Multiple OPK Testing Amp Charting Quest

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deltabwa - February 5

1) Just wondering if anyone has had different results with their OPK testing when they tested throughout the day. I see it says to test only 1x a day at the same time everyday but also notice lots of ppl saying they test multiple times a day. Does it make a difference? Do you ever get a neg in the morn and a pos in the afternoon? 2)Also, I had d&c Jan 12, didn't start charting til last week so it was late in the game. temp took a slight spike 2 days after I started charting that and cp is highfor the last 4 days but cm was dry for 2, creamy for 3 and turned dry again 2 days ago. last nite i noticed some very faint tingly/cramping feeling on the right side of pelvis. not really something i felt before and today have felt some left side light cramping. I thought ive read that right side meant something. have been bd'ing pretty reg for the last 2 weeks. Does anyone have a clue?


AshleyB - February 5

I know that the opk's say to not test in the morning and that afternoon is a better time, something about the LH being lower in the morning. I read it on the instructions. THat's all I know.


deltabwa - February 6

Thanks Ashley. I now have another concern this morning. This is the 4th day in a row my temp has been the same. says that could mean I'm not ovulating this month. Could that be true at 4 days? I just happened to roll over and go back to sleep for about an hour (which i usually dont do) and took it again and it was .3 higher. But the same time deal was the same.anyone have thoughts on this or the other 2 things?


Lilu - February 6

I read that it's good to test twice in the day b/c you can catch the beginning of your LH surge. It's just expensive. So yes... the best time is 2-8pm to test. You can get a negative the first time and later get the positive in the same day.


Val - February 6

My temps have been the same for the past 4 days as well! I'm not sure what it means. But I have noticed that if I take my temp an hour later than usual, especially before ovulation, it's usually about .3 higher than the earlier time. I think that's why you should always record the temp at the same time - otherwise you can get bad data.


deltabwa - February 7

Val - how was the temp number this morning? Mine stuck still at 97.9.


deltabwa - February 7

Has anyone had 97.9 temps, steadily not a spike, BEFORE O? or it is really only that high after O?


JuJu - February 8

Hi Deltabwa- I haven't used an opk; however I have been charting my body temperature, cervical mucus etc since I had my d&c 5 weeks ago. At first I thought I ovulated at around day 20 - b/c my mucus was the cla__sic eggwhite (for several days) plus I was moody and had some slight abdominal pains on the right hand side. However, according to my temperature charting, my ovulation looks as though it actually may have occurred around day 27. Strangely, at this time my mucus was not 'o' type mucus; instead it was thicker and there wasn't much of it. So I think that sometimes our bodies throw out contradictory signs, and it becomes hard to tell what's going on - particularly after a m/c. I haven't used an opk yet, but I am definitely thinking about it for next month. Do you recommend the opk"s?? Has anyone out there with an irregular cycle used them before?


deltabwa - February 8

Hi JuJu - i have been dry as a bone as far as i can tell. of course i really didnt check until day 18. stupid but was bleeding til day 10, and stupidly, just wasnt thinkin of charting anything until 18 lol so im kinda stumped. im thinkin those 2 creamy days were something else ;-) i can't say if i reccommend them because i have gotten nothing but neg's. plus i cant seem to go long enuf to test. its always real pale. i made it to 3 hours 2 times. the rest is 2 hrs. so im not sure if its working right since its so pale. they say to go 4 hrs and then test, and since you cant do FMU, im sunk lol even my FMU is pale. but everyone else loves them so they must be good, which is why i bought some. im just real confused about the whole thing right now, as im sure everyone is after this kinda thing. so its wait and see. today is day 28 for me so... tick, tick, tick....


frankschick2001 - February 8

Delta....tons of information on this at She shows you pictures of ovulation predictor sticks showing different results on the same day, so definitely check out that site.


frankschick2001 - February 8

DELTA: Also, if worse comes to worse, just chalk up this month as a no-go, and then start charting more accurately next cycle otherwise you'll go nuts with the counting and adding....believe me!


deltabwa - February 8

I was at that site already FRANKS - thanks, and i DO beleive you cuz im there already. staring at charts convinced that if i stare long enuf it will change them :-) and i do think its a no go but, as you know, you want something to happen either way so you CAN start over. patience was never my virtue



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