My Best Friend Is Pregnant

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Melissa - November 8

I had a miscarriage on October 25th. My best friend is pregnant and for a while we were sharing pregancy advice. She is over 20 weeks along. For a few dyas after my miscarriage she didn't metion her pregnancy, for which I was silently thankful. But now she is talking about it again, how "this little guy is really moving around in there". I love her and I want so badly to just be happy for her again, but it is so hard for me to even fake it! I hold nothing but good wishes for her, she has been my best friend for almost 20 years. I would NEVER want bad things for her. But I really don't know how to deal happily with her pregnancy when my own dreams have been dashed (for now, anyway). I really don't know how to handle this aspect of a miscarriage, dealing with close friends and family who are pregnant. Advice?


sam - November 8

I know exactly how you feel, 2 of my good friends are pg. I want to be happy for them so bad but i just find myself getting so upset around them. I try really hard not to let it show and i really dont think they know. It is still very hard and my dh is very supportive but he just doesnt relate to how i am feeling. I really dont know what advice to give but just know that you are not alone there are others going through this right now.


Kelly - November 9

My best friend and I were pregnant together with our sons. Then we found out we were going to be pregnant together again - we had the exact same due date! Just a week ago I had to have a d&c because of a m/c. I love my friend, but she has been complaining of major morning sickness, and I had to remind her that morning sickness implies a healthy baby growing inside you. She realized her insensitivity. Still, I don't really want to spend time with her. I just need to not be reminded right now. You have to do what you need to in order to grieve/heal. If you explain that you are feeling sensitive right now, I imagine that your friend will understand. Hopefully, in time, it will be easier to be around her.


lilu - November 10

Honestly, I feel the same. I don't know what it is but I don't like being aorund my sister-in-law. I just feel some type of way. It's not jealousy... it cant be right? I keep asking myself that. I just think it's natural to feel this way. It cant be jealous b/c I'm fine with everyone else right now. Like I go on other threads and I'm so happy for those new girl's who are pregnant. It's just out part of greiving I guess.


Laura - November 10

I am so sorry for your loss. My best friend, neighbor and I were pregnant - all due in the first week of March. I miscarried last month at 14 weeks and had a d&c. I see them and speak to them everyday and it is so tough. I wish them the best, but am grieving about my baby. Take care



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