Need Advise How Soon M C Start After Cytotex Or Misoprosto

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Galya - May 4

Hi, ladies. I need some ASAP advise. I have a blighted ovum or an empty sac. Last period 2/19/6. Two day ago my OB gave me misoprostol. I took 1 pill day before yesterday, and two yesterday. After the first pill I had some bad crumping and a little spotting, but after I took Naproxen its stopped. Last night some bad crumping, some bleeding after a third pil. Again, Naproxen help somewhat. Today in the morning I passed some tissue, crumping stopped, bleeding from became pinkish and not much at all. OB schedule d & c for tomorrow. Two hour after the first tissue passed OB did an u/s, which showed some tissue still left, but it's only been 2 hr after the m/c. In the same time, I don't have any more cramping. My question is should I go to d& c tomorrow or wait a few days and repeat an u/s..It's was my first pregnancy and I feel horrible and lost. Please, need advise as to should I keep my tomorrow appointement or wait a few days? Thanks.


jalbert - May 6

How did your OB instruct you to take the misoprostol? With mine, I was instructed to take 4 tablets, inserted v____ally. If I hadn't started to bleed within 24 hours, I was to insert another 4 tablets. I started bleeding within an hour of taking the tablets. It took two horrible days of cramping and bleeding before I pa__sed the tissue. About 2-3 hours before the tissue pa__sed, I had the worst cramps of my life and the bleeding was to the point I thought I was going to have to go to the ER. Once the tissue pa__sed, the bleeding slowed down. I had an u/s one week after taking the misoprostol to check for an empty uterus. If it hadn't emptied within the week, my OB wanted to do a D&C. I would give it a few more days before I would opt for the D&C unless your OB instructs you otherwise.


Galya - May 9

Thanks for respond. My OB told me to takeoraly 3 pills one per day. I had horrible cramps for hous on a first day, little bleeding, on the second day I took two pills instead of one. Again, horrible cramps. I pased some tiisue one the third day. OB gave me 3 more pills. after the 4th I pa__sed another big piece. I am waiting for u/s on Friday. How far along you were? How do you feel now? What did your u/s showed?


jalbert - May 11

I was 9 weeks along when the blighted ovum was diagnosed. I thought there was something terribly wrong because I was having some light cramping and spotting. I had been at the OB's office a week prior to meet with the nurse and have my blood drawn (that's how my OB's office does the first visit). I told them something wasn't right and they told me not to worry. I went on vacation and came back and had an appt the next day with the doctor. Luckily, he is one of two doctor's in the practice who still will do an u/s at 8-10 weeks to confirm/date pregnancy. Sure enough, we saw a sac, but no baby. The sac only measured abou 5-6 weeks, but I would have been 9 weeks by my LMP and positive OPK. So, since the pregnancy had ended 4 weeks earlier, I was at risk for an infection. I was 31 years old at the time and wanted another baby (I have a 3 year old). He said that doing a D&C at my age may lead to scar tissue and cause fertility problems....I already have some issues with longer cycles and some with no ovulation. So, that option was out. If I waited for the miscarriage to happen naturally, it could take another 4-6 weeks because I had no inication that the sac was ready to dislodge. He preferred that we "get it over with" before 10 weeks pa__sed and my husband and I agreed. We got the prescription for the misoprostol. I remember crying nonstop for two days straight. The physical pain was as bad as the emotional pain. I was bitter towards some of my firends who were pregnant......I was one of them until one day I all of a sudden wasn't. No one knew what to say because none of them had ever miscarried. Even after the bleeding stopped (about 2 weeks later)...I was miserable. The u/s one week later showed an empty uterus. I think it hit me the hardest then. I lost the pregnancy on 7/26/2005. I never thought I'd get my period again. It took 8 weeks! Imagine my surprise when I didn't get a positive OPK during that cycle to find out I was pregnant again on 10/21/2005! Of course, I was scared. My OB was great...he immediately did hcg levels to make sure it was doubling and did an u/s at 7 weeks for me. Currently, I'm 33 weeks and expecting another girl. I couldn't enjoy this pregnancy....I bled from weeks 7-16. I was sure I was going through another miscarriage. Even now, I'm still bitter about the whole ordeal. People don't know how to respond to your emotional needs. Unless they've gone through the personal loss, there isn't really anything they can say to make it better. I hope you have a clear u/s on Friday. That will bring some closure for you. Don't give up hope. Blighted ovums are actually more common than people are aware of. My OB feels they account for 60%+ of first trimester miscarriages...they could even be a higher percentage because they can cause a miscarriage before a woman may even know she's pregnant. Having two blighted ovums in a row is rare. So, try to think positive. Hang in there! :)


alenka - May 31 case you read this...just wanted to know how you doing...hope all is well...



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