My BFP Final Has Arrived

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buffy2297 - May 21

I can't believe it I'm dump struck! I will tell my story in detail but right now I just want the world to know about my BFP! I tested yesterday evening and got a verrrrry faint line you could barely see it. I was 9dpo. Well this morning at 10 dpo with FMU i got a beautiful blue line no doubt in my mind its a long awaited proper BFP!! YIPPEE!!!!! :0)


buffy2297 - May 21

Well my story on 6th Jan 06 I had a D&C after a missed M/C at 7 weeks. I was 9 weeks along. Got PG again in March and had a 2nd M/C on 30th March it was a chem PG I new it wasn't going to last as my HPT's weren't getting any darker. Anyway didn't try in April had a month off. What I did differently took evening primrose oil until O day and multi Vit with folic acid. Day after O took flaxseed oil and mulit vit. I also drank grapefruit juice. This routine is supposed to make your CM more friendly to sperm and lets them live longer. I followed this routine in March as well when I got PG with 2nd. I don't know if this helps anybody out there. if so I will give dosages etcc on request as I can't remember them off my head. Symptoms None, nothing I could put down to being pregnant. I'm tired but working really hard and I haven't had a day off for 7 days I've got 3 more to do yet!! Greasy skin, which is unusual but again could be down to diet! Constipated, which I was with both previous PG's. I really don't expect any symptoms this early on to be honest and as in the months that I haven't conceived I had all PG symptoms going! Hope this helps some one out there!


Eva29 - May 21

Congratulations! That is great news - always great to hear about BFP sucess stories :) I am at my first month of TTC after MC - it happened really fast last time so I hoping for similar luck! CONGRATULATIONS again


buffy2297 - May 22

Thank you, it's long awaited and I feel quitew cofindent that this one might stick! Well I hope I get past my AF on Thursday. Only symptoms so far itchy nipples and starting to get reall y tired. Surprised the line was so strong this earlier!! Clearblue must be good. Well I highly reccommend them. When I missed my AF last time the line was alot fainter and I haven't even missed my af yet!


JuJu - May 23

Buffy; I am so happy for you girl - that's FANTASTIC news!!! Looking forward to hearing how your pregnancy unfolds - keep us posted!!! Congratulations!!! JuJuXO


buffy2297 - May 24

Thanks JUJU, any news from your side? Didn't you think you'd had an ID? I started spotting so a little worried but got speacialist appointment on Friday so we'll see what they say!


NVgirl - May 25

CONGRATULATIONS Gini!!!! That is fantastic news!! I spotted for 3 days thinking it was AF, then tested and it was a BFP. So you never know - it was probably Implantation Bleeding & that is what you might have. Keep us posted on how you are doing. Best wishes girlie!!!


Shannone - May 25

HI Buffy-Good for you girl!! I ahd a m/c April and would like to try again. Could you please let me know the dosages. I will try anything!!


buffy2297 - May 25

Cut back on caffeine and don't smoke!Drinking at least ten 6oz gla__ses of water a day.Evening Primrose Oil: 1,000 IU per day should be taken from Cycle Day 1 to Ovulation. Flax Seed Oil: 2,000 mg per day from Ovulation to AF. Red Raspberry: 1,000 mg daily: Start anytime in cycle.Can be taken during pregnancy until a month prior to labor/delivery.Strengthens the uterine lining which in turn lengthens luteal phase,Grapefruit Juice. I've copied this from this website. It's headed IMPROVING CERVICAL MUCUS. I hope this helps.


buffy2297 - May 25

NVGIRL, I hope you are right it's more like brown discharge. TMI sorry although it's been a bit pinkish today. Still not much though. Took another HPT today and it was stonger than Sundays and appeared instantly. No waiting for the full couple of minutes. Still can't help but worry though.


NVgirl - May 25

Gini -- I am 11.5 weeks and I still worry. It is just the nature of us women who have experienced a m/c. We are no longer naive and will be concerned until the baby is in our arms. When I was spotting – it was the same color as you are describing. So lets keep our fingers crossed for you that it is implantation bleeding. Good luck sweetie!


buffy2297 - May 26

Thanks NVGIRL, I'm still spotting but yesterday it was pink and then last night it was red, which worried me. I remember my first BFP i was so excited DH and I started planning discussing names or should arguing about names! This time no talk of the future no names dicussed, just getting through each day hoping AF doesn't show. I feel cheated. There are so many women out there that get PG announce it straight away and don't have a second thought about M/C. Why can't it be the same for us?


HopefulK - May 28

Hi Buffy, hope things go ok for you this time. Sending sticky wishes to you. xx


buffy2297 - May 30

Thank you HOPEFULK, so do I. Still haven't excepted that I'm PG yet. I know I am but I guess I'm still expecting to lose it like the other 2!! I guess I'll have to take each day as it comes.


HopefulK - May 30

Buffy, I hope your ok. Just try and breath with it, there is absolutely nothing you can do at the moment about this, we all know on this forum, what will be will be, but positive thought can't hurt can it. Try and stop torturing yourself and just breath. Are you having a scan soon? I bled loads in my pregnancy the first time and that had nothing to do with my early labour, which resulted in the first loss. Women sometimes just bleed until the pregnancy is properly established. Breath and smile your pregnant, yay!!!. xx


buffy2297 - June 1

HOPEFUL, well I haven't spotted for 3 days now but still rush to the toilet and check the TP. I'm eaxctly 5 weeks today and have my scan booked for 7th June so only a week to wait. Anxious but excited too. With my second PG I didn't make it to 5 weeks as it was a chem PG. I had loads of spotting that time. So I'm feeling more hopeful as each days pa__ses. Thanks for the words of support.


buffy2297 - June 8

Well I'm 6 weeks an 1 day had my scan on Wednesday I was 5 weeks and 6 days and all they could see was a sac and a yolk so I've got to go back next week! Symptoms so far, consitipated, nausea, weeing alot, extreme tiredness and bigger b___bs.



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