My Experience Misoprostol Cytotec For Miscarriage

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blondie91582 - April 14

Hi, my name is Erica. I found this board awhile ago & since it helped me, I decided to post my experience on here, hoping that it might help someone in a similar situation. I'm a healthy 28 yr old & my husband is a healthy 30 yr old. We were so excited about our first pregnancy & told everyone about it when I was only about 6 1/2 weeks. I had one Dr. appointment around that time to confirm pregnancy & do some blood tests. Everything came back great. At 9 weeks we went in for our first ultrasound. We were both moved to tears at the first sight of our little one on the screen, but it was short-lived as the tech got a little antsy & kept moving around. She told us there was no heartbeat & had the other tech come look to confirm. The baby had stopped growing just a few days before. I was crushed... they told me it would be best to let the miscarriage happen naturally & that it might take a few weeks. I liked the idea of letting my body take care of itself & hated the idea of surgery at the time (thinking that it was scary & might cause issues with conception later). I went to work for the rest of that week, because I wanted to be distracted & also we can't afford for me to take too much time off & I was saving that for the actual miscarriage. A week later, nothing had happened & the wait was killing me. I felt anxious & out of sorts all the time. It's an odd feeling not only knowing that you're carrying around a dead baby while still feeling pregnant, but also constantly wondering/worrying if you might start bleeding/cramping/pa__sing blood clots at any time. I decided to go back to my Dr & request the Misoprostol on Tuesday. She prescribed taking 600mg v____ally & also gave me some Lortab. I took off the rest of the week & prepared "battle stations" in my apt so I could be comfortable during the process. In the 24-36 hours after... I pa__sed one tiny blood clot, but I think it was just because I had a bowel movement to help it along. No cramps, nausea, nothing. The next day she had me get more pills to try orally. On Wednesday, she gave me more Misoprostol & some Methergine to take together every 4 hours. I did this for the whole cycle, which meant I didn't sleep much & was pretty exhausted. Again... nothing happened, aside from vomiting twice. (I called her & it had been long enough to absorb the pills, at least 45 mins later both times). I went in for another appointment on Friday. They did an ultrasound to see if it had moved at all, but it hadn't moved or even begun to detach. At this point, I was frustrated & exhausted. It's very hard to commit to taking the pills & then have them fail. I had a lot of time by myself at home (since this was supposed to be working), & during that time I did a lot of thinking/soul searching. I had come to terms with the fact that I didn't do anything wrong, the pregnancy just didn't work out & it was probably something chromosomal. I'm not happy that it happened, but I feel fortunate that it happened sooner rather than later. Anyways, I started to feel better about myself & my situation, but there's no way I could completely begin to let go & move forward until I had completed the miscarriage. I had been really scared about the idea of a D&C before, but one of my friends emailed me after hearing about my situation & shared her experience with me. She told me it was a very short operation, she was under the whole time, the recovery was really quick & the most important part... she now has a healthy baby boy that they conceived 6 months after the surgery. I decided to go for it. I had the consult with the Dr & she informed me that they use a tiny suction device so there is less chance of scarring & that they'd give me antibiotics before & after to lessen the chances of infection. I went to the hospital feeling almost excited yesterday morning. Everyone there was very nice & helpful. They used propofol in my iv to put me under & let me tell you... it was amazing. They said they gave me pain meds & something for nausea when I was under as well & they all worked great. I woke up feeling just slightly groggy in what seemed like 2 seconds after they scooted me onto the operating table. I was fully alert shortly thereafter & didn't have any pain, aside from a slight headache. The nurses in recovery were very nice & even got me some coffee while I was waiting to be sent home (you have to stay an hour regardless). I had bled/discharged a little while I was still in the bed, but barely even needed a pad for the rest of the day. They sent me home with 600mg of Motrin every 6 hours & more Lortab, which I haven't taken, since I haven't had any pain. I do have a slight feeling of bloating, like I would during my period, but no cramps or bleeding. I feel pretty great & am excited to get back to living my life. I have a follow-up scheduled in 2 weeks to make sure everything is ok. We're going to wait for at least one period & then try again. So, long story short... if I could go back in time, I would do the D&C right in the beginning so I could begin the healing process (physically & emotionally) immediately. Just make sure that you have a good Dr who takes the time to explain everything to you & will take good care of you :) I hope this can help someone as much as my friend's advice helped/calmed me. Good luck to you all!


