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TrevorsMommy - April 17

Hi Laura32...My homocysteine levels weren't high either and my doctor has said that he doesn't think the MTHFR was the cause of my stillbirth. But, homocysteines levels can also be high in the amniotic fluid. So, maybe this is what happen with my son. Good luck!


bibi1388 - April 26

Hi everyone, Hope everyone is well. Here we go again I just took a hpt and its positive. I will call my Doctor on Monday but I don't think they'll be able to confirm until Tuesday as the office near me is closed on Monday. This should be an exciting and happy time but I have really mixed emotions since this the my 5th pregnancy since my son and I lost the last 4. I am really anxious about this pregnancy. I also wonder why the doctors have you go in weekly for scans since theres nothing they can do if you're going to miscarry they can't stop it happening!!! I'm trying to relax and not worry but it's so difficult. will keep you updated.


laura32 - April 28

hello all, bibi.. I’m praying for you! I hope things go well for you. I know how you feel with being so anxious and all. I think they do ultra sounds twice a week to try to calm you down a bit and help ensure you that things are going well. They did that in the beginning for me and then once a week after about 5 weeks. It did help me feel more relaxed to know that everything was going well. Good luck bibi!! I also stared acupuncture about two weeks ago. I can only go once a week because I can't afford any more than that. I'm trying to loose 20 pounds before I get pregnant again to help out with my blood pressure. My acupuncturist is working with me on the weight issue with acupuncture and herbs. I don’t mind waiting at this point. I’m not in a hurry to have another miscarriage. I just want to make sure I’m as healthy as possible for the next time we TTC. How is your acupuncture going Amy?TreveorsMommy- so sorry to hear about your stillbirth... good luck to you in the future also.


remaining positive - April 28

Hello to all of you!! Congratulations Bibi1388 on your BFP!!! I know it is hard not to worry, but just try to think positive thoughts. Have you ever tried meditating? You should also read "Magical Beginnings" by Deepak Chopra, it will help you relax. My DH and I are going to start trying again soon, but I am also a little nervous-we just have to believe!! Laura38- I am into my 3rd week of acupuncture & herbs, and I really like it. My acupuncturist is amazing and he keeps me positive!! I had my hysteroscopy surgery on March 28th, and I still didn't get my cycle back, so he wants me to wait to try until I get back on schedule. The herbs are so hard to take though-does anyone else have a problem getting them down? I finally found a tolerable way to drink them and that is with half hot water, and half rice milk (still kind of gross though). I also saw a hemotoligist on Wed. and he said I am not a candidate for lovenox. So, I am putting my faith into acupuncture/herbs, fish oil, 4mg folic acid, super B-complex, baby aspirin, prenatal vit, and a lot of happy thoughts!!! Good Luck to all of you, and remember we just have to Believe!!!


stefkay - April 29

bibi, congrats! I'm crossing my fingers for you on this :) I know that a lot of doctors who deal with recurrent loss patients will see them weekly or bi weekly for scans as part of a treatment they call "TLC"...I read about it before I went to my last dr. and then he talked about it too. Apparently the women who are seen more frequently have lower loss rates, so it shows that fear, worry and anxiety can play into this all. It was comforting to me to see the progress at each scan too. It is devastating to think you are pregnant for 12 weeks and then find out "nope"....I wanted to know if something was wrong right away so I could move on and try again or get back on track. Good luck to all you girls with the acupuncture!!! I love mine and still see her once every 2 weeks. Unfortunately my insurance won't cover and she's been fighting to be a provider in my insurance, but for some reason it's not working out yet. She knows how much I need it that she is treating me for free because at this point I couldn't afford to go anymore. It is so nice of her that I can't even explain....


bibi1388 - April 30

Thanks everyone for all your good wishes. I had my blood drawn and they confimed that I was pregnant my HCG level was 8733, I'm at 5 weeks. I go to see my doctor tomorrow, I will be discussing the lovenox with them. I really dread the thought of injecting myself but will do it if it will help maintain the pregnancy. I'm trying to remain positive, although I know I have a long way to go i'm taking it one day at a time. I'm hoping that my increased folic acid and baby aspirin are also helping maintain the pregnancy. Nervous about the visit tomorrow. You're right about the scans though I think I would feel better if I had one and things looked normal for this stage. It's amazing how quickly you become attatched to whats growing inside you even though you know it's not a fetus yet, you can't help yourself. Good luck to everyone. I will get that book you recommended Keep you all posted.


stefkay - May 1

Good luck bibi! Push the lovenox at a prophylactic dose (just kind of precautionary) and don't forget to take your B6 and B12 vitamins along with your prenatal too! :) I'm crossing my fingers and toes and everything for you on this one!!!!


