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KC - April 3

I found out last week that I lost my baby at 9 weeks. I had spotting for the last 3 weeks or so (u/s was ok), but it wasn't until my pg symptoms went away that I began to suspect there was a problem. I found out that the baby had no heartbeat. Anyway, I am scheduled for a D&C on Tuesday. I began to m/c naturally last Friday. I had a few hours of heavy bleeding and intense cramping, but to my knowledge, I did not complete the miscarriage. Since Friday, I have had moderate bleeding and off-and-on cramping. It seems to me that my m/c has stopped. Does this happen? Is it possible I passed the tissue, but didn't know it, even when the baby was a 9 weeks? Thanks for your help.


P.P. - April 3

I miscarried at 8 weeks but the sac only measured 5 weeks. I had a natural m/c. Pa__sed clots for many days with no heavy bleeding. Eventually had heavy bleeding for 1 day (Saturday). The following Tuesday had a v____al u/s and technician said everything was cleaned out. No tissue left. I did not feel myself pa__sing anything. Even though you m/c at 9 wks did the baby measure at 9 wks? Either way, make sure you insist on a v____al u/s to check that the tissue is all gone. Good luck!


KC - April 3

P.P, thanks for the reply. My last viable u/s showed the baby at 7.5 weeks (should have been about 8 wks). I suspect the baby died during the next week or so, based on my symptoms, but I'm not sure. I will call the office tomorrow to confirm with an u/s, especially since I have the D&C scheduled for the next day. Thanks again for the info. I'm sorry for your loss.


mulgajill - April 4

I miscarried at 11 weeks... 4 days spotting, 5 days heavy bleeding then lightening off for the nex 4 days. There was no noticable tissue. I have had two miscarriages years ago and they were similar. No problems conceiving after and normal periods resuming. had my son after the two close together with no problems. No d&c ever.


Petra - April 4

I m/c at 9 weeks... baby stopped developing at 5. After 2 weeks of bleeding the dr. scheduled d/e but I m/c on my oen the night before. I did loose a big pice of tissue. It measured about 3" by1". I was surprised how big it was... Don't know why it was so big... and if this was normal. Still had the d/e done in case of left tissue. Five weeks later had periode back.


Alison - April 4

Both times I m/c I took the pills to start off contractions and m/c in hospital naturally. Both times it lasted about 14-16 hours until the actual pregnancy had pa__sed and then I bled after I went home for about a week. The first m/c I didn't really see the main pregnancy come out as I was being checked by a nurse at the time because my contractions were really bad and she removed it and I didn't see. The second m/c I had gone to the toilet when the pregnancy came out and it was much bigger than I expected especially as that one was a blighted ovum and very small but I guess it was all the surrounding tissue etc but there's no way I could have missed it! It was awful though even worse than finding out about it being a m/c, just looking at the sac there. I'm so sorry for your loss. I think it must vary a great deal how the m/c happens though and how "obvious" it is (as to if you know it's all happened yet) I was scanned afterwards to check everything was looking "ok" as well.


Heather - April 4

When I m/c, I saw the sac and what little tissue there was in the toilet. I was looking for it though. Personal reasons but I was dead set against having a D&C. The DR's office can draw your blood and tell by your hcg levels if everything has pa__sed. I didn't have to have an u/s. They just drew blood. Good luck & I'm very sorry about your loss.



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