serena44 - May 17

I've been reading this thread for the last week and signed up so I could share my story. Thank you to everyone who posted before me- you all really helped me to go through it and understand what would happen. I was 6.5 wks pregnant when I started to bleed suddenly. The RNP could not find a heartbeat and told me I'd start to miscarry naturally at any moment. They tested my hcg levels, which went up instead of down, but since I hadn't bled again, they weren't sure what was happening. I had another ultrasound which confirmed no heartbeat and that Dr wasn't sure if it was just too soon to see one. The next day I went in for another round of ultrasounds with a proper tech. Again, they told me it wasn't a healthy pregnancy and we could wait it out if we wanted to, but not to expect a heartbeat. We waited another week- still no heartbeat and this time, the baby had started to shrink. That Dr (kaiser) suggested misoprostol as it would take another week to schedule me for a D&C. I inserted the pills around 7:30pm and waited. I had intense, terrible pain for hours. The Dr had a__sured me that I would not need anything more than motrin for pain. I can a__sure you that I should have demanded something heavier. By midnight I started bleeding and pa__sing clots. The pain got more and more intense to the point that I could not move, walk, or sleep. By 4am I pa__sed more clots and what looked like the sac. The pain stopped suddenly and I was able to go to bed. The next day I felt fine and the barely bled. For the next few days, the bleeding was more annoying than anything else-- i hate wearing pads. A day or so after that, I started cramping for a few more days- like a bad period. When I went in for my week checkup, they found that I hadn't pa__sed all the tissue, and I was told to take the 2nd round of pills. I'm angry that when I asked a week ago if I should take the 2nd round, the Dr said no. I inserted the 2nd round around 2:30pm today and now, 8 hours later, nothing has happened. I've had minimal bleeding and cramping. The Dr didn't want to see me again for 3 weeks and said I'd probably pa__s the rest during my next period. After carrying around decomposing tissue for the last 2 weeks, I can't believe they would suggest that I wait another 4-6 weeks for my period to start and everything to come out. At this point, I regret not insisting or demanding a D&C a week ago. I would not recommend the pills to anyone. Feeling all that pain and seeing all that "fell" out of me is simply too much to bear physically or emotionally. I understand the risk of D&C and hoped that this way would have been better on me, but it looks like I will have to have one anyway. It could have saved me a week of emotional and physical pain that almost ended my relationship with my boyfriend. It was heartbreaking for both us to experience the loss of a baby that we both wanted so badly and then as well for the process to drag on for so long, preventing us both from healing


shanty - May 22

Hi, I am posting my story as many other have to share this story. I hadmy first ultrasound at 8w on may 12 2011, to find out that something wasnt right. The tech was unable to tell my husband and I anything,and we both left the appt lost and feeling like something was wrong. I called my local clininc to see my GP for the results and was told I could not get in until the next day. So the following day I met with my doctor whom told me I had a blighted ovum. He was very sympathetic and explained that the fetal pole had no heart beat. He suggested a second u/s in a week. So we wait.........During this time Im still experiencing all the symptoms of pregnancy. We have the second ultrasound on May 18th and the results still show no heartbeat and that the fetal pole had not grown from 6w5d. Although the yolk sac was measuring 9w1d. My prenatal doc gave me some options such as cytotec, methotrexat, waiting for a spontaneous miscarriage and said a D&C would be a last resort. So I had a second opinion that had spoken with a gyno specialist that suggested I go ahead with cytotec. P.S (some doctors will suggest taking cytotec with methotrexate as the two medications taken together have a greater % rate of working, however I would suggest if your doctor reccomends Methotrexate that you research this medication as it has MANY side effects and is a very serious medication.)On May 21st I started the cytotec. My doctor oredered 400mcg every 4 hours for 4 doses. I have researched this dose and it is a commom dosage. I took my 1st dose of cytotec, 400mcg v____ally in pill form at 8am. I didnt feel any cramping until a half hour later.P.S (I also reccomend asking your doctor for pain medication. I took one T3 an hour before each dose of cytotec in order to reduce the pain from contractions, and cramping. The pharmacist informed me to avoid any NSAIDs such as advil, ibuprofin, naproxen etc.... due the medication interfering with the process of the cytotec causing contractions, thus possibly decreasing your results) I didnt experience any bleeding until around 2.5 hrs after the first dose. I took the second dose 4 hours later at lunchtime. As earlier I had taken a T3 an hour earlier to decrease the pain. 6 hours after my first dose, I began feeling strong cramps that began to become one big cramp. At this point I pa__sed some tissue. It didnt hurt, but was slightly sore. It was no greater then an orange. I began to bleed heavy at this point. I filled one pad in one hour, which my doctor told me to report. I stuck it out for one more hour and sure enough the bleeding reduced to approx. half a pad in an hour. I continued the rest of my medication doses at 4 pm and again at 8pm still taking the T3s an hour before the cytotec. In that time I had cramping that I would rate from normal period cramping to strong cramping near unbearable at times. I found that I lost more blood when I peed then when I was resting. If I can offer any suggestions I found that resting on the couch all day helped, I had my sister in law with me all day in case I needed help, I monitored my pads and changed them every hour to monitor the amount of blood I was losing. P.S ( My doctor told me ot go to ER if I filled one pad in an hour, due to a small % of people hemorrhage due to part of the lining in the uterus does not fully detatch thus causing heavy bleeding wich can lead to many serious complications.) Although I waited one more hour, I did this because I felt that I had not lost much blood prior and my heart rate was normal. P.S ( one of the first signs of a hemorrhage is a very fast heart rate plus you may, or may not, notice the increase in loss of blood. The average heart rate is between 60-80 bpm) I drank a lot of fluids, gatorade will help. I was prepared to go to the hospital if needed due to complication. I did not have any diarrhea, or vomiting. I had a few hot and cold flashes and my temperature was up while I was taking the cytotec. I had a follow up appt in a walk in clinic this morning to make sure that things were going as planned. I did bleed when I got up to pee throughout the night but my pad was filling as if I was having a normal period at this time. My appt went well and the doctor has recommended a follow up ultrasound at the end of the month just to ensure that everything has expelled as planned. I will keep you posted on my follow up. I hope that my comment will help someone with their decisions or offer some comfort. My heart goes out to you, and your all in my thoughts.


