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WorriedCollegeGuy - April 11

My ex-girlfriend claims she is pregnant, i am 14 hours away and i cant be there to know whats going on.... She claims she got pregnant at the end of Dec... she then claimed she went to the hospital sick as all heck in january and they told her she had a miscarrige... recently she called me back and told me they were wrong and now she is still pregnant... what are the chances of that happening and wouldnt they have some more definate way of telling that is more error proof.. Or am i just being played like the moron i am for even putting myself in this situation??? pleas help


Jess - April 11

Well worried college guy. If she did get pregnant at the ebd of Dec she would be a little over 3 months. If she went to the ER while she was "sick" I'm sure if she told them she was pregnant that would have done a pelvic exam and an Ultra sound. Does she want you in the picture or what. By now if she is pregnant she should be seeing a DR once a month. I would ask her to send you pics of her next US, then you will know. If nothing else you will know in October!


Jill - April 11

I agree with Jess. If she is infact pregnant, they will do an ultrasound which will show a fetus. By this point she should be seeing the doctor once a month, and if they originally thought that she had a miscarriage in January, they would probably be monitoring her very closely to make sure that things are okay. If she doesn't send you the ultrasound report, she will start showing in the next couple of months anyway. Goodluck.


WorriedCollegeGuy - April 12

Thanks for your thought Jess and Jill, she is just looking for someone to be the daddy at this point she is not even claiming me as having s_x with her thus far... but she has already said if the pat test comes back and the other guy isnt the father... then she is coming after my a__s.... So i am just trying to get the info i need to do the right thing...And on the ultra sound reports she has seen the actual doctor once that i know of and has gone to the ER twice once for the "miscarriage" and once for a "headache" that wouldnt go away... I have done my homework on the topics, and if im right i know that you dont just maybe have a miscarriage.... you either do and are checked or you definately dont... and also with the headache situation... They supposedly gave her morphine for it... Which from what i have read is a HUGE no no for a pregnant woman due to possible birth defects... She also hasnt had any ultra-sounds thus far from what she has told me and doesnt have an appointment to do so until may 11 which is pa__sed the 12 week date and 20 week date that you are normally supposed to have ultra sounds....She also has stated that she supposedly has a sept. 27 due date which doesnt make sense if i have read all of the information right... Because they can give you an average due dat such as the weeks of sept 16- 30 but she claims " she will have the baby on sept 27" i dont know i dont wanna be a jacka__s about it because if i screwed up and its my child i will d__n well take care of it and get its mother out of the picture... She has absolutely no responsiblity and apparently is in need of some serious education, or lessons on being a better liar... So with the information that i have given you... PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS... .am i getting screwed with in a soap opera situation of ill trick him to get him back? or can the situation actually be that screwed up... In my opinion i dont care where you are in the US ER doctors are not going to screw up that much with a miscarriage and the morphine... PLEASE ENlIGHTEN ME, with any of your thougts on the situation.. So i can do the right thing... THANK YOU


Heather - April 12

Worried College Guy - First off... When is the LAST time you had unprotected s_x with her? If she is leading you astray on this then you can totally call her on it. As for the due date you are sorta right. It is an EDD (expected due date). Women are pg anywhere from 38-42 weeks. If she is claiming she's having the baby ON Sept 27th then she does need some education. It is rare that a woman actually has the baby on her exact due date. Your EDD is determined by your last period. If you conceived in mid-December, than you would add 2 weeks to her pregnancy from the date of conception. The day you conceive you are already considered 2 weeks pregnant. Don't ask why I wonder the same thing... As for the miscarriage part... You either DO or DON'T. There would be no messing that up if she is as far along as she claims. They would have seen the heartbeat on the ultra sound. The baby's heart starts beating 18 days after conception. She would be in her second trimester now if she is still pregnant so... She may be trying to just keep your attention on her. Good luck!


WorriedCollegeGuy - April 12

THANK YOU HEATHER!!!! This almost puts a foot down in the situation in my opinion. She claims she is 16 weeks 1 day pregnant as of monday april 11 which would put the actual conception of the baby on January 3rd... that would mean i was already 14 hours away again and that it couldnt have been a dormant sperm that was still living...BTW the last time i actually had s_x with her was on December 19 which gives a 12 day cushion between when we had s_x and she should have actually "concieved" plus with that time range from what you told me with her numbers she should have actually concieved on the 3rd of January rather than the 19th, and i left home to go back to college on the 2nd of january!! with not seeing her since the 19th... So correct me if i am wrong... but i think the chances of her actually being pregnant and if she is pregnant the chances of the child being mine are slim to none... And i think slim just left the building... Anyone who has any other thoughts on the subject please inform me onwhat you think>>>> i would be very appriciative if you do... THANKS again JESS, JILL, and Heather... I hope everything goes well for yall too!!!!


Heather - April 13 Go to that web site and punch in the last day you had s_x with her... If it was Dec 19th than her due date would be Sept 11th! She's full of chit! Sorry to say but she is. Her actually conception date would be around January 5th if she is due Sept 27th & there is NO WAY it's your kid if she is pg. Male sperm live in the body for up to 3 days... Female up to 5 days. I think you're in the clear!


WorriedCollegeGuy - April 13

Thanks Heather... Why can everyone be as helpfull as you all on here.. Thank you so much and I hope everything goes well for you... you have really eased my mind... If you need anyone to talk to about anything. Just keep postin messages in here... Ill keep checking for a while!!!!Thanks again jess,jill, and heather


Worried College Guy - April 13

Can't* LOL why cant everyone be as helpful



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