My First Pregnancy And Im Getting A D Amp C Tomarrow

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Carla - October 16

Just wondering if anybody experienced a miscarriage during their first pregnancy and if anyone had luck afterwards? I went for a sono when i was almost 7 weeks and we heard the heartbeat and saw the sac and the fetus, we went for another visit at 8 weeks and the doctor told me their was no heartbeat and the baby stopped growing around 7 weeks, so basically right after i heard the heartbeat the baby died, i dont know why this happened and it worries me because i knew their was a heartbeat and im wondering what went wrong? im going for my D & C tomarrow and im very nervous this will be my first time having to go to the hospital. Anyone in a similar situation?


D - October 17

i also had m/c and d and c with my first pregnancy in aug, i thought the d and c was good idea instead of waiting arounf dor it to happen, i didn't even know anything was wrong until i had ultrasound at 13 weeks, but today i got a positive hpt, so im hoping this one will go better, good luck tomorrow its not as bad as it sounds trust me


Rachel - October 17

I had a missed miscarriage and a d&c at the end of June. I was really nervous - first time in hospital for me also. At the back of my mind, I kept hoping that the u/s was wrong and that the doctors would wake me up and I would still be pregnant. Obviously it didn't happen like that. The D&C was fine - it seemed like they had just stuck the needle in me and then were waking me up straight away. The doctors and nurses were fantastic, keeping me and my husband informed. I was glad that I had the D&C rather than waiting for a natural m/c that I felt would have been more traumatic. My advice to you would be to give yourself time to grieve and time to heal. We all react in different ways and there will be times when your husband or partner doesn't understand - that's when I come on here. Everyone has been through it and can help. Hope it goes well for you today.


shelly - October 17

i had 2 m\c before i had my daughter. one was at 12 weeks and the other at 6 weeks. i did have bleeding with my daughter at 4 weeks and again at 8 weeks which was similar to my first c/m but not my second. i did have a rough pregnancy but only because i had so many bleeds and got diabeties i spent 5 months in bed. i also went into premature labour - i have a healthy little girl whom we love very much. i will admit it was scarry because each bleed i thought oh no it is happening again but you get through it. it is hard and does not really get easier. i had another m/c only 2 weeks ago where we lost twins. my first m/c i use to blame myself wonder what i did wronge and what i could have done differently. this one i have finally accepted there is nothing i could do as i did every thing the doctor said. It does not make it any easier it still hurts and you will still cry yourself to sleep. the dr told me everything happens for a reason and that reason is outside our control. my husband has done something special for me he has made me a special garden which has small trees in it one for each child we have lost our twins have been added it is our way to help move on. we now have a special place for our twins in our hearts and our home. i wish you luck. if you are having difficulty moving forward buy a heart to hang around your neck to hold close to your heart and to remember the love and dreams you have lost or plant something to care for. it may sound funny but this is how i made it through. i will try again when i'm allowed but i don't know how many more i can go through. as it does not hurt any less. i remember my friend asking me to help her with her baby room ( help paint it) i could not do it because it hurt too much and made me remember my lost dreams- this will happen over months even years when you get a bit sad but you always have to remember that you had no control over this and have done nothing wronge. you may feel like you have lost apart of you dreams, and hope for the future. cry for this lost but look ahead for the future dreams. good luck and remember you are not alone


Amanda - October 18

I'm 9 weeks and I was sched. to go to my 1st ultrasound next week. Over the weekend I started to spot, so first thing Moday I called my doctor, she told me to come right away for an ultra sound. There was no heartbeat. She said my baby died about 3weeks ago. I'm going back tomorrow to talk about if a D&C is what i want. I feel really weird about getting one. I've never had any type of surgery or been in the hospital before. She said I had a missed miscarriage. I've been reading everything, and it says its not my fault. But i still feel like its my fault. I keep thinking back on things I did or ate. My husband is taking it a lot harder than I thought he would. It hurts me to see him so upset. This all sucks and I keep wondering why it had to be us. What did I do?!


carla - October 18

Amanda- you didnt do anything, i feel the exact same way as you, its so hard for me because i heard the heartbeat and i cant get that sound out of my head, I just got the d & c yesterday and physically i feel great! i was so scared and i didnt want to go but i think it was the best option. if you choose to start bleeding on your own your gonna be cramping bad and have heavy bleeding and clots and lets not forget the blood and clots will be the fetus and all that stuff coming u really want to see that? then you have to keep going back to the doctor and make sure its all out, with my d & c i went in the hospital at 10am and was home by 1pm and i have no cramps and barely any bleeding, it doesnt hurt and you feel nothing, it is definitly the best way to go, also after a d & c you are double fertile for the first 3 cycles because they clean you out and you start fresh, so that is good if you want to try again right away. I hope this helps.....i am going to start trying as soon as i get my first period. dont give up! I hope this helps you make a decision and know that me and my husband are going through the same thing.



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