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stefkay - June 17

remaining positive, It sounds like you are taking everything! I'd say that you are probably ok without the lovenox as long as you are on aspirin and omega 3 supplements (make sure you are NOT taking any combined one that has omega 6 or 9 in it as that is not good to take in pregnancy -- it needs to be purified fish oil, only omega 3 with DHA and EPA). I could probably read back to check on this, but I wanted to ask if you have PCOS and is that why metformin was suggested? I was just going to say that if you do have it I'd really consider taking it because I've read so many success stories with women having taken it to conceive and carry to term. I'm just the type who will throw everything at the problem though and hope one thing sticks, you know? The only other suggestion would be to get on progesterone as soon as you get a positive test if your doctor will prescribe. Just an extra "security blanket".


remaining positive - June 17

Hi Stephkay-thank you so much for getting back to me! I am taking a fish oil that was prescribed by my acupuncturist, and it does have EPA & DHA, but it also has 6 & 9's, so I am going to ask my Dr. about this (I have my 2 month appt. with the fertility specialist on Wed.). I was not actually diagnosed with PCOS, because I don't have any symptoms, but when my Dr. does an ultrasound, he sees a lot of them. He said just to be safe he would prescribe metformin-only bc we have nothing else to go on. Anyway, my acupuncturist did not agree with this decision, and said he could control it with diet, and acupuncture. I hope I did not make a mistake about not taking it, but i did not have any symptoms and did not want to take a medication for no reason. My Dr. already prescribed progesterone, and I got it filled, so I am all prepared for when I get that BFP!! Did you get regular progesterone capsules, or suppositories? Thank you again for all your suggestions and information. It is always nice to communicate with someone who knows what I am going through!! Congrats again on your little miracle, and let us know when she has arrived!!!


laura32 - July 8

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well... Stefkay should have had her baby by now I think?? Bibi... I hope things are well with you and your bed rest helped with your placenta tear. Remaining Positive... hopefully you will have some good news for us!! I on the other hand am still too chicken to try again! I went to the hematologist a few weeks ago. He ran more tests and said that right now I do not have any blood clotting tendencies. That MTHFR should not be a problem as long as my homocysteine levels are low. He said that it's not bad to be on blood thinners anyway because sometimes it is possible for women with repeat miscarriages to have some sort of blood clotting issue that doctors haven't discovered yet. He said that just 4 years ago they discovered a new one. Oh and I found out that my 5 year old is homozygous for MTHFR C677T just like me. The hematologist said that he really didn't need to be tested for it until his early 20's and that he should have his homocysteine levels checked at his first college physical and then begin treatment with folic acid and baby aspirin if needed. He said I should take one folgard per day for the rest of my life and have homocysteine levels checked twice a year. I'm running out of doctors to go see and excuses to start trying again... maybe in September... maybe in September I'll have a different excuse.... who knows:0) I'm not sure how you get over being soo terrified and find the strength to try again... i haven't found it yet...


remaining positive - July 9

Hi Laura, and all the other girls! I hope everyone is doing well. I still keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Laura, I know how hard it is to try again. I too, was coming up with all kinds of excuses to put off trying again. The plan was for me to start 2 cycles after my surgery, but then I started acupuncture and I kept saying, " I just want my body to used to the acupuncture before I try." Now that we have started trying again, I am more afraid then ever before. I just ovulated about 7 days ago, and I am trying so hard to relax and think positive, but it is so hard. Well, at least you are taking every step in finding a problem-that is great, and it probably makes you feel better. You will know when you are ready. You don't want to push it or you will just stress too much. I wish you all the Best!!! I will keep you posted and let you know when I get a BFP....Stefkay, I am so anxious to here about your little angel-I hope all is well!! Bibi, how are you doing? Are you still on bedrest? Take Care everyone, and always remember to remain positive!! Also, I know I mentioned this before, but I highly recommend the book by Deepok Chopra, called, "Magical Beginnings"!!!