shanty - May 26

Today is day 4, and still bleeding bright red blood when bearing down to pee. Had an appt with doc 2 days ago and he said my cervix had closed on internal examination. My question is Im pa__sing clots now, and I pa__sed a 3-4 inch piece of tissue tonight. Abdominal pain pre and post pa__sing the tissue/ clot?? and crampy most of the time anyways. Blood on my pads sometime brown sometimes bright red and very little and decreasing daily, but is the clotting still normal and bright red blood with every trip to pee??


browneyes03171972 - May 27

I do appreciate that every1 has put their experiences on here so that I can know what to expect. I am going to be taking Misoprostol 200 mcg (2 tablets orally every 4 hours, 4 doses). I'm really annoyed with my doctors that I'm having to go through this. I was told on April 28th that I was pregnant. It was a real surprise to my husband and I but we were really excited cuz we didn't think that it'd ever happen again cuz we had tried 2 years ago and nothing happened (I had never had problems getting pregnant before, took me 1 week after quitting the pill to get pregnant with our 1st daughter that is now 19, 2 weeks after quitting the pill to get pregnant with our 2nd daughter that's now 17, and with our third daughter she was a pleasant surprise and she's 5 1/2 now). So we gave up when nothing happened after a 2 years...and the doctor said that it was unlikely that it would occur since it hadn't happened after trying for so long. Once I figured out the due date, we really got excited because it would have been a Christmas baby...that would have made Christmas better for our kids...cuz their grandpa had died on Christmas (our 5 year old didn't know him but the others were really close to him). I had fallen and called the doctor about it but they a__sured me that since I was so early in my pregnancy that there was plenty of protection to protect the baby even though I had some cramps that night (they still say that the fall couldn't have caused the miscarriage). I went to the hospital on May 8th cramping and bleeding slightly (never got on the pad..only when I wiped). When they told me that I was measuring at 5 weeks 6 days I knew that something was wrong cuz I should have been further along. Since my husband is a truck driver, I knew the exact date that we had intercourse. And also, I had been having a very heavy period every 2 weeks from January until my last start date was March 18th. They scheduled me for an ultra sound on May 19th because my HCG levels hadn't doubled since they were taken at the hospital (they had gone up but not enough)by the time I got home from the ultra sound, I pa__sed what looked like a embyro, then I had to wait another week to have another. I had that yesterday and they told me that there wasn't any change and that the egg sac was still there. So, he said that I needed to be seen. I was seen today and they gave me Misoprostol and Vicodin for pain. I'm dreading the pain that I've read that people have said that they've had with this but I want this to be over with. It's tore us all up. It's killing my husband that he can't be here for me right now but I need him to bring home money so that we can pay these stupid bills that this has caused. I am thankful that my middle daughter is here to help me (she's been doing the housework while I was on bed rest in hopes that the baby would survive). My husband and I decided long ago that if I ever miscarried that we would never try again (my mom lost 9 before she had my 2 brothers). We can't go through that again. I asked the doctors if they'd do a hysterectomy but leave my ovaries since I have issues with my periods that make me anemic and since I don't want any more children after this especially since I'll be 40 next year but they said that they are a Catholic Hospital and they don't interfere with fertility. I think that is a bunch of bull. With my history of female issues alone should be the reason, it was for my mom to get a full hysterectomy at a Catholic Hospital. So, after this is over with I will be calling my mom's doctor. I'm just trying to get through this as quickly as I can since I'm supposed to go out of state in a few days for our oldest daughter to graduate from high school (she moved out when she turned 18 but stayed in school). I don't want to miss her graduation and am hoping that this will all be done and over with before we have to leave on June 2nd. One reason that I think that it's a bunch of bull is because they offered me this medication to complete the miscarriage and also they offered me an IUD...isn't that interfering with fertility? Anyway, I would like to thank all of you for sharing your experiences so that I have some idea of what I'm in for when I take this tomorrow. I will try to get on here another time to put my experience on here after I take it.


