Need Some Hope

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rb - April 8

I miscarried at 10 wks, the baby had died/ stopped developing at 6 wks, no heartbeat found at my first check up at 9 wks. I have a 5 yr old who so desperately wants to be an older sister. I got pregnant the first month that we tried. But I still keep thinking that something is wrong with me that is why I miscarried...maybe my hormones are high or low....the more I read on the internet, the more phobic i start getting. Had my D&C on 03/29, we will wait about 2-3 cycles before trying again. I feel so sad and feel that in some ways I have let everyone in my family down especially my daughter & husband. We are glad we didn't tell anyone except for his Mom and my Mom but they live abroad. Most of our friends it looks like are having the best time of their lives right now so I know they just won't be able to relate to what we are going thru. So we go to all get togethers/ dinners and try and look happy when it feels like I just can't go on. Just don't know what to ask my doctor to check me for....he thinks it was just bad luck. So scared that it will happen again.Anyone u know who went on to have a normal pregnancy after a case like mine??


mulgajill - April 8

Well there is lots of hope here.... i never knew how common miscarriage was until i started looking at stuff on the internet. It is really depressing to have it happen, i felt like i should have 'failure' tattooed on my forehead for awhile there.... but feel much more positive now.... I had two miscarriages between baby no1 and baby no2 and have had another recently (trying now after 5 years for baby no3).... I find this forum great for sharing or just reading other peoples experiences....


Tiffany - April 9

I had very similar emotions and asked a similar questions. Read "I need encouraging words" for some success stories.


Jess - April 9

I know how you feel but it does get easier. My m/c was my 1st attempt to have a child. DH and I were so upset and disappointed. Since my m/c I know several people who have had one and many more who said they have had one. You should feel very blessed that you have a healthy 5 yr old and you know you can carry a child. As for my this was my1st so all I can think is I might not be able to have children. Alot of crazy things go through your head. Just know this, though you won't forget about the m/c you need to look to the future. It probably feels right now like its never going to happen for you again. I think that here and there. My Dr told me to wait 3 cycles but my DH and I are starting now only after one. You need to keep a positive outlook and realize things aren't that bad for you. Keep your head up and before you know it you will be pregnant again and carry to term. Its hard for people to relate to how you are feeling, that is why I am so glad I found this site. Even ifyou need to vent there is always someone on here who is feeling exactly the same! Good luck to you...



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