!!!


bettyg - March 20

Today I am 7 weeks pregnant and I just started the Lovenox shots. Boy did the first one leave a bruise. I didn't know my skin could even turn that shade of purple. For the 2nd shot, I used a cold compress and it made a world of difference. My doctor was hesitant to put me on Lovenox because the only thing showing up for me is MTHFR and there are no studies to prove it helps...yada yada. But the way I'm approaching this now is that I want to try all of my options and hope for the best. I don't want to have any regrets. Part of me wants to try Folgard alone but I just wouldn't be able to live with my self if I had a 5th m/c knowing there was something else I could have tried. Who knew having a baby was so freakin' difficult? I'm hoping to have twins so I can just stop after this pregnancy :-) The furthest I've gotten was 10.5 weeks so I still have a ways to go.


bibi1388 - March 21

I couldn't wait any longer, the waiting for my period and still hoping I might be pregnant is killing me! I used the FRER and the result was negative. So I called my doc today and they said to give it until wednesday, its going to seem like forever. Then they will do a quant and give me something to bring on my period. I just don't understand why i'm late and have had all the symptons of a normal period just no blood also my b___sts are swollen and sensitive like when I'm pregnant. It's all so frustrating and depressing. As soon as your late you start to hope and to find out your so late and still probably not pregnant is just crushing. I don't know how much more of this longing, hoping and waiting every month I can take. It seems to get harder and harder. People who haven't been through it have no idea just how difficult every day becomes. I try to talk to my sisters but neither have been through this kind of thing and have no understanding of what I'm going through.


laura32 - April 3

Hello everyone. How are you all doing? bibi how did you make out? stefkay... hope everything is going well, and bettyg I hope everything is going well with your lovenox shots. I had my appointment with the high risk doctor yesterday. Basically he tells me that MTHFR didn't cause my miscarriages. All my miscarriages took place before 10 weeks and that MTHFR has proven to not cause miscarriages before then. He said that I don't have a particular pattern in my miscarriages to prove what is causing them. He went through each pregnancy and explained why the miscarriage probably happened. He also said that something like 1 in 20 women who deliver babies have the MTHFR factor and don't even know it and have no complications because they are just carriers of MTHFR and the gene is not active. He doesn't think the gene is active for me because my homocysteine levels aren't high. He doesn't believe in using Lovenox unless you have high homocysteine levels. He was the first doctor to take the time and actually sit down and explain things at length which was nice. He pretty much told me that I need to try again even though that probably isn't what I want to hear. He was very compa__sionate. He said to go back to my fertility specialist and get pregnant again and then go to see him. He would keep me on the Lovenox if I wanted to be on it. I really wanted things to be cut and dry... I wanted him to tell me what was causing the miscarriages and fix it. But of course that didn't happen and realistically never will. So, I am back to square one and just have to try again...


bibi1388 - April 4

Hi everyone, hope your all doing well. I'm doing okay although I turned out not to be pregnant, which was really disappointing since I was over a week late. The whole thing is so depressing, you have to wonder how long you can let it consume your life. It's not as if you can even relax once you are pregnant thats when the real stress begins! Laura32 sorry the specialist couldn't give you more hope, my doc also said that there is no proof the lovenox actually does anything to help maintain a pregnancy, but he will put me on it when I get pregnant if I want to. What reasons did your doc give you for the previous miscarraiges? I haven't made it past 7 weeks for my last 4 pregnancies and the doctors have no explanation, not even an educated guess. It would make it a little easier if they could tell you why it happened. Are you going to try again soon, If so good luck. Stefkay, Bumblebee and bettyg hope your all doing well. Talk to you all soon.


