Multiple Miscarriages Testing For Problems

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franciepants - September 20

Hello- I have had three losses this past year, one chemical pregnancy and two miscarriages, one at 7 1/2 wks and one that I am currently waiting to pass. Has anyone had any success in finding out if they had a problem that was causing the miscarriages or do most docs just write this off as bad luck? I plan on having a D&C this time around...Thanks in advance for any input or advice as I go through this one.


stefkay - September 20

Hi! I'm so sorry for your loss...I would definitely push for testing. I don't think you really need to ask for anything specific because your doctor should know what they are. I think there is a basic preliminary miscarriage panel that checks for blood clotting disorders, antibodies, etc. There are sooooo many things that cause miscarriage. I never had a clue until I went through it myself. Structural abnormalities of the uterus and/or fallopian tubes can cause problems, genetic mutations, thyroid, prolactin, diabetes, etc. are just naming a few things. I would look up recurrent pregnancy loss online at possibly the mayo clinic or a fertility clinic and usually you can find a comprehensive list of what to have tested. Your general OB may not know how to handle some of this and you may be better off asking for a referral from the OB to a RE (reproductive endocrinologist)....good luck to you and I hope you get some answers soon!!!


franciepants - September 20

Thanks for your response Stefkay. I am actually at a fertility clinic and they ran a lot of tests after my last m/c and everything came back negative or normal so I am feeling a little doomed since there doesn't seem to be an answer. If it is a chromosomal issue, is it just the luck of the draw each time I get pregnant or is there anything I can do to prevent a future m/c?


stefkay - September 20

Did you have any genetic testing on the fetus in the last m/c? I would have it done on this one if possible too because it could tell you something. I almost didn't get it done on my last one because the prior ones came back ok. Luckily I did because we found out it was a trisomy (extra chromosome). For some reason that made me feel better because it was a fluke really. My dr said it shouldn't happen again--that's what I'm hoping for!


sashasmama - September 21

I'm in the similar situation. I've had 2 miscarriages so far. I just went in yesterday to get blood drawn for the testing. My dr. said that everything comes back ok...then the cause was probably genetic, but she said that just in case she will put me on baby aspirin and progesterone suppositories, as well as extra folic acid for my next pregnancy. I guess it's better to know you are doing something about it, then to just not do anything and wait for it to happen again, and then blame yourself later for not having anything done to try to prevent it.


cyndilea1973 - September 21

I've had 2 m/c in the last year, one Aug 18th at 8w, and just had blood tests with results yesterday (they were all "normal"). I have to schedule an hsg (ultrasound with dye) after my af starts to look at the uterus, tubes, etc. If those are "normal" then my doc says the next step is genetic tests, and advised that my insurance doesn't cover genetic tests until 3 m/c...gotta love those hmo's. Hope that helps francie.


franciepants - September 21

Thanks for your responses. Cyndilea, I am glad you mentioned the insurance bit. I have a recorded chemical pregnancy on top of my two miscarriages but I am not sure the insurance company will count that...I hope you HSG reveals normal anatomy and it is very likely that it will. I have had two HSGs, one in my initial tests at the fertility clinic and one after my first m/c...I got pregnant immediately after both. It makes me wish you could walk in for a "cleaning" before each cycle! I should of had it a year and a half ago since it led to my first real pregnancy! I go in Tuesday for an ultrasound at 8 wks to see what's going on in there. I haven't been given the ok to schedule a D&C because the little bean still had a heart beat, although the doc has been saying for a few weeks that it doesn't look good with my very low. For now I am just stuck in purgatory! I have been on supplemental progesterone since two days after an IUI and he is advising me to stay on it. It appears the progesterone did not help me on this one. My doc has never mentioned baby aspirin. I will ask him about it, letting him know I read something about it on the internet. He gets really happy when I tell him about things I ready on the internet :) If I get the D&C I will have them do genetic testing and hope they don't say anything like I or my husband has faulty DNA that will never allow us to have a successful pregnancy. That is my big fear with all of this...If they say there was a chromosomal error that can happen to anyone at anytime then I guess I would feel better and hope that I have already used up my share of bad luck in the childbearing category. I love you all for writing in!! Francie


franciepants - September 21

A part got deleted in the above...the doc has been saying for a few weeks that it doesn't look good with my very low...HCG levels and low amniotic fluid.


sashasmama - September 21

Franciepants, I'm so sorry this is happening to you, and you having to wait like don't know whether to hope for the best or to expect the worst. Did you say your baby still has a heartbeat? Have you had another u/s since then? It would never hurt to get a second opinion, especially if you have good insurance, unless you trust your doctor. I'm sure you know what's best. All these miscarriages came as a huge shock to me, because I have a 21 year old girlie! My pregnancy was perfect. So I never thought I'd have problems staying pregnant...I mean WHY? Oh well, I guess we have to deal with it, what else are we going to do.


franciepants - September 22

Sashasmama - I went in for an u/s at 6 wks and at 7 wks and both showed a heartbeat. I go in Tuesday for my next u/s. My fertility clinic shoved me out the door (that's how I feel) to my OB to make the calls from here. I am hoping that they will allow me to do weekly testing as opposed to coming in every four or five weeks, whatever their normal schedule is, since this pregnancy is looking so bad. I don't want to wait until week 12 and then have her say the fetus stopped developing at wk 8, etc. If this isn;t going to work out I am very anxious to move on. These last few weeks have been so dreadful. Not sure if it's a blessing or a curse that you find out so much about the pregnancy so early on...