bibi1388 - May 1

Saw Doctor today and had an ultrasound done as expected they saw the gestational sac and yolk but too early for anything else. Doctor gave me a prescription for lovenox 40mg I go in tomorrow so they can show me how to do the injections. Really not looking forward to doing them myself, I might ask my husband to do it depending on how I feel. Also having a hcg level done tomorrow can't wait until monday to get the results for that. He recommended having another ultrasound done in just over 10 days.


stefkay - May 1

wooohooo! Awesome :) sounds like a plan! You are on your way.....


bibi1388 - May 13

I have been doing the lovenox or should I say my husband has I just can't seem to do it myself, it really hurts. I think I have a lot ot anxiety about the shots because they hurt and the anticipation makes it worse. I had an ultrasound done yesterday and we saw the heartbeat which was great. As I haven't gotten that far in my last 4 pregnancies. I'm trying to be positive but its really hard, I still check for blood everytime i go to the bathroom I just can't help myself!! Do you find the lovenox injections hurt? I've looked online and some people say they hurt and some don't. I guess everyone is different! Looking forward to my next doctors app. Hope everyone is doing well.


stefkay - May 13

bibi, they kind of sting and are getting harder as my belly is so much bigger ( I have to do them in my sides basically), but they don't bother me much at all. I thin kfrom the beginning what I did to help me get used to them was think how each day that shot time came (for me it is about 4pm) I was giving the baby another chance at a new day by giving medicine that would help the pregnancy along. That really made it all worthwhile. You have a long time to go on them and hopefully it will get easier. I just pinch a good big roll of skin and stick it in there (you do pinch the skin before injecting right?), count to 5 as the nurse instructed, and then pull it out. I take a deep breath each time right as I put the needle in and it helps. Some days I feel it and others I don't at all. CONGRATULATIONS on the great u/s!!!! Oh, and also I STILL check for blood or brown or pink each time I wipe and I'll be 33 weeks on Friday, lol :)


laura32 - May 19

Hi girls, Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. Nothing new here. Still working on loosing weight... 16 more pounds to go...ugh! Bibi.... I hope you have adjusted to your shots and everything is going well. Hopefully your bi -weekly ultrasounds are giving you peace of mind. Stefkay... you are getting closer and closer!!! How exciting! Hope everyone is doing well. Talk to you soon.


bibi1388 - June 15

Hope everyone is doing well, not long for you to go now stefkay I bet you can't wait. I am 12 weeks tomorrow. I had a scare a couple of weeks ago, I started to bleed, we went to the emergency room and my doctor met us there. They did an ultrasound and found that I have a tear in the placenta so my doctor prescribed bed rest. I went back to my doctor a week later and she said to still take it easy limited activity. So I am doing the best I can to relax and not do too much!! Hopefully on my next visit on the 25th they will lift the bedrest and I can go outside of the house again. Well back to bed I go speak to you soon.


stefkay - June 16

Hi bibi! Yep, time is drawing near :) Less than 3 weeks to go! I guess she could come any day, but I'm not counting on an early baby because I've worried so much about this girl for the past 9 months that I'm sure she will now decide to remain nice and snug inside, ha ha! I'm sorry to hear about your scare, but so happy to hear it is all ok! Take that bedrest seriously now! Hang in there as it will all be worth it in the end. Are you getting frequent ultrasounds to check on the bub?


remaining positive - June 17

Hello Everyone! I hope all is well...... Congratulations Bibi, it sounds like everything is going great!-you are in my prayers! Stephkay, you must be so excited!! When you both found out you were pregnant, did your Dr. start monitoring you right away? Are you both still doing acupuncture? I am getting a little nervous, because DH and I have started trying again. I am excited & nervous all at the same time. I know you both understand that feeling. I just wanted to let you know the things I am taking and doing, and maybe you could make a suggestion of something I should try or change. I do acupuncture twice a week and take chinese herbs. I also take fish oil, super B-complex, prenatal, 4mg folic acid, OPC goldblend, and baby aspirin. I was not a candidate for the lovenox, and I decided not to take the metformin (suggested by my acupuncturist). I am trying to eat as healthy as possible, but still splurge here and there! Congratulations again to both of you and any advice or suggestions would help!! Thank you and god bless!!


stefkay - June 17

remaining positive, It sounds like you are taking everything! I'd say that you are probably ok without the lovenox as long as you are on aspirin and omega 3 supplements (make sure you are NOT taking any combined one that has omega 6 or 9 in it as that is not good to take in pregnancy -- it needs to be purified fish oil, only omega 3 with DHA and EPA). I could probably read back to check on this, but I wanted to ask if you have PCOS and is that why metformin was suggested? I was just going to say that if you do have it I'd really consider taking it because I've read so many success stories with women having taken it to conceive and carry to term. I'm just the type who will throw everything at the problem though and hope one thing sticks, you know? The only other suggestion would be to get on progesterone as soon as you get a positive test if your doctor will prescribe. Just an extra "security blanket".



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