bibi1388 - July 20

Hi everyone, I think being on bedrest did help my placental tear, Went back to doctors and I'm now back to normal activity, still taking it a little easy though! I'm now 17 weeks tomorrow and everyday is still really hard I dont think I will be comfortable for the whole pregnancy, I'm enjoying being pregnant, but at the same time I know I won't relax until I have this baby in december!! My doctor has said I don't need to do the Lovenox anymore until after delivery as there's no proof it will help at this point. So I'm really worried as I stopped it 3 days ago, and I'm really nervous something will go wrong! 4 doctors said it was ok to stop to lovenox so I'm trusting that they know what they're doing! Good luck everyone,Laura 32 when the time is right you'll know you're ready to try again, remaining positive I wish you luck and look forward to hearing you've gotten a positive test.


remaining positive - July 20

Bibi-I know how hard it must be to relax and not worry. I know I will be the same way! Just take one day at a time and you should try to meditate. I know it sounds crazy to some people, but it really helps you relax. I just close my eyes, and with each deep breath, I try to imagine my body filling up with clean air. I then picture my uterus, etc.. as clean and smooth with no blockages. Just this little time I take each day, makes me feel so good. I am not sure what to think about you going off lovenox, because I was not a candidate for it, so I don't know too much, but I am sure if 4 diff Dr's said it was ok, I would not worry. You are in my thoughts & prayers..... I did not get my BFP this month, but I am hoping I will get it soon. On my other 3 pregnancies, I got preg on the 3rd try every time!! I am doing so many other things this time (acupuncture, supplements, etc..), so I am hoping things turn out differently for me!! Well, I will keep you all posted on my battle to conceive, for the 4th time!! Also, I am anxious to hear from Stefkey about your little angel!! Sticky baby dust to all!!!!


laura32 - September 23

Hello everyone... just checking in to see how everyone is doing. Send in an update.


stefkay - September 24

Hi girls!!! I'm glad to see this thread again...I had to read through or actually skim through to remember and it was cool to see me move through the pregnancy. Well, I had my daughter Ava Soleil on July 8 at 5:12pm. I was induced at 6am and like I said in an earlier post, she decided to stay in past her due date (july 4) and still had to be prodded to get out, lol! She is gorgeous and i thank God every day for her. She is on my lap as I type sleeping away. I hope you all are doing well and LAURA I read what you posted in July about the dr. saying it was ok to do blood thinners because there may be things that have not been discovered...that is exactly what my dr. said as well. It won't hurt you at a low dose so it is probably worthwhile to try it. Homozygous for MTHFR is usually something that is treated with blood thinners. If your dr. refuses, I'd find another dr. Maybe someone who is more liberal in his/her treatments? remaining positive and bibi, hope you are doing well and would love to hear from you!


remaining positive - September 24

Hello Girls!! Congrats on your precious little angel, Stefkay-I am so happy for you!! Unfortunately I do not have much good news. I had my 4th miscarriage last month, and it was really hard. I decided after that, to find a new fertility specialist, because I was not happy with my other one. He was very arrogant, and talked down to me. He basically told me to start looking into adoption. Anyway, I found a new specialist and I love him-he is so sweet and very confident in what he does. I looked him up on the CDC to see his success as a DR. and he is ranked one of the highest in CA. Well, to make a longer story short, I am about to do a form of IVF called PGD. It is for women with multiple miscarriages. I just started my cycle yesterday so I go on birth control Friday, and then I begin my medication and shots on the 9th of October. I am getting very excited, but also nervous. Hopefully, this will help me get my little miracle. I will keep you all posted!! Congrats again, Stefkay-I love the name!! I would love to hear from the others......Remaining Positive


stefkay - September 24

Oh my gosh, that is sad news but then wonderful news! I'm so so glad you found the right dr. My situation was very similar in that I finally got someone who seemed to care and was very understanding and knowledeable. I have a great feeling about this...I know we will hear good news from you soon! PGD screens the genetics before implanting, correct? Then you will be on the meds to help keep things going smoothly (are you doing Lovenox?) I'm so happy for you! I will keep checking in!


