MTHFR Low Homocysteine

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AussieRach - February 14

Hi, After 2 miscarriages I had a series of blood tests that revealed that I was homozygous for the MTHFR gene. As a result I was tested for homocysteine and my reading came back low(4.2 umol/L) which is good.My OB has recommended 5mg of folic acid along with VitB12 and B6 as well as a daily low dose aspirin. This appears to be the standard approach but as my homocysteine level is low I'm not sure whether there is anything else I should be asking to be checked. Nearly everything that I have read relates to high homocysteine levels. I'd appreciate your thoughts girls. Thanks Rachael


Mm - February 15

I'm in exactly the same boat as you! I just found out this Tuesday about the mthfr gene defect. My dr. didn't mention the b12 and b6, how many mg of each are you taking? Did your dr. tell you that you should take the folic acid and other stuff for a certain amount of time before trying to conceive again??? I've read that, but my dr. didn't say it. So that might be something to ask. Please let me know! M


AussieRach - February 21

Hi Mm Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.This whole issue is pretty confusing. I'm taking 1000mcg of the Vit 12 and 100mg of the B6. It's preferrable to be taking it for at least 6 weeks prior to conception. I'm still getting mixed opinions on whether to take asprin and heparin- what have you heard? Rach


Kara H. - February 21

My sister in law is on hepirin while ttc then will be switched to lovenox during pregnancy, then switched back to hepirin close to her due date. She also takes Folguard. She has the Rx one, but they make an over the counter Folguard too. It contains folic acid b12 and b6. Her doctor says that the injectable blood thinners are important because homocystine levels can change.


AussieRach - February 21

Thanks Kara, I actually live in Australia and we don't have Folgard or Folex?? so I've basically tried to match their levels by using individual vitamins. We also don't have Lovenox but use Clexane(Same stuff though). My OB skipped over the heparin/clexane issue saying she didn't think I'd need it- it's so bloody hard when we are relying on the "experts" to provide us with information.!!!!!!! I haven't read anywhere about starting on one and then changing over to the other. I have since read like you stated that homocysteine levels can flucuate so that's something to definately have checked again. My Ob is leaving in 4 months as she is overworked and then there will only be 1 private OB( and our public system is definately in a sad state!!!) in our nearest town so I'm really reliant on sourcing information from others so I can try and see her and cover as many issues as I can before she goes. I very lucky that I live in an age where we can access information quite readily.... how did we manage before the internet???????????? Rach


Mm - February 22

Hi! I am taking the baby aspirin once a day (81mg) and my dr. said that it is fine to do (I don't have a reason specifically, I have just heard from a lot of women that it helps). My dr. also said if you are going to do the baby aspirin, to do it regularily just like the vitamin regimen. Do you know why it's preferrable to take the vitamins for 6 weeks prior to conception? My dr. didn't tell me to wait, but I'm hearing from others that it's good to wait and I just don't know the rationale.


ErinJ - February 22

I just posted some useful and rea__suring links on MTHFR? thread.



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