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matinajohn785 - June 30

Hey Everyone! Hope so you will be fine. Actually, I want to get some suggestion for my colleague who is suffering from some fertility issues. She is diagnosed with kidney issues. Doctors are saying that pregnancy could be fatal for her. So what should she do? She really wants to have a baby of her own. Need your suggestions


monikadavid - July 3

Hey, I am really sorry to hear about your friend's kidney issue. The doctors are right it would be fatal for her to opt for conceiving naturally. I think the best option for her would be surrogacy. This is because it will ensure that she is safe and the baby is also safe. The best part would be that the baby will be genetically linked to her. Just tell her that for this process she should ensure that the clinic is operating at a high rate. The doctors need to be professionals and experienced. Best of luck to her!


Rachel966 - July 3

Sorry to hear about your's friend issue. Pregnancy is a very complicated thing. If the doctors have said so than it should be fatal. Ask her to not endanger her life if the results are already known. There are many other methods to have a baby if she can't have a baby off her own. I was infertile due to hysterectomy cancer. So i went for surrogacy. Surrogacy was a blessing for me. I am from Japan where surrogacy is not legal. So we had to move to another state for surrogacy. So we moved to Europe . In Europe we roomed for 4 months but didn't found a satisfying clinic for our surrogacy. Than we came to know about a clinic in Ukraine. We moved to Ukraine. There we contatced the clinic. The clinic helped us and we started our journey there. Now anytime soon we will get a delivery date of our surrogate. Our surrogate is pregnant with our twin daughters. Good luck to your friend.


Stephine648 - July 3

Surrogacy is the best solution for women who are trying to have a baby. But are unable to conceive due to pregnancy issues. Like i was married once and i had also many complications regarding pregnancy.
They have suggested surrogacy as a solution to my problems. Surrogate will carry our children in her womb for 9 months. The surrogate will go through proper testing to carry our child. I also had persuaded my husband for this option of having a baby. Now i'm married for second time at the age of 43. I conceived for three times but resulted in miscarriage. I want to have a baby of my own. There are many clinics in UKraine for this process. But regarding pregnancy complications from my previous marriage i guess it is not a good idea to be pregnant again. I contacted a number of clinics and told them every aspect and complication regarding my previous pregnancies. There are many clinics regarding surrogacy services. I also think that surrogacy is the best solution to my problem. If someone is raising a child from surrogacy please let us know about their experience.


Isla28 - July 3

Hey. Recommend her to go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is a miracle. And surrogacy is mostly successful. Through surrogacy, infertile mothers can enjoy the motherhood. I was also facing infertility. I had fatigue injury. I was trying to get pregnant. But, nothing happened. One of my colleagues suggested me to go for surrogacy. My husband assisted me a lot. Then I visited Europe for this purpose. I have a baby now. Life is so beautiful with her.


scarlett9999 - July 3

hi hun. I'm so sorry for your friend's condition may things get better for her. ill pray for her. surrogacy will be saved for her. the baby will have her genetics. the birth will be given by surrogate mother. this will make things easy for her.


Anisa28 - July 3

Hey. so sad to hear about your colleague's infertility. It is true it is sometimes disappointing. Infertility can take a lot out of a woman. Sometimes it happens to most of us. It's not only you many women are facing. I know the pain. I faced infertility due to uterine polyps disease for a long time after miscarriages. It was very difficult for me to conceive then. I was so upset but I didn't lose hope. I heard a lot of success stories of couples who face infertility. It is untreatable for some people and I was one of them. I chose the unnatural way that was surrogacy. It was a bit different but was my last hope. It was my right decision I took. Today I am happy with my decision. I have a daughter. I hope this would help her a lot.