oneloveamn - May 28

I had recently found out I was pregnate went to my first ob appointment and she said there was something wrong i was 7 weeks into my pregnancy but there was no baby or heart beat she had me wait four days then return for hormone level checks and another u/s this time you could see a baby but my hormone levels werent going up like they were supposed to so she said i would have a miscarriage so she prescribed my cytotec 3 pills to take v____ally. i took my first pill last night woke up no cramping i took my second pill this afternoon have a little cramping but no bleeding i have to take my last pill tonight. hopefully i dont have to take them again because they are producing no result as of yet!!!


browneyes03171972 - May 29

Hi again. I'll try to put my experience on here but I'm still on the pain killers cuz I am still hurting and contracting some...but not as bad as yesterday. Personally, if I had it to do over again, I'd go for the D&C because needles don't scare me. I've never had surgery and that's why I chose these pills over that but I don't feel that it's worth being in labor this long and not have a baby to show for it. I was in labor for a shorter time with my other children (1st was 12 hours 6lbs 12oz, 2nd was 13 hours 8lbs 9oz, 3rd was 8 hours 7lbs 13oz) 10am - took 1st dose Misoprostol 200mcg 1027am - Cramps started so took 1 generic Vicodin 5/500mg tablet bleeding got slightly heavier and pa__sed some small blood clots. 2pm - took 2nd dose (doses are 2 pills per dose) 2:27pm - the contractions are getting harder and closer together I really wish that I would have made arrangements for my 5 year old to stay with my mom cuz she's being bad today...she's rarely ever bad but she's decided to be bad today. :( I would suggest that if your husband can't be with you and you have other little ones around that you arrange for an adult family member to stay with you that can handle your younger ones or you send them off with an adult. Even with the pain medication your still in quite a bit of pain. I'm pa__sing bigger blood clots now...probably the lining. 6pm - took 3rd dose...pain seems to get worse with each dose. 627pm - took pain pill 7:30pm - I feel like I'm in full b__wn labor, I want an epidural now. I couldn't imagine doing this without anything but I feel like the pills aren't even helping a bit right now. 7:45pm I felt something trying to come out so I ran to the bathroom & couldn't sit on the toilet fast enough. The yolk sac fell on the floor..luckily the bigger clots and a bunch of blood made it in the toilet. My 5 yr old grossed out my 17 yr old. said yuk, she asked me what happened & I told her. She said, "Let me see." My 17 yr old said, "Ewwee, but your eating." And the 5 yr old said, "So, I want 2 see what it looks like." So, I asked her to get my some paper towel so that I could clean it up while I was on the toilet. I was hoping that by staying on the toilet and pushing that more would come out but not much more really came out. When my 5 yr old saw it, she said, "Neat. It looks like round jello with blood in it." That comment was gross, especially considering that she was eating a banana while she was looking at it. 8:15pm - I took an extra pain pill cuz I couldn't take it anymore. 10pm - 4th dose 10:36 - pain meds 11:29 - I'm staggering the pain medication just in case there comes a time that I don't need 2. Although directions say just 1, I don't care. It's not working at all with just one. I know how much I can handle on this cuz they gave it to me when I had my last daughter and I also used it when I had some teeth pulled almost 10 years ago. 2:36am - Still in a lot of pain maybe if I take another then I can sleep. I need an epidural! I never once cussed, yelled or screamed while in labor with any of my 3 daughters...but I was crying through this at times. This is so NOT worth it! If I wasn't going to make sure that this will NEVER happen again then..and if it ever did happen again then I'd go for the D&C instead. sometime after 5am - I ended up pa__sing out. I think that the pain just got to be too much or I was just to exhausted from this ordeal. One minute I was breathing through the contracting and watching tv. The next thing I knew the dog was waking me up around 8:45am. 9am - My lower abdominal area is so tender...the contractions is still going on but the bleeding has slowed down. I took 2 pain pills to help. Will taper off the pain pills today if the pain gets better today....I hate to take pills so I usually haven't stayed on pain pills as long as they tell me to whenever I've been on them. I did have diarrhea but not that bad. It usually hit within an hour after the doses and didn't last that long. I didn't vomit but I think that it's because I usually ate a small meal each time I took the meds. Although, I was pretty nauseous after the last dose even though I did that...although could have been since I doubled the pain meds. Cuz I'm still really nauseous now and I've only had pain and pain meds. I do not believe that I've pa__sed everything but I'll find out at the doctors appt on Tuesday hopefully, since I'm supposed to go out of state on Wednesday. I hate that we've all gone through this. It really sux!!! But I hope that by putting my experience on here it can help someone else.