stefkay - April 5

hi girls, bibi I'm sorry :( Laura, also bummer about the specialist, but I had my first 2 doctors tell me the same thing. Some are just more conservative then others. I've found there is a LOT doctors don't know and I'm a lot less accepting of what they say as gospel. They have to watch their a__ses and really most don't want to go with certain treatments unless there is hard evidence out there about one thing or another. Makes sense, but there are also doctors willing to try therapies if you want it badly enough. That is how I got on the lovenox. I have no idea if it helped me or not as I didn't start it until 8 weeks, and it was more of an afterthough. I'm doing so many other things along with it and before it that I'll never know. I told the specialist that it's gonna be tough if I want to do it again (have another) someday because then I'll feel like I have to do all of these things again('s exhausting!). Me and the baby are doing fine so far and are at just past 27 weeks! I'm in the 3rd trimester now which is a dream for me :) Just want to keep adding weeks from here....


laura32 - April 8

I'm so sorry Bibi. It sounds like you don't have too much trouble getting pregnant since you have had 5 pregnancies. Keep that in mind! :0) I'm sure it is frustrating anyway... I’m sorry. The doctor said that the first two pregnancies were "chemical pregnancies" and a lot of women have these and don't even know it and then go on to have a full term baby. He said that they see higher instances of this in women trying to conceive because they test early for pregnancy. So the first two losses didn't concern him. The third pregnancy was basically a "blighted ovum" he said. And the baby doesn't develop in these cases almost always because of genetic abnormalities. Women usually go on to have a full term baby after this. The third one concerned him the most because there was a heart beat and everything was developing on track. But he said that even so, miscarriages still happen at this stage. Basically he felt that if I had multiple miscarriages after a seeing a heartbeat then there would be a problem. He said that if I were his wife he would tell me to get pregnant again. I felt better in a way after talking to him but still terrified that my next pregnancy will turn out like the last one. I really think the next pregnancy will be my last! I can't do this anymore. So, Stefkay... would you mind telling us your whole pregnancy plan? I think I know the gist of it as I have been reading your posts on this and the other thread. I would appreciate it! Thank you!!


stefkay - April 9

Hi! My whole pregnancy plan as in what I did this last time? Not sure what you mean....just let me know and I'll be more than happy to share!


laura32 - April 10

Hi Amy and welcome. I don't have any experience with acupuncture but am very interested in it. What do you know about it? How often do you go? Does insurance pay for it? How much does it cost? When I try to conceive next it very well may be my last attempt. So I want to make sure I’m doing all that I can to make it successful. Stefkay... yes, I meant what was your whole plan for your current pregnancy? I want to know everything you did from prior to conception to now. I want to know all the details from prescription medications, to over the counter meds, to herbal supplements, to acupuncture... whatever it is that you did and are doing for your pregnancy. Thank you for being so willing to share your experience and for keeping those of us still struggling so informed . You are awesome!


stefkay - April 10

No problem! Ok well, I started on the prenatal and folic acid early on after one of my earlier losses (about January 07). I added most of the other things shortly after and kept taking everything jp to this day (even with losses and ttc, etc). So this pregnancy I started acupuncture (I'll give more details on that later) 3 months before I got pregnant with my current one. She specialized in fertility acupuncture and not only treated me with the needles but with chinese herbs. At the same time I started seeing her (July 07 -- I conceived this pregnancy in Oct. 07) I went to a homeopathic doctor to explain my whole situation and he tested my iodine levels. They were low which can indicate a subclinical thyroid issue (as in doesn't really show up in normal thyroid tests that the doctor's office runs). He put me on an iodine supplement called Iodoral. I started that a couple of months before I got pregnant. This is everything else that I took: Omega 3 fish oil supplement (contains EPA and DHA only), 5mg folic acid, 100mg B6, 500mcg B12, baby aspirin, calcium, prenatal. I also was on 300mg prometrium v____al suppositories from 4 weeks to about 14 weeks ( was told to quit them at 12, but I weaned off the last 2 weeks to prevent spotting). I started 40mg once daily of Lovenox injections at 8 weeks and will do those until the day before I deliver. I also continued taking the iodine supplement (still do) and also the chinese herbs along with the acupuncture treatments. My acupuncturist saw me once a week for the first few months but now I only go once every 2 weeks and the treatments are less involved and shorter. I cut out caffeine about 2 months prior to getting pregnant too. I sip some soda here and there, but that's about it. I drink TONS of water. I also put my significant other on 1000mg daily vitamin C supplement and a men's multi vitamin to help out if there were any sperm issues (some dr's will tell you that bad sperm CAN'T get you pregnant. Not true, the fertility specialist I saw said they can get you pregnant but can lead to m/c. Mainly in women who tend to get pregnant easily like me--theoretically somethign to do with my eggs will accept bad sperm where others may not--again, just another theory). I think that is it! lol....