laura32 - October 16

Hi Girls! Sorry I haven't checked on here in awhile... I didn't get an e-mail saying that you posted or I would have checked. Remaining Positive... I'm so sorry you have experienced another loss! I hope the new doctor and your IVF is working out for you. Bibi... how are you?? I'm still in limbo... not trying again yet.... I'm just enjoying my 5 year old son and life being normal.... that is without miscarriage for awhile. The plan for now is to wait until after Christmas. That will be the one year mark since my last miscarriage. Then I will hit it hard with one last try. My husband gets his bonus then and I will be able to afford my lovenox, acupuncture and fertility doctor by then. So in the mean time taking time off from the whole baby thing has allowed me to truly heal and become whole again. My late Grandmother sent me a message of "success" in a dream on what would have been my due date. She had me sorting through a bag of miniature Hershey candy bars to pick out the "success" bars for her because they were her favorite in the dream. (They don’t really make them) So, I think she was sending me a message of success. That I had to go through all the miscarriages (other candy bars) to find the successful one. It's funny because the word "success" seems to pop up on significant days in funny ways... like on T.V. in a comercial, and with my mom cooking "success" white rice on another significant day. So, I think my Grandmother is trying to tell me something... hopefully she will help send me a little "success" from heaven... Take care everyone and as always... keep us posted.


bibi1388 - October 31

Hi everyone, great to hear about your new bundle of joy stefkay, Sorry for your loss remaining positive we all know how difficult it is to deal with and you are in our thoughts. I am doing great I'm now 32 weeks and loving every minute of being pregnant every kick, and movement the constant trips to the bathroom its all so wonderful. I am planning to have a repeat C Section in december around the 20th. I am really excited and cant wait to see the baby but on the other hand I don't want the pregnancy to come to an end! I think I'm going to be getting the best xmas present of all a brand new baby!! Great to hear from everyone, wishing you all the best.


remaining positive - November 1

Hello Ladies! It is so nice to hear that everyone is doing so well.....Bibi, I am so happy for you-it sounds like you are having a wonderful pregnancy:)! Laura-I think it is very smart to take this time to fully heal and get back to a normal life before trying again-I wish you the best of luck!! Well, I am in the middle of my IVF cycle.....My husband had to give me shots for a little over a week and that was not fun-my stomach was so sore and tender, and my poor husband felt so bad hurting me. I did my egg retrieval on Wed. and they retrieved 20 eggs and 17 of them fertilized (which is above average). They do the PGD tomorrow and my transfer (implantation) is on Monday!! I am getting so excited, but also nervous. I am trying to stay positive, but it is hard! I will keep you all posted:) Take Care Girls and keep the updates coming:)!!! Amy


dbruning - November 3

I have read this entire thread and I wanted to tell all of you how brave you all are. I have had 2 miscarriages, one of which I had to give birth to my 15 week old little baby girl, and I was devestated. I want to continue to try also, and in reading all of your stories you give me hope and inspiration. Thank you so much. This is exactly what i needed...that and a little prozac! ha


mrprenatal - April 16

For those with MTHFR there is a prenatal out there called Neevo, it has L-methyfolate, the active form of folate which bypa__ses the MTHFR polymorphism. MTHFR is an enzyme defect that does not allow the patient to fully metabolize folic acid into L-methylfolate. Since Neevo has L-methylfolate, the polymorphism is not a factor and you can eliminate your folate issues from the equation. website is Neevoprenatal dot com Hope this helps someone, and good luck to you all


stefkay - April 20

Hi girls, this bumped up with the prenatal post so I thought I'd take the opportunity to pop in and see how you all are doing? laura, remaining positive, d bruning? Things are good here just cruising along with a baby that is no longer a tiny baby, lol. Almost 10 months old and she's doing wonderfully :) I'm so thankful to god each day for her and that I was able to have her here to meet my grandmother who pa__sed away this morning. She was so old (94) and last weekend I was able to get my dd over to see her great gramma one last time. I remember when I was trying so hard to get pregnant and stay pregnant all I wanted was for her to get to see me have a baby. Anyways, it's been a long day but I am so grateful. Just keep trying and don't give up if any of you are struggling...



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