marjedene - June 1

I took cytotec 2 days ago.. The doctor said I have to insert 2 tabs v____ally then drink 2 tabs every 6 hours.. After 2nd dose I got light bleeding for 2 hours..The 2 tablets went out so I inserted it again.. after few mins i pa__sed it out again and I wasn't able to re-insert it because I pa__sed it on the toilet while urinating.. Then after 2 hours the bleeding stopped.. I took the 3rd dose and still not bleeding.. No cramps.. No bleeding.. Just severe diarrhea and vomiting.. I can't even eat.. My cervix is still intact and my b___st are still swollen.. the doctor said we will wait for a week before he will give me another dose... I hope I won't undergo D&C.. that'll cost us too much.. my hubby's salary is not that big.. and I'm still looking for a job..I hope the next dose will work.. but I don't want to have the diarrhea and vomiting anymore..


shanty - June 2

Hi, I just read your post. I too used cytotec, you can see my story above. I just wanted to let you know that I had to retake the same medication due to remaining tissues. I was given a lesser dose (100mcg) and the pills were different looking then the first time. If you got the small round pills maybe ask for the octagon pills (200mcg). They are bigger and seem to dissolve better.This last dose I took didnt do anything for me and now Im going to doc tomorrow to find out if I need a D&C anyways. I hope that your next dose works out and sorry to hear that you are enduring this process.