LucyZ - September 25

Franciepants- I was checking in here to see how you made out. I hope everything went well for you. I started to m/c on Saturday. My Dr. made me have all the testing done after my 2nd m/c, (this was my third). She said usually they test after 3 miscarriages. But since there was a heartbeat and then I lost the pregnancy she wanted to test since that is more unusual. I have been doing IUI. Everything came back good on me and my husband. She thinks maybe since I am 40 my eggs are either bringing too many chromosome or too little to the union. Just a case of luck on getting the right egg. Please KUP.


julie2007 - September 26

lucy z - i am sory for your loss - i am about in your same shoes - but my doc only tested me & dh for chromosome/ genetic karyotyping - and we have tested both babies i lost in m/c with no major abnormalities found. can you elaborate a little on the tests you had done? i will be 40 in 3 weeks and time is ticking. (both my lost babies had hb's and strong ones at that - lil girl in marck 11w3d and baby 4 weeks ago 9w2d). francie i am sorry for your losses as well, how are you doing now?


LucyZ - September 29

Julie- I am sorry for your loss. I know how painful it is. DH and I had the chromosome/karyotyping as well. Everything came back with good results. My second m/c was at about 8 weeks with a heartbeat. We had the fetus tested and it came back with an extra chromosome. I did not test this last one at 9 weeks since I decided to let it pa__s at home and not have a D&C. Has your Dr. giving you any anwers as to why this is happening to you? It's been such a frustrating experience. It's been difficult getting pregnant and then when I finally do I can't seem to have a healthy pregnancy.


amaransia - September 29

I'm in the similar situation. I've had 2 miscarriages so far - one last May and another 1 2 weeks ago. Did Pathology after my second (had to do a D&C) and came back as trisomy (chromosome 16 duplicate). Dr. says this can happen with anyone and can happen again!!! but it's normal and wants me to try again after first period! Not sure if should anymore?! Good luck to you all.


franciepants - September 30

Hi all- I actually have managed to stay off the computer for a few days! I am still waiting for my outcome...I had an ultrasound at 8 wks which showed a normal fetus and heartbeat but still a small sac. My OB says I am dating a week behind but that it is nothing to be too concerned about. I go back on Tuesday morning for another ultrasound. I have been trying to stay as busy as possible to help the days go by quicker but time can't pa__s soon enough until my next test! It still doesn't look good but i can't believe the little bean is hanging on...I will send an update in a few days. Lucy, talking to my OB about my m/cs she said it is very likely that I am in the same situation as you...Luck of the draw I guess...I will still try and get a D&C and get tested...Good luck to you on your next try. I hope the opportunity arrives soon...Amarancia - hang in there! You should definately try again!! Take a break if you need it but don't give up yet. Best, Francie


julie2007 - September 30

hi girls - i got my pathology report on my baby i lost 4 weeks ago - she had an extra chromosome also - the gentic counselors told us it was a fluke and that we have no more of a chance of it happening again than anyone else my age (39) -- so YES - amaransia --- it CAN happen again - but the genetic counselor said it was not any more likely than anyone who never had one happen. they did say trisomy 16 is the most common cause of early m/c and trisomy 22 (the one my baby had) is 2nd to that. but AGAIN - per the genetic counselor it is not anything that should stop you feom ttc again if you want to. and it is not a genetic thing dh & i could pa__s on to each child - it was a fluke. . . we are infact ttc again - this time with the help of injectibles meds and IUI hopefully in the next 7 days - i was surprised my RE wanted to do it so quickly after my D&C - btu she said time is a wasting - your body healed nicely after the surgery you got your period back - let's get back on the horse! -- so with some trepidation i did - and i am the one giving myself the injections - DH is too afraid and was shaking so much when he tried i didn't want to end up with a needle in the wrong spot - so i did it myself. they hurt i'm not gonna lie - but this is my 1st IUI and likely going to be my last attempt at this - i am having horrific headaches and my stomach hurts so bad from the injections wearing anything with a waistband is tough. ----- FRANCIE - so glad your little bean is hanging in there - maybe it is a miracle??? i am praying for you!! -- LUCY - my RE said to chalk it up to "advanced maternal age" and that my eggs just aren't the best quality out there - but that with some luck - a good one can pop up and make a healthy baby ---- not exactly the "medical" advice i wanted - -to hope for luck! but i'm going to give it one more shot ( with helop\p for the 1st time ever since i do get prego easily - i just don't seem to be producing healthy eggs & lose them). what is your TTC plan? are you ready to try again? have you done IUI or IVF? i'd love to hear your experience -- if you don't mind sharing. FRANCIE - good luck tuesday let us know how it goes!


LucyZ - October 1

Francie- Good luck on Tuesday. I'll be thinking of you. Please keep us posted. Julie- This is a quick overwiew of my ttc journey Trying since June 2005 Clomid March 2006 100mg - BFP! M/C May 2006 June - October 100 mg clomid - BFN November, December, January- BFN 1/23/07 Gonal F and IUI- BFP! 8 wk 4 day u/s -heartbeat stopped D&C 3/16/07 5/5/07 IUI #2 -Failed 6/23/07 IUI #3 - Failed 8/4/07 IUI #4 -BFP! Miscarriage- 9/22/07 I am going to try IUI again. If it results in another miscarriage then I will move on the IVF where they can test the eggs before they implant them. I am going to try my first cycle after this m/c. Being 40 I don't have the time to sit a month out.



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