stefkay - April 10

Oh, on the acupuncture....some insurance will cover it so check with yours. Mine did not cover acupuncture but it did cover chiropractic (they do that at the same office), so I got really lucky in that my acupuncturist offered to file it as chiropractic. I never would have asked them to do that, but since she offered, I told her to do whatever she wanted to do, but that i was willing to pay if need be. I did pay for the first few sessions and I've always paid for the herbs. It ran about 30-60 each time depending on what I was having done. The pre-pregnancy ones are more involved because she is helping get the body ready for ovulation. My situation was also different though in that we got to be pretty close especially when I had a chemical pregnancy the cycle before I got pregnant (current one)--so that was in September. She really saw how much I was sturggling and told me it was her job to get me pregnant and keep me pregnant so she actually had me come in a lot of times (since I was going weekly) and didn't charge me. I couldn't have afforded it any other way so it was really a God thing for me. I don't think anyone needs to go that often though. 2 times a month in getting started i'm sure is enough. I just looked in the yellow pages, that's how I found her because the ad mentioned fertility acupuncture. I plan to continue seeing her after the baby too just for overall wellbeing.


stefkay - April 10

Oh geez, sorry....I meant to say early on that the only thing ever found by my doctors in all the testing was that I am heterozygous MTHFR C677T. My homocysteine levels were never elevated or anything. The last dr. I saw agreed that there is just not a lot known about it and that is why I pushed the lovenox. I don't think they really KNOW for a fact that only those with homozygous or compound hetero or elevated levels need blood thinners.


remaining positive - April 10

Thanks Laura, for welcoming me! I start the acupuncture tomorrow, so I will let you know how it goes. I had a consultation with them and I just got a really good feeling about it when I was there. Also, my fertility specialist knows them and said that he recommends it highly. He said they have a very high success rate for multiple miscarriage. They called my insurance co. and they do cover acupuncture, so I am very happy about that. So, I am going to start the metformin med., the 4mg of folic acid, and he told me to start the progesterone 3 days after I ovulate. This will be my 4th attempt, and I am praying that we are blessed with our little miracle. If we do have another m/c, my Dr. said we can try IVF. He said sometimes, even though DH and I have healthy chromosonal makeup, our bodies make it hard for the embryo to combine the two, so if they do IVF, they can actually join the 2 and implant it correctly. It is sooooo expensive, but I have to ask my insurance co. if any of it would be covered. Congratulations Stefkay, on your pregnancy, that is give us all hope!!! You really take a lot of supplements & meds.! Do you split them up through the day? I am meeting with a Dr. on April 23rd to go over my mthfr (hetero) symptom to see if I should go on lovenox. Well, I am hoping to get my cycle back soon (since my hysteroscopy), and we can start ttc. It is getting harder and harder for my to see all of my friends, and family (24 yo niece just had a baby 2 days ago), give birth without any problems. Most of my friends are on baby # 2 & 3. I am happy for them, but as soon as I leave them, I break down in tears. I am so sorry for all of your losses, but it is nice for me to come and talk to people who understand what i am going through!!LOL, Amy


TrevorsMommy - April 17

Hi Laura32...My homocysteine levels weren't high either and my doctor has said that he doesn't think the MTHFR was the cause of my stillbirth. But, homocysteines levels can also be high in the amniotic fluid. So, maybe this is what happen with my son. Good luck!



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