lilmissashhleyy - June 4

So after 9 weeks and 3 days of pregnancy, I found out on 5/31/11 my baby was only measuring at 5/29/11 (9 weeks 1 day) with no heartbeat. It was the most heartbreaking moment in my life. My doctor did two ultrasounds and sent me to an ultrasound place for confirmation. Well I had a follow up appointment on June 3rd 2011, my doctor told me my blood pressure has been too high and my thyroid shut down because of the pregnancy hormone so I needed to get the baby out for my safety as soon as possible. She really wanted to do a D&C but for three reasons I did not want to 1. It can perforate your uterus and hurt your chances of having more babies, 2. I don’t like surgeries, 3. I felt I owed it to my baby to deliver her v____ally , and I kinda wanted to see her too! ( Im going to school to be an OB/GYN so this stuff fascinates me and also I just really wanted to meet my little one). So the doctor sent me home with four v____al cyotecs/misoprostols to insert all at the same time, also gave me 20 norco/vicodin , and 600 mg ibuprofens. Now after reading all the horror stories online I was so nervous and DID NOT want to do this at all, I wanted to do this all naturally for my mental sake, but my doctor insisted my health was more important. So pretty much I was prepared for anything and the worst! But this was the best story I think, out of all the misoprostol/cyotec stories. So you can read on with ease and I hope your experience is the same! Along with the schedual I am about to read you, my mom was making sure my temperature didn’t rise or decrease and was also taking my blood pressure every two hours because these pills have different and interesting stories and she is a worry wart. So here was my schedule: 6/3/2011 1. Inserted four cyotec 200 mg tablets into my v____a at 7pm and also took 600 mg of ibuprofen, and laid down for two hours and didn’t use the batheroom. 2. At 8:52pm I took my 5 mg tablet or norco/vicadin because I started to feel light cramping and I knew it would probably only get worse from there. At 9pm the cramps were about a 3 on a 10 scale of pain. I also had a heating pad this entire time up until the next day, which really helped. When my cramps began I also put a pad in (regular size pad) 3. Then I took vicadin again at 12:07am and noticed my water had broke and a couple moments later some blood came. Cramps were now a 8 on a 10 scale, and I took more ibuprofen 600 mg at 12:30am 4. At 12:50am there was a lot of blood and had to change my pad, I went to the batheroom and blood was leaking which my mom rea__sured me is okay for a lot of blood in the beginning before the blood clots pa__s so in the beginning DO NOT FREAK OUT LIKE I DID!!! I almost pa__sed out until my mom reminded me it was fine and I wasn’t dying lol.. 5. Then at 3:15am I took vicadin and had no cramps, this point I kept heating the hot pad and it really helped a lot. I drank lots and lots of water this whole time and ate what I could because I kept getting nauseous at different points in time, but I knew I had to eat so I wouldn’t be unstable. 6. Then at about 5:00am I got up to go pee and I had some blood that I noticed wasn’t really leaking so I wiped and went to stand up and out plopped my little baby =) and her placenta at 5:03am. It did not hurt at all it just felt like a slimey worm slipping out my v____a (for lack of better words) depending on how far along you are you should be able to see it, I was 9 weeks so mine was about a inch to a inch and a half long and could tell the head legs arms and eyes, it was very special and I loved that I got to witness this. At this point I felt like a new borns mother and could not sleep (im not sure why but everything was a relief) and me personally wanted to bury my baby so my mom put her in a paper towel (with gloves on) and put the paper towel in two ziplock bags. 7. I took another ibuprofen at 5:30am, and my stomach did not feel like period cramps anymore it was a interesting feeling, like pulling apart in your stomach.. not painful just weird. 8. Then at 5:45am I pa__sed three dime size clots then a fourth one that was about the size of four fingers put together in a clot, pretty big. And it felt really weird coming out. Not to mention it looked really weird coming out. 9. I also took another vicadin at 6am 10. Woke up at about 7:20am to find a little blood on my pad and walked to the batheroom to go pee and there was a little more blood not a lot just kinda like on your period when it drips, and a blood clot about the size of a silver dollar came out 11. At the point ive had no more cramps, just a lot of gas. I took another vicadin at 9:30am 12. I woke up at 11am and was starting not to have as much blood just a little strip in the pad and I took more ibuprofen (only because my mom said that sometimes more pain can come later after you pa__s the baby) I wasn’t having any more pain 13. Took another vicadin at 1:30pm, this whole time I have also still been taking my prenatal pills for nutrients and nutrition and my mom suggested to keep taking for one week after this whole miscarriage happens so my body can recooperate. 14. Again on 6/4/11 I took a ibuprofen at 4:30pm and will take another vicadin at 7:30pm, my mom advised if I have no more pain today I can stop taking all these pain pills tomorrow (im not a pain pill person I don’t like being on pills and especially vicadin cause it makes me feel weird) This has been my experience so far, I would definitely do this over again because it helped me to some what gain closure over the sad death of my baby. It was not too painful and excruciating as everyone made it out to be. I would definitely say have someone with you ( I had my mom) because they can help you with everything you need and if you feel like youre bleeding a lot they can rea__sure you you aren’t dying, or maybe you are and they need to call 911, but they can get you water, heat your pads, and bring you food. It is also good (when you aren’t in a lot of pain) to walk around so you pa__s the clots and get the blood out. I have a follow up with my OB on Monday 6/6/11 at 11:30am so if I can update this I will to tell you how everything went but goodluck and I hope this helped!


lolarae - June 9

I read these stories here after getting prescribed Misoprostol to get an idea of what to expect. To tell you the truth, reading all these stories scared the hell out of me. I was terrified to take them, and scared they wouldn't work. I even held on to them for two weeks, thinking I would let my miscarriage pa__s naturally. I decided it was finally time to get it over with the other night and It seems the drugs have done their job. 7:30pm: I took four Misoprostol pills orally and let them dissolve in the four quadrants of my mouth. Then I pa__sed out for an hour or two. 9:30pm: Began some mild cramping, no more than regular period cramps though. 11:00pm: Now started the more intense cramps and bleeding. I didn't think that the pain was too severe, but I figured why sit through it when I can take some pain medicine? hah. oh, convenience. 12:00am: Pa__sed a shriveled clementine-sized tissue. From then on the cramping mostly subsided and I just had heavy bleeding with lots of clots. I was soaking through a pad about every hour or so. But by this time, it just felt like an extremely heavy period. I am so grateful that my experience was virtually simple. I even felt physically fine enough to go to work the next morning. Alas, I called in anyhow; the fear of bleeding through my pants instilled. Emotionally, I was drained and wouldn't have had the courage if not for my husband's support. We ate Cream-sicles and watched Clerks at 1:00am. :) I was worried that taking the pills orally would cause abdominal problems as well (i.e. diarrhea, vomiting) but thankfully I didn't experience any of that. Phew, I think it's over!


