My D Amp C Was Close To 5000 Any Info On Quot The Pill Quot

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Bethany - April 26

I experienced 3 blows! One, the loss of my baby. Two, the experience of a D&C...I bled for 3 weeks. Three, a hosiptal bill that I was not warned about. I am just wondering why my doctor didn't tell me about the pill that will help your body along in the natural process. Does anyone have any information on this pill? Just to clarify...I experienced a missed miscarriage. (2 miscarriages in 8 months)


-ia - April 26

Hi Bethany sorry for your loss. I was recommended by the Dr to take the pill which is called Misoprostol ... it hardly costed anything...perhaps the Dr thought that you were not the right candidate for the pill (perhaps you were further along for this). I miscarried at 12 weeks but the fetus was not expelling from my body so I was given the tablets to take...Wow that's really expensive...I live in Canada where we are covered by Ohip. The table is a natural way for you to miscarry, it forces the uterus to contract thereby 'giving birth''s very very painful...can be compared to giving's physically very tiring and emotionally very difficult....for your previous miscarriage did you pay that much?? good luck to you and take care of yourself first!


Bethany - April 26

The last miscarriage past on its own. How long did the pill take to work? By the way thank you for responding.


Bethany - April 26

Oh I meant to tell you I was only 10 weeks along.


-ia - April 26

Hi Bethany...Once you take the pill the miscarriage should begin within 4 hours but it took me 7 hours (during that time I was not in any pain) I started spotting than bleeding quite heavily .... a couple of hours was spent on the toillet b/c I was pa__sing clots that seemed only too baby also died at 10 thoughts are with you at this difficult time.


To -ia - April 26

Thank you again for helping me to understand how Misoprostol works. I appreciate your quick response. I am sorry for your loss too. It is so nice to have a place to go and see that others know exactly what you are going through.


Amanda - April 27

Hello, I was given the pill and took it every 12 hours. On the 3rd day of taking it they actually took 3 of the pills and insurted them v____ally to put them next to my uterus. It caused very painful cramps that made me fall to my knees. I still consider it a good alternative to a d&c.


To Amanda - April 27

Thank you, that is another helpful bit of information. I thought you took the pill by mouth. I appreciate this info, b/c I want to talk to my doctor and be informed.


Wendy - April 27

Very sorry to hear about your loss..... Maybe I am a little confused.. I live in Australia and don't know anything about these pills.. But interested to know why it cost $5000????? Sorry but that amazes me, as I mentioned I live in Australia and for this type of thing we don't pay a cent??


To Bethany - April 27

Mine was $10,000. But I have health insurance that covered almost everything. But, I have to say that having a kid in the US is very expensive, I am from an European country and the goverment pays for everything and they even pay you for having the baby. Not complaining about the US (which I love) just stating the difference between US and Europe in this matter.


To Bethany - April 27

In my last post when I said: "Not complaining about the US (which I love)" I didn't mean that I love complaining about the US, I meant that I love the country!


aa - April 27

no prob Bethany it's my pleasure ! Yeah I forgot to mention that I had to insert the pills v____ally (which was mentally torture...) it's like you know your baby is in you and you are the one who has to bring it down and miscarry it!!! ahhh it's been about 2 months but it's still so painful when I think about it...this forum has been amazing it's helped quite a lot in making me understand what happened and that I AM NOT ALONE. good luck to you all xxx


Bethany - April 27

To those interested and to Wendy. The medical industry and insurance is somewhat confusing. Thankfully I didn't have to pay the full $5000. My insurance was kind enough to pay about $265 and the hosiptal took a lot off just because my insurance company has a contract with them. I even called the hosiptal yesterday and asked if they could take a little more off because I was using my tax return to pay the bill and I was coming up short. They were very sweet an took another 12% off. To clarify, I had one bill from the hosiptal for their services. (a room for an hour, a nice nurse, and comfy bed) I had another bill from the anesthesiaologist sp?. (for helping me not to remember anything about the 10 minute procedure or feel anything) Lastly, one from my doctor. He deserves every penny, he was so kind and compa__sionate and I really felt he cared. I just wished he would have made clear all my options. I am a stay at home mom and every penny counts around here. Sorry about writing a book here maybe this will help others through the decision making process. ??


Amanda Q - April 27

hi, i was reading your posts and there is an other amanda . just wanted to say to Bethany yes i did take them by mouth to start the labour and make the baby and plasenter come away from me. and then i had diffrent ones to insert v____aly. i have the post eptopic pregnancy and loseing a tube , but i also had a missed miscarriage in september at 14 weeks... All the best to you all.......


colleen - April 27

the pill you are talking about is used to terminate a pregnancy less than 7 weeks, or otherwise known as a medical abortion. you take a pill in the office then afew daysblater you insert a few pills v____ally and in just a few hours you start bleeding very heavily and cramping pretty badly. I would imagine with a miscarriage you don't have to take the first oral pill, b/c that's the one that terminates the pregnancy, and the ones you insert cause your uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy. It cost about $300 dollars at a clinic about 4 years ago, ithout insurance.


Wendy - April 27

i wasn't having a go at the US and how their medical side works, I just found that incredible.. We have the same, been looked after stayed overnight checked every half hour and paid nothing.. that's all i was saying


Bethany - April 28

One thing I am learning about the medical industry through this, is that the doctors to not have/take the time to explain all of the options. It is up to us as patients to be informed and fight for what we feel is best for us. I was so shocked when all of this orginally happened I just blindly a__sumed my doctor was giving me "the best option". I can't believe I didn't research it to make a more informed decision. Probably b/c I was hurting so much over the loss. I found out on a routine exam. Previously I had an ultrasound showing a healthy heartbeat and all the signs of a normal pregnancy. I don't think it is fair to mention all of this without saying that I have a strong faith in God and I know in my heart that He is in control. I have trusted Him with all my other needs, why will I not give this need to Him? For me this event in my life has been an emotional struggle, a spiritual struggle and a physical struggle! Right now I know I am pregnant again and I am so afraid that it will also end in a miscarriage. I keep thinking...what if I have to go through all of this again? Here I go again, another book. Sorry all.



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