Need Cycle Buddies For July

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babygirl1967 - June 12

rachel first i would like to welcome you to our thread and i am happy you can join us, i am so soryy for your loss and lately ive been hearing about alot of women who are having m/c in theit late pregnancies that has to be the worst thing that can happen to a woman whether she has 5 kids or one that has none,i envy your strength because i dont think i would be able to do it again, i dont feel im strong enough to handle such a thing and i am thankful that i m/c at only 6 weeks. Rachel god bless you and at least now you know whats wrong and they can fix it i have a friend who kept having reaccuring m/c and with the same blood clot problem and they put her on heprin and she had a healthy little boy, we are here for you so if you would like to ttc in july with us we will go through it together from the beginning with old are u rachel if you dont mind me asking, my name is lisa and i am 38 with 2 children 18 and 14 and want to start all over again i want this baby more than i wanted the other 2 maybe because im older and more ready for it and no matter what im going to keep trying till that little one is in my arms looking up at me.Baby dust to all.


Lynne - June 14

Hi babygirl1967. I am scheduled to start AF today. I have been having the usual cramps off and on but we will see. I o'd a few days this cycle so when AF starts it will probably be this weekend. So as of right now I am not stressing. We BD 3 days prior to ovulation this time, so there is a small chance but I doubt it. Although I have been having symptoms but I could have picked up a bug as well. I have been tired, light headed, and queezy but it too soon I think for those symptoms already. So I will probably have my ovulation cycle toward the end of the month. I have started with the folic acid supplement already as well. I hope you are doing well. rachelD.: I am sorry for your losses and I wish you didn't have to endure these things. I have posted my story a few entries above yours regarding my son who was born at 25 weeks. He lived for a month in the NICU was doing wonderful but developed an infection and pa__sed on 08/31/05. I hope to ttc soon!! I wish you the best in your journey as well.


Lynne - June 14

I meant I O'd a few days late in this cycle. -Oops.


babygirl1967 - June 14

Hi lynne good to hear from you again glad things are going ok with you, i am also experiencing all those symptoms its like being pregnant, when i was pregnant i didnt have anything and now that im not i have them all even the smell of things get me sick. still no af for me since the dnc but all the symptoms im having it has to be pms so it must be comeing real soon, i have testes 3 times already and all negetive so i know its pms.I heard that woman who have pms go through all the symptoms even if they did concieve and as you aproach the day to af it all goes away so who knows anything is possible.cant wait to get my first af already so i can o. Baby dust to all


Lynne - June 16

Well I was supposed to start on Wed. However, I still haven't. I don't think I am pregnant I have had some symtpoms, dizziness, queezy stomach, light headed, etc. But I think I had a bug. I am pretty sure I ovulated later than expected this month and I took a hpt yesterday which was negative. I just wish af would arrive so the cycle could restart itself. I don't want to go nuts testing just to get af and waste the money!! Argh... this sucks. Okay now that I have had my fit, how are you ladies doing?


babygirl1967 - June 16

lynne i know how you it is so d__n frustrating, i want my af to start also i have tested 5 times already so i know im not pregnant i just want to get it over with myself just so i know that ovulation is right around the corner its driving me crazy everyday i think its comeing and nothing, i have a few words to say to mother nature and none of them are good lol.hey hang in there who knows maybe you are pregnant and its too soon for the test to show up hey you never know lets all hope for the best whatever it may be right?



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