Ana66 - July 5

Dear, I really feel sad for your friend. But kidney disease can be really fatal for your friend if she tries to give birth to the baby naturally. But don't worry. The world has progressed a lot. You must go for alternatives. Try to consult a good doctor. And should talk about surrogacy. I hope this will help her. Best wishes!


emma95 - July 10

Hey, I am really sorry for her kidney issue. May she be comforted by the love around her. she must listen to doctors. Risking her life will be of no use. There are other options she can opt for having a baby. She could go for surrogacy. I know a clinic in Europe they treat best with these things. They also provide healthy surrogate mothers. Best wishes to her.


pitjulie19 - July 10

Hey Martina! I really felt so sad for her. I think you should give her advice about surrogacy. It's an advanced method, in this way, she would not need to carry her baby. A third mother will carry her. A lot of people are adopting this method. I hope it will be good for you. All my sympathies are with you


AshaSmith - July 28

Greetings. I'm very sorry to hear about your colleague. Not conceiving on your own can be very depressing. But she doesn't need to wear herself out. I went to this clinic named BiotexCom for my surrogacy. They had amazing services. The doctors were very skilled and the surrogates are very professional. Although they are in Ukraine. But no need to panic. They're also coming to London this August. For their open days, which will be on 18 & 19 August. She can get her first consultation right away. It would be free-of-cost. The heads are coming there too. I hope she finds her solution. Good luck! 


lella12 - August 18

Hey. So sad to hear about your friends' infertility. It is really disappointing. Infertility is a curse. S. It's not only you many women are facing. I can understand her condition because I had faced such situations after miscarriages. It was very difficult for me to conceive then. I was so upset but I didn't lose hope. I heard a lot of success stories of couples who face infertility. But my mother advised me not to lose hope and keep on searching good clinics so after two months I chose the clinic in Europe for my surrogacy. You should take your friend there for treatment. It was a bit different but was my last hope. It was my right decision I took. Today I am happy with my decision. I have a daughter. I hope this would help her a lot.


flora12 - August 20

I'm sorry to read about your colleague. She deserves every happiness of the world. I think she should go for the surrogacy process. It's a very convenient process and is trending nowadays. She should surf the internet and find information. Sending baby dust to her. All the best! 


malmom - August 21

Hey,hope you are doing well.I am so sorry to hear about your collegues condition.Considering her condition it is impossible for her to concieve naturally.But there are other ways still your collegue can fulfill her dream.I too am infertile.I was pregnant but due to an accident i lost my child and after that i had MCs.I was totally broken and lost all hope of becoming a mother. My DH supported,cheered me and tried to find ways for our happiness. A friend of ours told us about a clinic in Ukraine.We contacted them through email and told them about our situation.As it was not possible for us to visit them.They listened to us and were very supportive.The guided us and suggested us surrogacy.We recently visited them and had our tests conducted and signed a contract with them.Soon we will start looking for surrogate.I am very satisfied by them and would suggest your friend to think about gestational surrogacy.


jenny50 - August 21

Oh, that's pretty bad. I can understand how tough this is. Well, I believe that the doctors are right. She shouldn't take any risk. It would be better for her health if she does not try. When she knows it may be fatal for her, then why put her life in danger? I hope you are getting me. Just tell her to not try. I totally agree with the doctors. That's because I have always experienced that the doctors are right. There are some doctors who only make money. I agree with that too. But the ones that I am going to are really nice. TTC for 3 years is not an easy thing for me. But they've supported me a lot. And they still give me hope. So I am hoping that things will be fine soon. I hope the same for your friend. 


megan762 - August 21

I would suggest you not to take any risk. Tell your colleague to be careful. It's not good to put yourself in danger. It's better to stay safe. Getting an opinion from 1 or more doctors would be a good option too. It's good to know more about a problem. It gets easier to decide. I have been TTC for 10 years too. It gets very hard sometimes. But every doctor that I visit gives me hope. I am still hopeful after so long. There might be a miracle. And I am waiting for it. Anyways, wishing your colleague good luck with her journey. Sending baby dust her way. 


Brenda12 - August 23

Hey, there. I am so sorry about your colleague. It must be so awful for her. This is a really difficult situation. But, I think life is really important. She should NOT be risking it. Good luck to her, though. I'm sure things will get better for her. She should opt for other options. Surrogacy is definitely the solution for her. She wouldn't have to get pregnant. The baby will still be genetically hers. It's a perfect idea. Good luck to her! I hope she goes or it. And, she's successful!



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