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dyarcho - December 12

I was 8 weeks and yesterday i foudn out there was no baby in my sac. I released a bunch of clots and cramped like i was in labor!! i was on the toilet all day. i didn't know i was going to experience such thing. I am having a D&C Friday and a polypectomy. I have a polyp on my uterus as well.we tried for a year to get pregnant. And now we are left with nothing. We will be trying again in a couple months, maybe 3? My heart goes out to everyone who has had this happen to them. I wouldnt wish it on anybody..!!! If you have experienced what i have, how long did the bleeding last? and how long did the clotting last? it seems like everytime i feel blush gush, here comes a clot! It has slowed down a bit, But i have been at it since 6:30am today.


ashleigh1008 - December 15

i am very sorry about your loss. i miscarried in october at ten weeks. i had abosolutley no signs of miscarriage. i went to my pre natal visit, and there was no heartbeat on my babies. there were two of them. i had a D&C a few days later, and it wasn't horrible. i think it's more emotional than anything. i had slight cramping like period cramps, and slept the rest of the day. i bled for nine days after but it was more like spotting. i'm sorry i can't help with what is happening to you right now, but i hope things will work out for you. again, i'm very sorry.


Mrs.Hath - December 16

Dyarcho: I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. All of us on this forum have experienced this horrific type of tragedy. The D&C should not be painful. It is far more emotionally painful that physically. You will not be awake. 3 months is a good time to wait. However, you might end up being consumed with getting pregnant again. After doing a lot of research, I truly think you can start trying again after one period. However, please note that it could take 8 weeks to get a normal period again. Mine took 42 days, which is pretty standard. I am now 10 weeks past my D&C. A lot has changed in that time. You will go through many phases of grief. The good news is, that you do regain hope. With the help of the ladies on here, you will actually laugh and joke and feel happy again. TTC will be a thing you share with complete strangers who end up knowing you better than anyone else does. I wish you the strength to make it to the other side during this difficult time.


dyarcho - December 22

my surgery went well. i have been just spotting a little. nothing major. i feel a whole lot better!! thanks girls!


CaliTrish - December 24

dyarcho - I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. We also discovered an empty sac last Tuesday. I got the results of my hcg tests on Friday, not good. Trying to decide whether to let the sac pa__s naturally or get a D&C. With all the cramps and blood clots, it sounds like yours happened naturally. How long did they last? Was there much to remove at your D&C nearly a week later?



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