Multiple M C No Sex For First Trimester Sorry If Tmi

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lavinia - June 10

I've had two early miscarriages, now I'm pregnant again and we've decided to abstain for the 1st trimester, my last preg I used to get terrible cramps & bleeding after s_x snd I feel like I dont want to take any chances. Just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat.


kristie h - June 10

Hi, I have had two miscarriages and with the second miscarriage i had s_x then that arvo i started bleeding. I am ttc and yes i will stop till i reach about 3 and a half to 4 months or till i feel the baby move which ever comes first. I think what you are feeling are totally normal. congrats on your pregnancy i wish you all the best. xxx


chandellina - June 10

i am ttc after two miscarriages, both around 8 weeks though very different in how they went. the second time i was paranoid about having s_x and when we finally did after seeing a heartbeat, i spotted for about 5 days. it was also very painful when i orgasm'd so we didn't do it again. at the next scan at 8 weeks, they said the heartbeat had stopped just about 3 days earlier. around that time i had had an orgasm in my sleep that woke me up and was very painful. who knows if it had anything to do with it but i think next time we will abstain until i am further wishes.


lavinia - June 11

kristie & Chandellina thx for your replies, I was beginning to think I was just imagining things but after having my tests done after the second miscarriage & everything was clear, I started seriously thinking about other factors. Good luck ttc.


Julie.N - June 12

Hi Lavinia, we spoke on another thread "ttc after m/c anyone want to wait with me" i saw your post and just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on your BFP!!!!! Hope you are well and everything goes well with your pregnancy. Good luck!


chandellina - June 12

lavinia, i know what you mean. my tests so far also have been clear so i have all sorts of theories, some more far-fetched than others!


lavinia - June 17

Thanks JULIE, yeah I remember chatting to you, howz everything going? This time my OBGYN has been monitoring me very closely, I've had some bleeding which really scared me. Have an ultrasound next week. CHANDELLINA, I think sometimes too that maybe I'm going too far, I even asked my OBGYN for progesterone he refused and tested my levels and it turned out they were really high, I told him I just feel like I want to do something.


Julie.N - June 18

Lavinia, things are going ok thanks, just had first af 2 wks ago since m/c, think i am o at mo, so really hoping for bfp before the month is out. The bleeding must have been really scary for you, take it easy and relax as much as you can. Hope all goes well for you. When are you due?



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