shanty - June 29

Just wanted to post my outcomes post cytotec. I ended up going in for a D&C on June 6th for retaining tissues. I wouldnt change my initail decision, but thought Id share my follow up.


milehighstory - June 29

I read all of these stories before my first miscarriage so that I could make an informed decision. Before I tell my story, I wanted to summarize some observations that I noted from reading everyone's stories: (1) You can hemorrhage or end up having to have a D&C because you don't pa__s everything, but that could be the consequence of a natural miscarriage also. (2) It does hurt when the contractions get going. Ask for painkillers - real ones. If your doctor does not give them to you, I would suggest not going this route. (3) Make sure you have someone with you to monitor you. If you bleed more than a pad an hour, turn white, get the shakes, get cold - go to the hospital. (4) Once you pa__s the sac/baby you will get a wave of relief and all the pain will not seem so bad. (5) You will see the sac/baby and it is not for the faint of heart. Now my story: An informal ultrasound on November 30th had showed a very small something with what may or may not have been a heartbeat. It was intrav____al and took so long to see, I knew something was wrong. The midwife who did it did not seem concerned, she probably a__sumed my dates were off (but I knew they were not). Towards the beginning of December 2011, I got really sick with a debilitating cold and my urine tested positive for Strep B. I was put on antibiotics since the level of Strep B was so high it was considered life threatening. I started to feel better but on December 15th when I was just over 10 weeks pregnant, but I felt like something was wrong and insisted on having an ultrasound. My hunch was correct – there was an empty sac measuring 8.5 weeks. Since the first ultrasound was not official, I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum (if there was something there on Nov 30th my body may have reabsorbed the baby in the interim). I was given the option of a D&C, waiting or using Misoprostol. After discussing the options, I choose Misoprostol and did more research at home – including reading this site – before I had my first dose. That Wednesday at 4pm I put 4 – 200mg Misoprostol tablets under my cervix. I had some cramps later in the evening and some heavy cramps around 3am, but not much bleeding beyond when I was sitting on the toilet. Thursday at midnight a golf ball size of grey matter pa__sed. What I realized was that was the Misoprostol. I had not applied it correctly (two on each side of the cervix) or used a bit of water to moisten the pills once they were in to help with the dissolving. I took Hyrdocodone/APAP 5mg/325mg every four hours during this time. Friday night at 1am I took the second dose (4 – 200mg Misoprostol) doing it properly thinking that it would take a while to start working. I feel asleep until 3am when I awoke to heavy cramping. I took another Hydrocodone/APAP 5mg/325mg pill and let nature take its course. By 6:30am I was having what felt like heavy contractions. Although another four hours had not pa__sed, I took another Hydrocodone pill because the pain was so strong. Around 7am I was on the toilet pushing and felt something slick and large “pop” out of me. Instantly I felt relief. For the women out here who have the urge to fish what came out of your body out of the toilet, know you are not alone. I fished it out and it was my sac the size of a liver – intact. I wrapped it in a pad and put it in a paper bag so that my husband and I could bury it (which we did a few days later). Three days later I pa__sed another small bit of matter (some light cramping helped push that out). I continued to bleed for a few weeks. It took four weeks for my hCG levels to drop below 5. Mentally it took me about 3 months for the grieving to subside (with the help of a psychologist). I always planned on writing this up, but it was too hard emotionally to do so. However, it is now six months later and I am in the process of miscarriage #2 induced with Misoprostol again (another blighted ovum) and figured I would write up last time’s experience while I wait this one out. I am going to keep track of this second experience and post it once it is all said and done.


