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Me - July 23

I am 8 weeks pregnant a week ago the baby measured 6 weeks 4 days. We saw a heartbeat,but then I lost a huge gob of mucous. Now I can put a fingertip into my cervix. Do you think I should go to the dr. I am not bleeding but I have been cramping.


Cabbie - July 23

Since you are not bleeding, I would not panic. If your dr has an oncall number, you might call and run it by him/her. Your cervix should not be open.


Alison - July 25

I would not have thought a glob of mucus was a concern as during pregnancy there tends to be alot of mucus on the go, but as Cabbie said the cervix should be closed. No bleeding is a good sign, however I would have a word with your doctor to rea__sure you. I pray everything works out for you. Take care xxx


Rankin - July 25

I would not be so concerned with mucus (read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy, it's great, she makes detailed comments about having to purchase new undies cas' she was loosing so much slimy mucus, lol), but I would keep a close watch on your baby's measurements. How was your little ones heartrate? It is really not that surprising that you are a few days off on growth if your periods are on a longer cycle, like 32 days or something. You are only measuring 3 days off. Anyway, don't worry unless you begin to have severe cramps, heavy spotting, or bleeding. Good Luck. The worrying is just beginning. Check with your doctor, he/she will not mind at all.


anita - July 26

yes, I definatley say you should go to the emergency room. Not to scare you or anything but you need to get answers. Your cervix should be closed and if it is open you have a risk of miscarriage. Trust me I already experienced a miscarriage & i'm pregnant again.The best thing to do is take care of that baby 1st b/c u never know what can happen


crisy - July 26

Hi Me. Please go to the ER right away. I think that you just pa__sed the mucous plug. That happens usually when a woman is close to giving birth. Your cervix should be closed and not open. I wish you all the best. Please go to the ER. Take care.


Me - July 26

I went to the dr's today... He said it is a threatened miscarriage. Doing beta serum blood test every two days and a ultra sound. So just playing a waiting game. Thanks for all thesupport.


Alison - July 27

I am so sorry to hear this-I was concerned as I said about the cervix feeling as if it were open. I am so sorry I should have been more urgent im my reply to you. I am praying for you xxx



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