Need Help With Ovulation Kits

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Angela Mac - May 25

I have been taking the clear blue easy opk and I haven't gotten a line for myself yet. The refrence line shows up but not one for me at all. Anyone had this happen? Anyone have better luck with another brand? If I miss my surge I will have to wait a whole month to finish my testing with the specialist. Thanks for any input.


frankschick2001 - May 25

ANGELA: It has been my experience that opk kits are not nearly as reliable as hpts. There have been months where I didn't get a line. In fact, in March, I didn't get a positive at all, but bd'd around the time of ovulation and guess what? We conceived. So I think it's a c___p shoot. My advice: bd every other day starting day 8 until about day 22. Otherwise seeing a specialist might be a good idea.


jami - May 25

Angela I have been doing a lot of the same testing as you (I remember you from another thread), I used ovusponse, myy Dr's office was VERY specific about using those. I had to order them. I don't know if they are available in stores. What day are you on? I didn't get my surge until cd 19, they did an us and found a matture follicle, I had my progesterone tested one week later and it was not quite high enough. So now I have to start all over with day 3 of my next cycle, but this time on clomid.


buffy2297 - May 26

Try the clear blue digital they give you a smiley face. Also learn about cervical mucus as it changes thoughout the month and is a great indication as to fertility. Pay more attention and always check the tp when you wipe. After a bowel movement is a good time as it seems to move the CM to the v____a opening. I used both CM and OPK's. They worked for me as you know from the other thread. Also having intercourse on the day you get a positive maybe too late. Each time I've got PG I've BD'd two days before ovulating. So the every other day method seems a good way to go if you aren't sure when you ovulate. Good Luck.


HopefulK - May 30

Angela, maybe try doing the test in the afternoon. Try between 2 and 4, you can get a negative (or really faint line in the morning and a good one in the afternoon). I got fed up of trying to work it out so I too go the clearblue digital. Its cool with the smiley face, no judgement needed. I've got pg both times by getting my positive then bd'ing last thing that night and going straight to sleep without going to the loo. I know its gross, but hey its worked for me so don't knock it ; 0 ) hehehehehe. Just have a REALLY good shower in the morning. Good luck, I know it can be confusing. xx


Angela Mac - May 30

Thank you ladies for all of your help. I'm using the opk because of testing to find out why I am having miscarriages. I have 2 tests left to be done and they have to be done 8 and 12 days after the LH surge, so I was kind of panicked to find an opk that worked. I have never used them before. I went out and bought the first response brand and did start doing them in the afternoon. They worked and detected my surge on Sunday. I still used the clear blue easy ones (regular not digital) and never got a line with that one. I'm kind of angry and feel they owe me $30.00 that I waisted. It was hard not to bd when I saw it, but I need to know what is going on first. I made all of my appointments for the rest of my tests this morning, so now I have my fingers crossed. Thank you again for all of your input.



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