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Keepstrying - February 27

I have now had my 3rd miscarriage. First, the baby never developed, 2 months later I made it to 12 weeks then had D&C. Doctory did genetic testing and baby had trisomy. I just found out today that at 8 weeks baby no longer has heartbeat. I have no signs of miscarriage yet and must make a decision on what to do...d&c or natural. My question is if anyone else has had more than 3 miscarriages to go on to have healthy pregnancies. I should say I am 37.


momjoy0691 - February 27

I have just had 3 m/c in 9 months ectopic, one at almost 17 weeks and 5.5 weeks but I have two children that I had before all this. I am going to try again, I am almost 39. My sister in law has had 5 m/c and has 3 live children and my friend has had 10 pregnancies; 6 m/c, 4 live children. So it is possible. I have done d & c and natural both are awful! So very sorry for your loss!!


Bumblebee - February 28

So sorry for your losses. I am in similar situation right now... after u/s 2 weeks ago at 7 weeks, they say it is blighted ovum. I was waiting till now to see if it will naturally mc as last time it did at 11 weeks. Today my doc said to go on with d&c next week and I was very sad to have to... but am thinking about it, planning for it, and hoping in the meantime it will happen. I also heard of many who have had 5 to 7 to 10 mc/ and had healthy babies from ages 35 thru 46. So, I am keeping hope. I am 38 and little stressed myself about the age thing... Well, let's keep trying together after we get thru this mc!!!


Keepstrying - February 28

momjoy0691 and Bumblebee...thank you both so much for your kind words. This has been so hard for me as I did not share the pregnancy with anyone because I was so scared I would loose it. It is so nice to have someone to talk tol momjoy0691 you give me so much hope. heart goes out to you too. I am so scared and just waiting for this to happen is killing me. I have decided to give it a week and then schedule a d&c. After much talk last night, we have decided to keep on trying. Hopefully the higher powers will bless me one day. I will keep you in my prayers. Soon we can try again together.


Kristine - March 2

I often come back to this board every now and then as it gave me so much support when I was going through trying times. I hope my story will inspire others like yourself. I had 3m/c's all around 8 weeks. I had 1 d&c and the other two were natural. Both horrible of course. Last March DH and I welcomed a baby girl into our lives. I had a healthy pregnancy and she is healthy as well. I had tons of testing after my 2nd and 3rd m/c 's and I was diagnosed with an elevated FSH level which means my eggs weren't of the highest quality. I tried acupuncture and increased my folic acid to 4mg's daily. ------------We don't know what our higher power has in store for us. After my m/c's I just wanted the docs to give me a magic pill but it's not always that easy. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to parenthood. BIG HUG.


Kristine - March 2

P.S. I will be 36 this year. M/C's were in 2005 and 2006.


Bumblebee - March 2

Kristine - So sorry to hear of your losses. Are you ttc now? Or pg now? Keepstrying - I finally am going for d&c on Tues - Preop is on Monday. I was totally freaking out stressed out last week when it was being sched. But now feel a lot better. I also figured it will actually be better so I can get the tissue tested and see what they come up with. Also running bunch of other tests thru fert spec. I think it's great, wait a week and then sched your d&c... wish u the best... and look forward to ttc together soooon...


maybebaby2007 - March 3

I'm so sorry for all the losses we all had to go through. I wish we all didn't have to be here. I've had 2 m/c and now have been trying for 10 months. I'm a bit worried it's taking us too long, but I hope that it happens soon and and it will have a good ending. I'm 32 myself, but I know of women from friends and at work who had healthy babies in late thirties and early forties, so it is possible!! Just hang in there, hope dies the last!


Keepstrying - March 3

Kristine - thank you so very much. Your story gives me encouragement. I had a d&c with the 2nd miscarriage and the docs did lots of testing. He said everything was normal. I have still not miscarried naturally with this one and I think I am waiting until Wednesday , if nothing by then I am call ing to schedule a d&c. Right not it is more the mental that I am having a hard time dealing with. BUMBLEBEE - You are in my prayers. I know how hard it is but once you have the d&c you can start your recover both physically and emotionally. The start TTC again. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are. Maybebaby2007...thank you. I know it will happen for you. Your positivie att_tude makes me smile. I hope it happens to you very soon. Thank you all so much. I will keep you posted and let you know what happens thru this week. Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well...


