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Shannie - March 10

I found out I was pregnant on Feb. 23 by a hpt and a visit to the health department to confirm. I don't have insurance but I was awaiting medicaid which is still taking forever to take effect. I don't remember my LMP but I do know that my br___ts were huge and I was so nauseated I couldn't get out of bed. So my pregnancy symptoms were quite strong. About 3 weeks later (March 5th) I woke up and my nausea wasn't as strong and my left br___t wasn't sore at all. Of course, I was freaked out. The severity of my symptoms never came back. Then, March 8th, in the evening, I noticed a brown tinge when I wiped. The next morning, nothing. But I decided to go to the ER anyway to double check things. They took blood, did 2 ultrasounds (va___al and regular) and found no heartbeat on the fetus and said that it measured 6w2d. The doctor said that the fetus has died. I was very upset. He said that if I don't start bleeding in the next 3 days that I will have to go have a D&C at this maternity center, but they will double check ultrasounds and bloodwork to make sure that they just didn't miss the heartbeat. I asked the doc what were the chances that they just missed it and that my baby will be fine and he had a sad look on his face and said "statistically and most likely the fetus is dead and has died a little while ago." So now its March 10th. I have had no bleeding, no cramping, but my slight nausea is still there and my br___ts have seemed to go back to being really sore and hard. I'm confused. I understand that missed or silent miscarriages are common but what if they don't see a heartbeat on the repeat ultrasound and they go ahead with the D&C and my baby was still alive? I feel very uncomfortable with this. HOw long can I wait to have a D&C if i'm not bleeding or cramping? I'm just worried and wondering what I should do. The doctor said it was a 1 in 1000 chance that my baby was still alive. It almost seemed as if the doc at the ER was just too busy to check further into it. Can someone please give me some advice? I want honest answers. I'm over the grief and just want to know if anyone has experienced this? Sorry to write a book but I didn't know who else to ask. Thanks a bunch.


Whisper - March 10

I think I would be feeling the same. I have heard that often a heartbeat cant be detected that soon, and if they are only basing it off of that, I'd seek a second opinion myself. Id want bloodwork done to check hcg levels over time to see if its going up or down because that would give a more accurate answer. I am sorry you are having to go through this, and I will be keeping you in my thoughts and wishing the best for you. Don't do anything without getting a second opinion first, because if you do you will always wonder "what if" and that can be torture. I hope everything works out for you. Good luck!


stefkay - March 10

Shannie, I'd say if the date the u/s gave matches up pretty closely with your lmp (no more than a week or so behind) then I'd wait a bit. I've heard of people not seeing the hb at 6 w, but then going back a week later and seeing it.


sososleepy - March 10

Shannie, I'm very sorry you're going through this. Did they tell you what your hCG was from the blood work? If not, if you can go back there, ask for a copy of the report, or to see it so you can write down the number. If I were you, I'd want to see another blood test to see if the hGC were going up or down, or another ultrasound, before you made the decision to do the D&C if your symptoms are coming back. I'm confused too, and not a doc, that's just my opinion. They do the d&c to stop heavy bleeding, to rule out ectopic, and to prevent infection... again, I'm not a doc, but I'd give it a few days... My symptoms were gone for a long time before I started to bleed. They did the d&c after I was bleeding. Obviously it does not sound good, but people can make mistakes, so hang in there - with hugs.


DownbutnotOUT - March 11

Im very sorry your going through this. If your HCG levels are going down and the u/s still shows no HB I would have to say the sad truth is the baby pa__sed. If your HCG levels are still doubling but no HB is detected on u/s I would wait because the HCG is the more reliable of the 2 methods to determine an un-viable pregnancy. take care



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