Naturally Or Surgery

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Lora - March 4

I was just wondering if you have a natural miscarriage if there's a way to tell that you've gotten rid of everything. I'm not sure how far along I was, but everyone keeps talking about a d/c or d/e and I was wondering if there's anything physically that will suggest that you to have the surgery. I had cramping for 2 days and this is the 4th day of bleeding and it's getting lighter each day, but it's still very red. Thanks for any advice.


nica - March 4

it sounds like yours is a natural one. i'm about to miscarry - the doctor said it's better if you let if happen naturally, usually nature will get it all out.


Kara - March 4

Lora - I believe that they usually follow up by checking your hormone levels to make sure they are dropping appropriately. They can also do an u/s to make sure that all the tissue has been pa__sed. If there is still tissue, they will do a d/c or d/e. I'm sorry about your baby.


Misty - March 5

I'm sorry as well. The thing that I could tell you that they told meis that if you get a fever or start to feel sick then you should definatley go back because that will normally happen if your body is fighting an infection, which will happen if you have left over tissue. I didn't have a doctor and I don't have insurance so I went to the E.R. and didn't have an intention of going back. That was why they told me that. They did also tell me though that I should get a follow up with an OB/GYN. So I would say that you should do the same as well. As far as things going wrong though that is what I know. But I'm definatley not a doctor, so if you can, go get checked up on.


Dani K - March 7

I recently had a miscarriage. I was given pills to force it on. I chose not to have a D&C because of the dangerous factor (they don't talk about) and the cost. Pills -10 dollars. My co worker had a D&C and it was 1800 dollars. It's surgery and no joke! If you have a choice go the natural route. It hurts but they give you Darvocette.


Dani K - March 7

I forgot to mention. After I had a ultra sound to check the lining in my uterus to make sure it was gone. Plus they monitored my hormone levels. Good lick and I hope you recover soon.


Petra - March 8

When I went to the hospital b/c I was spotting bright red blood the US showed the baby had stopped developing at 5 weeks, I was in my 9th week then. We decided to wait and see if my body would solve things. It started a few days later, I started to pa__s cloths, that lasted a day. Then I was still loosing blood for another ten days untill the night before my scheduled D/E and I started having cramps which untill then I had none. One bad cramp which brought tears to my eyes and an hour later I stepped out of my car and something felt funny. I went to the bathroom and this big cloth was in my underwear, about three inches by half inch. It was hard and I could not make out what it was. But the bleeding was much less and I did have the d/e the next day. The d/e is not very invasive it is just that they will make you go to sleep because it is painfull. It has been almost four weeks now and I feel great, once you stop bleeding and your body goes back to normal it is easier to to move on. I hope to have my periode this week. They says that as soon as you pa__s your hcg levels should go down to 0 quickly and you should start you cycle again..


Wendy - March 8

I went through the same decision and decided to have it naturally. It may take longer than a surgery would but for me it was worth it. I do not have second thoughts because I know my body did what it was designed to do. You will know when you have pa__sed everything because it is a sac that just plops out. There is cramping involved and depending on how far along it could be intense. I was only 5 weeks and it took almost 2 weeks to start because I waited for it to happen. It was very painful for me because I took nothing. To answer your question, the way to tell that you pa__sed everything is they watch your hormone levels through blood work and when you drop it tells them it pa__sed. You start out bleeding then cramps. The hardest part about waiting for it to happen is the emotional wait. I have no regrets because I know it was meant to happen because my body rejected it. Good luck to you and I'm sorry for your loss.


Julie - March 9

I am going to have a D&C today. I had a friend miscarry at 12 weeks, same as me and she waited and did it naturally. It took 4 more weeks for her to miscarry and she said it was absolutely miserable. Like she was in labor on the bathroom floor and she said what she pa__sed was a very small baby and she didn't know what to do. Don't want to scare anyone or change anyone's mind, but that's just another experience. My Dr. told me yesterday that naturally has risks also, especially if all of the tissue isn't pa__sed, very easy then to get an infection because cervix is open and that can cause damage to the uterus as well.


chelle - March 9

the doctor should be testing your hcg level. I had the entire miscarriage clotting, bleeding, cramping ect. but my hcg was still rising. That is one way to know whether it is all out or not. Despite the miscarriage process there was still some placenta fragments left. This is how we knew I had to have a d&c done. Best of Luck to you all who are in the same position.


mulgajill - March 9

I would go natural.... mine have all completed no problem natural... on the other hand i had no idea that the baby was already dead (last m/c found out on day of 11 week u/s, baby had stopped at about 7 weeks)... dont know if i would like to carry dead baby for four weeks and KNOW it..... there are risks with d&c... taking certain hormones to bring it on would be the way to go i think.... d&c if there are problems, if everything doesn't get pa__sed. Really it is up to the individual, get the facts, then make a decision that suits you.



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