Kristine - March 4

Bumblebee, No I am not pg or TTC though I feel as if my clock is ticking away. I wish I had more time on my hands though I know women in late 30's are very successful in having children. I want to enjoy my little miracle for awhile longer before even entertaining the thought of a second one. I wish you the best today. I know how hard it is. Keepstrying, it took me a couple of weeks to m/c naturally. Will you be seeing a specialist?


Bumblebee - March 4

How are you keepstrying? My mc happened yesterday, went to Er and us showed most of it had pa__sed. So, no d&C today. Bleeding is very light today, similar to my regular period. Yesterday most bleeding was between 10am and 6pm and then it reduced. Of course all the poking and proding by docs and us didn't help. I hate hospitals! :) It will pa__s for you soon. It took me about 3 weeks after the us at 7th week. And my last mc took about 4 weeks after the 8th week us. So, it is a while, but I am glad it flushd out naturally. Take it easy, and keep your strength and hydration in good condition... I needed it yesterday! Was exhausted by evening. Also, I kept vicodine on hand for when the uterus starts to contract back to size - those pains are the absolute worst. Vicodine was a great friend to me last night and I didn't feel a thing! Advil helped with the earlier cramps also.


Keepstrying - March 4

Aww Bumblebee....I have been thinking about you all day. I'm so sorry but so glad that the worst part is over for you. I know my doctor told me it could take up to a month to pa__s. I don't think mentally I can handle it. I know it is better for me physically. I keep going back and forth as to what I want to do. I keep thinking if I do the d&c I can get some answers as to why. I just don't know. I am drinking plenty and carrying around percoset and phenegrin just in case. I went in at 8 wks the baby was only measuring at 7. Unfortunately I think the mental is going to get me. I am ready to be able to start healing both mentally and physically. I am so sorry for you. As soon as I read your message I just started crying. I don't think I have done that since I found out about my own m/c. You are still in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep in touch.


Bumblebee - March 10

Hi girls - I am almost done , just some light spotting today. Pain is also almost gone. Just a bit stomach pain shows up every few hours and I don't really know why. My doc wants to check if it is bladder infection - but wouldn't I be going to pee a lot if it was ??? I never had that so don't know what it feels like. Anyway, there's just a bit bloody disch when I go to the bathroom, and looking for ward to it ending. I was able to get off the pad thing after 4 days and onto pantiliners. So, that is really a big help. And my emotions are messing w/ me bad... So, now I just want to cry and feel blah. What is new with you all???


millerstac0878 - March 10

I just experienced my 2nd m/c after 2 years of trying to get pg. At this point I don't feel like I can keep trying, is there something wrong with me? I feel like I can't keep putting myself through this, how do you ladies do it?


tcrock02 - March 11

miller-- i have had 2 mc's. last one in 1-08. There is no easy way to do it. we all just take it one day at a time. i too said i was not going to try agan. but here i am at my 1st cycle after d&c and AF trying again. it does not get easier. each baby carries its own b__w of pain and anguish. i have been diag withPCOS so hopefully the meds i am on will make a difference. my fingers are crossed. i still cry about my loss. and i think naming my babies and making memorials for this has really helped me put it to rest in some way. sorry for all of the losses i this room. baby dust to all!!


Keepstrying - March 13

Hi BUMBLEBEE I'm so glad to hear the bleeding is almost over for you. Trust me you would know if it was a bladder infection. You feel like you have to pee every 2 seconds, then when you go it is nothing but a trickle and it burns really bad. I hate those things. I am still waiting. It has been 2wks since the u/s and still no spotting or cramping or anything. I still feel very pregnant. Still have sore b___bs, still get queasy. I just wish things would hurry up and happen. Had a long talk with the dh and he really wants things to happen naturally. I'm trying but it is playing mind games with me. Let the tears come. I know after my 2 m/c I was a wreck for a while but as the saying goes...time heals. So have you decided if you are going to try again?


Keepstrying - March 13

Hi Miller....its not easy to keep trying. Unfortunately, there are always worse stories than your own. When you hear those stories it tends to give you hope. This will be my 3rd m/c it doesn't get any easier but I know I really want to have a child so I keep trying. Has your ob run any tests on you??



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