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sarahbaby11 - July 6

my husband and i were told monday at an ultrasound that our baby had a random condition called cystic hygroma. the doctor scheduled a level 2 ultrasound today and unfotunately the finding were the same. the baby definitely has cystic hygroma (a cyst that covers the back of the babys neck, the entire back and is reacing around the right sound of the stomach) he also found fetal hydrops on the babys stomach. he specializes in these types of cases and gave us a 0% chance of survivial for the baby. he said most likely would not make it to birth and if did would be lucky to live for 2 months (painfully). he recommended termination. my question is i cannot be put under at all for this procedure....i have a family history where family members have been put asleep for a procedure and never woke serious my little brother had his wisdom teeth pulled and the used novicane)....i was wondering what options this leaves me and also what women think are the best. i will be about 14w4d when this is done.


SaraH - July 6

sarahbaby11, I'm sorry you and your dh have to go through this. It's terrible to hear that something is wrong with your baby. As far as what you can do b/c of the family history I don't know. Did you ask your doctor about it? If I was in your spot, I would just let the pregnancy take it's course and see what occurs. I am completely pro-life and I believe that only God has a right to decide when to end a life so...from my stand point I would leave it in God's hands and let him decide how long my baby had to live. It would be hard to do, but since I believe that the baby is alive (especially by 14.5 w) and is a completely other person, I don’t feel it is it mine or anyone else’s choice to decide when to end its life. Anyway, not trying to preach just telling you my views on the issue. If you are certain that you are going to terminate the baby, talking to your doctor about your options is you best bet. As I said I don’t know what your options are as far as not going under goes. Do you know what kind of procedure do they want to do? The reason I ask is because if I was in your position I would be concerned with the amount of pain that would be inflicted on the baby. Abortion/termination techniques are painful for the baby (just look at what the procedures entail – if you don’t know how they are done here is a web site that explains what and how different types are preformed So, if you decide to go ahead and do it, find out what they are going to be doing, because at 14.5 w your baby defiantly has a nervous system and can feel pain –and I’m sure the last thing you want to do is cause your baby pain. Again I’m sorry you’re faced with this. I’m sure it is a difficult position to be in. I’ll be praying for you and your dh as you go through this. Good luck.


tonilee7 - July 6

Hi, I am sorry for the decision you are having to make, It is one thing to lose your baby but I imagine it has to be worse having to choose wether or not you lose your baby, I am deaply sorry for what you are going through and send you many hugs, as for you family condition, would it be possible for them to only numb your bottom half so your not actually asleep, like what an epidural does? well good luck with your decision I am sure you will do the right thing........(( HUGS))


chandellina - July 7

i'm really sorry to hear about your dilemma. I personally wouldn't have any qualms about terminating in those circ_mstances - i guess everyone has their own view on that. here in the UK I know they do terminations with either no anesthetic or local anesthetic until 12 weeks. after that they recommend general. I suggest you speak to your dr about your concern and see what can be worked out. all the best.


gsonap - July 7

Hello sarahbaby11, I am deeply sorry for what you are going thru. I agree with chandellina, under certain circ_mstances one has to do what is best for the baby and parents. I think you should speak with your doctor about inducing with or without epidural. Good luck with everything. Take care.



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