mcjune28 - June 30

At my third ultrasound yesterday, i should have been 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant. However, at my second ultrasound only 11 days earlier, the baby was measuring 7 weeks and 1 day so i knew something was wrong. Yesterday, my worst fear was confirmed as the baby no longer had a heartbeat. This was terrifying and heartbreaking for me and my husband as we have been trying to conceive for approximately 6 months before it actually happened. Since it was a missed abortion/miscarriage, my doctor gave me the following three options: let nature take it's course, take the misoprostol or have a D&C. Since this was my first pregnancy, i had no idea what the misoprostol or the D&C methods entailed so i chose the drugs. I took the first dose (4 pills v____ally) last night before bed. I woke up with severe cramping and chills around 2:30 in the morning. The pain was worse than anything i've ever experienced. I also had such bad chills that i felt as if my skin was literally falling off my bones. I suffered for about an hour and then i woke up my husband to give me a gravol (i was very nauseous) and some painkillers. I felt the urge to go to the bathroom and as soon as i started to pee, this lime sized ball came out. I'm a__suming that was the sac. I went back to bed and the pain slowly started to subside however, i couldn't fall back asleep until almost 6am. The next time i went to the bathroom, i pa__sed a ma__sive clot that actually scared me. I'm not sure what that was but after that clot, the bleeding has decreased significantly and i haven't pa__sed any big clots since. I have to take my second dose of four pills tonight adn i'm terrified because of the pain i experienced last night. I have an u/s tomorrow to make sure that all of the tissue has come out and if it hasn't, i have to have a D&C. My husband and i want to start trying again ASAP so i really hope i've pa__sed everything already. To anyone that has to go through this process, i recommend that you request strong painkillers because it is very painful. My doctor didn't even offer anything but he'll hear about that tomorrow at my appointment. I also recommend having a couple of bottles of water by your bed as the pills gave me an extremely dry mouth and throat and you have to make sure that you do not become dehydrated. If you're alone, try to have someone stay with you. If you do not like the sight of blood and if the thought of pa__sing the tissue scares you (it scared me to my very soul) it would definitely be good to have someone stay with you for support and to get you water or a heating pad or anything you need. As excited i am about trying again, i'm also very scared. If i have to go through this again, i really might lose my mind. Here's hoping our future pregnancies are healthy ones :)


doingitagain - July 4

I started to read these posts after my missed miscarriage, which was detected on Thursday and would like to share my experience with misoprostal, as I have read almost all of these posts, and no one seems to have been as far along as I was. I got pregnant in the middle of March. I spotted almost continously from about 3 weeks until about 6 weeks, when my first ultrasound detected a heart beat and a fetal pole. At 12 weeks, which was on June 7th, I went in to have a CVS procedure done, because my 14 year old has Fragile X. It went perfectly according to the doctor and the 12 week fetus had a good heart beat and was exactly the size he was supposed to be. I bled for a week after the procedure, so I went in and had an ultrasound again and everything was fine - good heart beat. A follow up ultrasound on June 20th showed yet again a heathy 14 week fetus. I found out on June 29th that the genetic tests were "inconclusive" and I needed an amniocentsis done. I went in for that on Thursday. The ultrasound tech was acting weird and when the doctor came in, he looked at the pictures and informed me the baby had died a couple of days earlier. That was the last thing I expected. As I had had no bleeding he gave me the option of "letting nature take it's course" taking the pills, or a D&C. I opted for the pills as it seemed the most natural way. The dr told me to take 2 extra strength tylenol and 2 advil every 4 hours immediately after I inserted the 4 200mg pills, and then take the painkillers every four hours after. I went back to work and inserted the pills there as the dr told me that it would take a couple of hours to kick in, and I think I was in shock. That was at about 1:00. I started to slightly bleed about an hour after that, but not cramps. At about 6:00 the cramps started and I was filling the toilet with blood, but nothing soiled. Then I had the worst bout of diarrea ever. By 9:00 the cramping was really bad, on a scale of 1-10, I would say about a 7, and I was gushing blood. At about 10:30 I felt pain that was similar to the early contractions I had when I had my first son, and about 11:00 I had a need to push. It was then that I pa__sed the fetus. That was far and away the worst part, as it was then that the reality of the death hit me. He was bigger than my fist, and his fingers and eyes and ears were visible even floating in the toilet. I had to pull the material in order to break him away from me. The cramps dramatically decreased in intensity after that. For the rest of the night, about every 1/2 hour or so I had to run to the bathroom because of a big gush, and much of it was what I believed to be the placenta and other products. I was weak on Friday, and as of today I am still bleeding, and some of it is clots, but the cramps are more like menstrual cramps. The hardest part was not the pain, although at times I thought that was unbearable - it was seeing the baby. If I had to do it again though, I would take the pills again. At least I got to say goodbye.


syila - July 5

im pregnant at about 1 months and decided to abort it.Im taking 4 tablets of Misoprostol v____ally. I doesnt experience any cramps or any effect that other women mention. So im a little bit confused here. After a few hour im start bleeding. I can see a small sac for the first time the blood came out. The bleeding continue for about 5 to 7 days. Later i feel much better. But now after having some s_x with my partner,Im again pregnant! after the last bleeding using the misoprostol i didnt experience any period till now (6weeks). So,i decided to check on the pregnant test. Is it the new baby or im continue pregnant on the last one? I need some serious suggestion. Im lived in Malaysia and abort is illegal.Really need help. :(



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