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want to be dad - September 27

before anyone says it. yes we will do a pregnacy test in the next few days. i am at work and wondering something and want to ask it here. so here is our story. me and my wife have been trying to have a baby for 5 yrs now. we did everything, IUI's, IVF'S. which all failed. 2 with miscarrages at around 10 weeks both times. we were getting ready to try to use a donor sperm (due to the fact i have very low motility) and low and behold she ends up pregnant 3 weeks before we were going to do the iui cycle. well needless to say she miscarried at 9 weeks. so now we really wants answers and the doctors tell us once she has a normal cycle they will run what test they can. so she has her first normal period and we do the test on the 19th. we had intercourse twice only since here last cycle and just 5 days ago she tells me she had a light brown discharge. she is due to start her period today and has yet to start it and says she is having no symptoms of her period. ie. cramps, br___t hurting, the normal stuff. so what are the chances she is pregnant again? this soon after a miscarrage? only reason i came to this site is because its not medical people trying to think what they know. its people like you that have been through this stuff. thank you.


Nicole - September 28

I don't know what the chances of her being pregnant again but I can tell you I was pregnant 2 weeks after my D&C so it is possible. Good Luck to you I hope that she is. Please let us know if she takes a test.


Kim - September 28

Hey dad, gosh I'm sorry for what you and your wife have been through. Pregnancy loss is hard enough, but to go through it repeatedly must be absolute hell for you both. I have heard of many women (obviously Nicole too!) conceiving two to three weeks after a miscarriage. It's amazing that the body can just sort of pick up right where it left off. It may still be too early for a pg test or maybe not, but I wish you guys tons of luck. Keep us posted!


Alison - September 28

I just want to say how sorry I am for all you and your wife have been through-I have suffered 3 consecutive miscarriages but cannot imagine how awful it must be to be dealing with infertility issues as well. My heart goes out to you both. It is possible to conceive soon after a miscarriage-please let us know what happens when you test. I will pray for a positive result and a healthy pregnancy. If she is not pregnant this month I pray the tests will help find some answers-my husband and I have been through tests following our 3rd loss and no answers unfortunately. I really pray the doctors can help you conceive and carry to term the baby you long for. Take care xxx



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