Multiple D Amp C S For Same Missed Miscarriage

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Hopeful - October 20

I had a D&C 3 months ago for a missed miscarriage but my HCG still hasn't made it to 0. My doctor is saying I may have had a molar pregnancy and is wanting to do another D&C. Has anyone had experience with this?


Michelle - October 20

I had a D&C in June and my hcg didn't go away completely until Sept. An MRI for something else showed "something" in the uterus and the HCG went to 0 once I had pa__sed this nasty tissue that the D&C had left. My dr.s never mentioned molar, just retained tissue. I had had a D&C before and no trouble, conceived 2 weeks later. I hope that this helps some and you have the same issue as I did. Good luck!


DG - October 22

Yes, it has happened to me twice now...Had a miscarrige in March (8 weeks no hb) had D&C mid March and 1 week later had to have another D&C b/c they did not get all the pregnancy tissue & hormone levels still elevated. I just went thru another miscarriage on Sept.30 had to have emergency surgery b/c DR thought could be in my tubes (was having bleeding). He sent me to get 2nd opinion on sonigram 1st and they were 80% sure it was tubal. He did Laproscopy and it was not in my tubes but did a D&C because it was an abnormal pregnancy. Went to f/u Dr. visit 10 days later and hormone levels had gone up from 11,000hcg to 33,000. They did sonigram and the pregnancy was still there but there was no baby. Waited 1 more week to do another sonigram to make sure nothing developed and same thing, basicly empty sac. So had another D&C (Oct. 17th). DR was very schocked b/c he got pathology report back from 1st D&C and it said they got the pregnancy tissue.(said it could have been twins) At one point Dr. thought it could have been Molar, but said it was not a Molar Pregnancy. So I have had 4 D&C's this year for 2 miscarriages.....Dr. said it is rare but this can happen....Anyone else have this happen????



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