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FrankieGirl - September 25

I have to choose.. I am going to M/C I am torn beside myself and not sure what to do... My husband supports either he just wants me healthy... Which is better? they say d&c can give scar tissue natural can lead to infection or not passing it all... I Keep reading and it is making me so scared of both.... I am broken... which should i do?


Qin83 - September 26

FrankieGirl, I find D&C is better. It will clear everything inside. Unlike miscarriage, it will leave some substance inside which might lead to infection. No need to worry =) No pain at all.


eclipse - September 26

I can only give you my experience, Frankiegirl....i had a d and c after my missed miscarriage at 10 weeks. This was in November 2005. I was under Mac anesthesia which is IV based, where they knock you out but you wake up almost immediately after they turn it off, so I remember nothing. I had some bleeding for a few days and then I returned to normal. Now here is the weird thing. After the procedure I had a NORMAL CYCLE LENGTH. Never in my life have I been normal, I tend to be all over the place, and got pregnant on bcp in the first place. So I was able to do my thing and in late February found out I was pregnant again with my 22 month old son. So I recommend the D and C personally, and my doctor said the scar tissue isn't really an issue unless you have multiples of any kind of procedure. I was just happy to get that part over with so I could start to grieve and heal. That is my opinion, humble though it may be! Good luck, and I will be thinking of you!


Teddyfinch - September 26

i have and haven't had a miscarriage. i was pregnant with two babies, i believe, and had severe bleeding at 6 weeks and pa__sed one, i guess because i'm sitting here 32 weeks pregnant. but! i did have a d&c last year and they are not as bad as it seems. i was put under by iv and when i woke up, i had mild pain so they gave me some more pain meds through my iv and i was good to go. after i went home, i bled for maybe 3 days lightly and didn't need more than tylenol a couple of times. good luck with what you choose and i'm very sorry you are having to go through this.


Teddyfinch - September 26

but i say (after reading your other post) don't let them force you into a d&c. wait until you have reason to think you are miscarrying like cramps accompanied by blood.


FrankieGirl - September 26

Thank you all for your comments.. Helpfull... as u can see i can't sleep.. I just keep researching... sad and pathetic i am


Tasman Bay Butterfly - September 26

Frankie, there is also the chemical d&c, which is medincine you take to cause you to expel instead of the physical d&c. That's another option. Follow your instincts. You'll do what is best for you. When you miscarry naturally, you have to wait for your body to recognize the demise (which is sometimes baffling timewise from right away to a few weeks - I've experienced both and out of 3 natural m/cs, no infection). I hope you find peace with your decision. Keep your chin up and don't ever give up hope.


FrankieGirl - September 26

Tasman If you dont mind me asking did you have children after your m/cs?



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