My Mommys Baby Died

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jade - November 22

my mommy comes on here and she told me that i could im 9 is there any other kids feel like me. i was looking forward to my brother or sister and i dont like my mommy crying. my mommys baby was going to come on my birthday and i was excited. my name is jade


Bee - November 22

Hey Jade, Im sorry that the baby died, its real tough going though this. I know you dont like mommy crying but crying helps mommy. It lets her get all her saddness out. Is o.k. to cry and mommy wont cry forever. She needs plenty of huges and kiss's from you. If you need to ever let any of your feelings out, you can come here there are plenty of wonderful people that will listen. God bless


Lilu - November 23

Hey Jade... I'm sorry your sad and you lost your little brother or sister. We're hear to listen to you with any feelings that youhave to get out. Mommy is very sad right now and she needs you give her alot of love. In time... it will get easier for her and you. I'm sending you a big hug hun... xxxxx


Kim - November 23

hey there jade. we all know how sad you are, it's such a sad thing when you lose a little brother or sister, even when they're tiny and still in your mommy's tummy. i bet it's hard for you to see your mommy crying, but like these other sweet ladies said, it sure does help your mommy some times when she cries. just give her lots of love and hugs and do nice things with her. i hope you have another little brother or sister to look forward to real soon! take good care sweetie. xxoo


jade - November 24

thankyou for your hugs i made my mom a card today and she smild my freinds at school do not now how i feel my mom only lets me come on the net 2times a week. i want to say thankyou for beening nise to me i ear my mom cry at nite when i am in bed jade


jade's mom - November 25

thankyou for supporting my daughter, i wont reply on here much because it's jade's thread of support i just felf that i had to say thankyou to Bee, Lilu and Kim for your kind words to jade. I hope jade can get her feeling out, i would sooner her get them out than bottle them in side. i have told her that i get allot of support from this site and she wanted ago herself. im sorry that she is only 9, i told her to go on here for support because i have had so much support from here and i thought it would help her. i let her go on the net two time a week and i didnt want her getting support from any old site so i directed her to this site. i hope you dont mind jade's mum


Kim - November 30

To jade: that's wonderful that you made your mom a card, I bet that made her so happy. Hope you're doing okay and had a nice time with your family over thanksgiving. you are such a brave kiddo, your mommy is so lucky to have you. :-) To jade's mom: You are very welcome. We all know what you're going through and it is just so sad and hard. I hope you continue to find support here among women who can totally identify. Take good care of yourself. xxoo


bump - December 1



for jade - December 1

I was just reading this thread and I had tears in my eyes for you jade and really feel for you sweetheart it must be really hard for you at the moment. when i was reading this thread it ended with bump saying bump i dont know if it was a mistake or is somone fooling around. im so sorry jade for how you are feeling at the moment. I am sure your mom willl start to smile again soon. You are a very thoughtful child and your mom is lucky to have a daughter so caring as you. As for your school friends they are a bit young to understand how you are feeling. You are a very brave young lady big hugs xxx


to Jade - December 2

You are such a good, kind, caring, thoughtful child to your mommy! I truly hope my child is as wonderful as you!


mommy to Faith - December 5

please don't forget this thread is so sweet, Jade you are a very brave and awsome kid. Keep making mommy happy she needs it.


jade - December 5

thankyou for caring about me you was rite my mom has stoped crying and she smiles at me lots again. it is my xmas play 2mara and that will make her smile iam a angle in the play iam pleased to talk on here thankyou jade



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