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Amanda76 - November 14

I am finding myself in a similar situation to many of the ladies here, but I am worried at my doctor's recommendations for treatment. I have had two m/c since last November, after trying for eight years to conceive. I put my foot down after the second one until my ob/gyn finally agreed to do the bloodwork and look for any causes. (she kept telling my they normally wait until three losses before checking) She told me that I was a heterozygous MTHFR (but didn't mention anything about compound or not) and has put me on one baby aspirin a day right now, while I'm trying to conceive again. Once I have another (if I ever do) positive preg test, she is going to start me on daily injections of Lovenox as well as the aspirin. I am not scared of injections, I will do whateve it takes to have a healthy baby to term, but I am concerned that she never once mentioned upping my folic acid or B6/B12. She made it sound as if this Lovenox is the only thing that she would recommend as the safest route. Now I am worried about how much, if any, of these daily shots my insurance will pick up, and if that is all I need to be doing. Surely more folic acid & B vitamins aren't a bad thing, are they? I want to do whatever I can. Has anyone else here used Lovenox, or a similar injection?


Amanda76 - November 18

Bumping this question...


stefkay - November 19

Hi Amanda, Call to find out if you can (the nurse can tell you) if you are compound heterozygous and let me know because I am interested in this as well! I was diagnosed as heterozygous for the C677T MTHFR early this year after another m/c. I have seen 4 different doctors who ALL say that I don't need heparin or lovenox shots b/c I am hetero and it is only for compound hetero or homozygous persons. But, your dr. seems to have it backwards because all of mine prescribe the daily baby aspirin AND the extra folic and b vits. first. Blood thinners would come later if they deem them necessary. Definitely take the extra folic and b vitamins--you can do that on your own and it is only good for you and is not at all bad. You can buy folic acid and b vitamins at the store along with baby aspirin, making the therapy very inexpensive. As for the shots, I don't know what to say --it makes me nervous because I'm pregnant again and have had a good early ultrasound so far (which I never had before) and am not on the shots . My dr. said at this point the risk would outweigh the benefit for me so I have to believe him although now I'm really nervous....


Dylan - November 20

Hello Amanda!! I was diagnosed as being homozygous for A1298C MTHFR and some immune problems after 5 miscarriages. I started baby aspirin and Folgard immediately while ttc. As soon as I got a positive pregnancy test I started the Lovenox shots. I had a healthy pregnancy and delivered my baby boy on April 9th. I have learned a lot about the importance and significance of MTHFR. As an MTHFR patient, I am completely convinced that I will need to use high-dose folic acid and baby aspirin every day for the rest of my life, and Lovenox throughout pregnancy. Good luck to youl!!!



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