Need Cycle Buddies For July

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babygirl1967 - May 31

Hi I am 39 had a D&C april 30th, now ttc in july so im looking for buddies to join me. Curently i have purchased the clearblue easy monitor and iam taking musinex and evening primerose for cm. please join me and tell me your stories.


HopefulK - June 4

Hi babygirl, I think my hubby and I may try again in July. Might wait unit Aug, but probably July. I'm taking multivitamins a the moment but will be going back on prenatal vitamins in a week or so. Hopefully my ov for June will go according to plan and we'll be on track. My story is that I lost my daughter at 28 weeks last November, fell pregnant in Feb, but had missd misscariage and D&C in March. So July is our full 3 months wait. We are also going on hols then so that should be cool. I'm 34 this year by the way. Only going to use digital ov tests 'cos I'm pretty regular with my cycle. xx


babygirl1967 - June 4

Hi hopefulk wow im so sorry to hear about your m/c that must have been the worst to go through in 28 weeks i cant even imagine the pain you were in i actualy got chills just thinking about it. Im so happy you can join me on this journey. I had a m/c at only 7 weeks and that was devistating to me and even my hubby and my 2 kids i have a 18 year old and a 14 year old and here iam wanting to do it all over again, i gotta tell you iam very obsessed over having this baby this time around in my life and i will do whatever it takes to have that baby in my arms. I havent got af as of yet but i feel anyday that its comeing so i should ov sometime this month and then i will try next month even though my dr. said to wait till aug so we can do this together wether its in july or august and if theres anything you want to talk about im here for you.


Julie.N - June 5

Hi babygirl, Found your new thread. Hope your doing ok today! INo i didnt have a d&c i had the tablets that bring on the m/c. Yes we are going to start ttc right away, i'm hoping it wont take us long, it took us 4 months with our daughter, and 3 months with the one that i miscarried so hopefully it will happen pretty quickly for us. Fingers crossed, and good luck to us all!


babygirl1967 - June 5

Hi julie glad you joined me im ok just anxious to get my af so i can o, im curious as how the monitor works im like a baby with a new toy and cant wait to play with it lol.i would realy like to have a spring or summer baby so hopefuly it will work,i also have a cm issue so my dr. said i can take the musinex and the evening primerose oil, so hopefully we all can concieve here together.where are you from julie? im in nyc. Baby dust to all


Julie.N - June 6

Is it the digital monitor you have? I have only tried the throw away ones but i think they are quiet expensive. Might have to think about getting dig one if i dont get preg this month!!! what does evening primrose do by the way?. P.s i'm from the UK.


babygirl1967 - June 6

i bought the digital on ebay for 120 with a 3 month supply of strips, i used to use the sticks but i dont think they are as accurate this one actualy shows your exact fertility time even shows an egg to let you know thats the time to bd lol. its more accurate to pinpoint your o time it takes the guessing out of your head as to if you are ov or not or is this line as dark as it should be. It is worth a try. The evening primerose iam taking is to increase cm because i dont have any when iam ovulating and if you dont have a good quality of cm the sperm will die faster.Thats why im taking mucinex also just when im ovulating if i ever get my af lol to ovulate.I told the doctor about using all 3 things and he oked it iam currently seeing a fertility high risk specailist.


Lavender - June 6

Hello Everyone! I hope it's okay if I join as well. Here's my story in a nutshell: Found out I was pg in March and had d&c in April due to missed m/c. My little bean was 5.5 weeks. :( Hopefulk--so sorry to hear about your daughter. My husband and I will be trying after I get my 2nd af, which might be this week (I think I am feeling some menstr. crmps). I am very irregular, so this should be interesting. Good Luck to you all!!


HopefulK - June 6

Thanks for the kind thoughts. Yep toughest thing ever in my life losing my girl, but we are adjusting to life only carrying her in our hearts. I am trying to be positive about the next pregnancy so. I'm gonna use the digital opk's and based on my cycle I should ov this weekend or next mon/tues depending on whether I'm having a 27 or 28 day cycle. So here's to ov this month then next month, we may try again and hopefully this time the gods will smile on us and we will get our healthy baby in our arms to take home with us. Here's hoping we all get to do that. xx


babygirl1967 - June 6

welcome lavender sorry to hear about your m/c as well, we are all here for the same reason and thats to hold our little one in our arms but for now lets get to o and then see a bfp. when in april did you have a dnc because mine was on the 30th and i havent gotten af yet and how long after did you get your af?


babygirl1967 - June 6

hopefulk hang in there we are all here for each other so lets all pray for a bfp for july, that would definatley make my birthday specail.


Lavender - June 6

babygirl1967--I got my af around May 7th i think. I had the followup for my d&c the first week of may--my doc checked my quants and said they were 14, then again a couple of days later and they were 5--by then I had already started. AF was a little different--slightly lighter than normal, and shorter. I mentioned having gotten af to doc--he seemed rea__sured that everything was going back to normal. I am verry irregular--but If I ov then my guess is it will be around the first week of July. I held my newborn nephew in my arms tonight--he was born last night. I am happy and sad all at once.


Lavender - June 7

babygirl--That's terrible about your friend! I have a friend that almost sees abortion as an acceptable method of bc--we choose never to discuss the topic. I went back to work about a week after my d&c and my boss had told everyone I was out sick. When I returned, 2 people asked me if I was pg (everyone always a__sumes that if a woman is sick, she is pg--that is so annoying and can be so hurtful!) I thought I was going to lose it right then--I went home and cried to dh every night for a while. I don't usually have a lot of symtoms before af comes--it's usually just a little b___st tenderness and a lot of moodiness, depressed feelings,etc. Then I usually get horrible cramps on the day of af. When I got first af in May everything seemed the same except milder than normal. I don't know about the moodiness becuase I had been moody ever since the m/c. :) I have heard it can take maybe 4-8 weeks for af to return. I a__sume your hcg levels are less than 5? I don't think I will start af this week, maybe next week. I will look into the fertility monitor--thanks!


babygirl1967 - June 7

ill proberly get af at the same time as you,i bought my monitor on ebay for 120 with 3 month supply of strips, havent opened it yet cause you cant use it till af starts but i cant wait im like a baby with a new toy lol. It is so horrible how people take forgranted having healthy pregnancies and throwing them away i hate that and whats even worse those who do it when they are 5-6 months that just kills me.Lets just worry about ours for now and heres to af and to ovulating. LOL i cant wait.


Lavender - June 8

Does anyone out there know about Pre-Seed Lubricant? I just bought some on another site and I was wondering if anyone has had experiences with it. L


babygirl1967 - June 8

I have read alot of threads on people who have used it and they said it was really good, and had worked for quit a few people i wanted to try it myself but when i mentioned it to my doctor he told me no and that i should use the evening primerose oil along with the robbitussin but instead of the robbitussin im going to use the musinex because its in a pill form and you dont have to take as many doses because its 600mg in a pill.


Lavender - June 8

babygirl--did your doc tell you why he said no? Was it your individual circ_mstances, or did he is he more for natural methods? L



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