Need Help About A Pregnancy After MC PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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m - October 10

Has anyone had a misscarrige and then got pregnant stright away??? if so please tell me what you felt and when it happened. when did ur tests become +???


KT - October 11

Hi M. I had a D&C on Aug 22nd. If you had a D&C then it takes 6 weeks for your HCG levels to go down and if you have any + after that then you are likely to be pregnant. With a natural m/c i believe you can find out straight away as your hormones drop quite rapidly so a preg test should be quite acurate used in the normal recommended way. You are most fertile after you have had a mc. I found out at the weekend that i am pregnant again (7 wks after D&C) but have suspected m/c as i am bleeding again. Nightmare. Good luck to you hope all goes well for you. Let me know how you get on.


Debi - October 11

Hi m, I found out that I was pregnant 10 weeks after my m/c. I never had a period in between, I actually called the doctor to get some medicine to bring on my period and he had me do an HPT and it was positive. I was so scared. I thought that it was too soon. I had a natural m/c and within 2-3 weeks my HCG levels had dropped down to normal.(I was 10 weeks preg.) Now I am in my 21st week with a healthy girl. If you think that you are, you need to call your doctor so they can start checking your HCG levels, in the begining they checked mine every other day to make sure that they were rising like they should. Best of luck to you!!


m - October 11

thanks KT and good luck hopefully everything will be ok. Debi cong and good luck 4 the rest of ur pregnancy. I had a missed mc at 6 wks and found out at 9 wks that was on Sep 9. I bled for about 4 days and we start trying from 2 weeks after the mc. i was fine up to about 4th Oct when i started getting very nausa and tried all the time also didnt wana eat at all with little cramps in my lower abs and peeing alottttttttt. I thought i was preg again but yesterday it got worse with hot flashs and the ab pain increased. I started spotting very faint red. so I think thats my period comming but i dont know it feels so different and alot more painfull and why was i feeling all that other stuff.


Sandra - October 11

Hi M, you shoukd get yourself checked out as infection afetr d&c or mc can disguise itself in many ways. On the other side you could be pregnant again. I had d&c after missed mc (12 weeks but baby was only 6) and developed kidney infection afterwards. I hadn't realised and thought what I was experiencing is normal after d&c. Adter we got that sorted I found out I was pg again 5 weeks post d&c. I am now 32 weeks pg with a little girl and so far so good. Do go and see you dr as they do need to monitor your HCG levels to see what's going on. The red spotting you are seeing could be implantation bleeding. Best of luck!


m - October 11

thanks for ur reply sandra. just wondering what were ur syptoms was it stronger than ur 1st.


Sandra - October 12

I had different symptoms to the first time, having dizziness and bloatedness from very early on. I had a + test only 10days past conception, but had already felt those 2 symptoms by then. The rest only started at about 6 weeks, and initially wasn't as strong as early on. The morning sickness made up for it though, building up to be much much worse than the first time.


m - October 12

did u get any implementation bleeding at all?? if u did what was it like?


Sandra - October 12

I never had any implantation bleeding with either of my pregnancies, but from what I hear it is light brown or red spotting.



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