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Belief - February 22

I was due for AF on Feb. 11, but she never showed. I few days after I took a HPT which said Positive. I waited a few more days then took another one, which said Positive. I was feeling pretty good until something told me to take another one this morning and it was Negative. I'm beginning to have mild cramps much like I would on my cycle. I have cried all morning trying to figure out if the tests were incorrect or if it was a chemical pregnancy. I m/c in Nov. and my cycles both in Dec and Jan were exactly 28-29 days apart. I thought I was back on track but now I don't understand. Can anyone help me figure this out? I feel so defeated and my husband is absolutely crushed b/c he said he felt so positive about this one.


tracy72 - February 22

Hi there, have you had a blood test from your dr yet? I would get one of those that will tell you for sure. Although a lot is dependant upon if you use the first morning urine or not that early. I have been 7-8 weeks pg and tested in the middle of the day and it looked negative. Also, cramping is normal during pregnancy. I just got pregnant again and have them daily so that doesnt' mean much. I have had a few miscarriages also and I know how frusrating it is. I hope things work out for you and you get some answers soon.


stefkay - February 22

Hi Belief, maybe do go have your doctor do a blood test? What kind of tests are you using? It could be a dud test? I so hope so...the only other thing is if it were a chemical pregnancy and I've known several girls on here that that has happened to recently. I've had it happen 2times myself. My dr. said it is pretty common (I know that doesn't help much) and I've heard 50-75% of pregnancies end as chemicals and most women don't even know because they didn't test. They just think they got a late period. My dr. told me not to test early, but that's impossible for me :-) Good luck!


Belief - February 22

Both of the positive HPT were taken in the afternoon. The negative was from first morning. Since posting, I'm wiping light pink, but the cramps are intensifying a bit. You both have been very helpful, thank you.


Cerulean - February 22

Hi belief, the same thing just happened to me. I took a hpt on Feb 6th and Feb 7th and they were both positive and then I took one on Feb 9 and it was negative. I went to the doctor and they did a blood test and I did miscarry. They said if I wasn't looking for it, I probably would have never known I was pregnant. My m/c came that evening. I had cramps that were a little worse than more normal period cramps. Definetely go to your doc and get a blood test. Unfortunately, it sounds like a very early m/c like mine but only a blood test will tell. Please let us know what you find out and know that we are here for you if you need us!


Belief - February 22

thanks...well, I just returned from the restroom and it is a full b__wn cycle. I don' t know if I am supposed to get a Rhogam shot or not b/c I am Rh negative. I guess I'll have to call the doctor and find out. I truly cannot believe this. My mother had seven children without one m/c. I have numerous aunts and cousins, and no one has had a m/c. I don't think I've ever felt so alone in my life.


Whisper - February 22

If it was a chem preg I don't think you'd need the rhogam since there wouldn't have been implantation most likely, but I'd phone your doc and ask to be sure. This is just all guessing/speculation on my part. The main thought behind it is that they say a lot of women have chemical pregnancies and dont even realize they were ever pregnant... then surely some of those women must be rh- like us, and it would seem that if the rhogam was needed in those situations, then a lot more women would be sensitized than actually are. But again, just guessing here, so ask to be sure.


jalbert - February 22

Belief, I'm so sorry for you. I think you should probably get a shot of Rhogam regardless of whether or not it was a chemical pregnancy or true m/c. It's better to be safe than sorry and will be of benefit when you get pregnant again so as not to hurt the next baby. Again, I'm sorry. Hugs.


Belief - February 22

Wish me luck...I'm on my way now to see the doc and get my blood work completed. I'll keep you posted


Cerulean - February 23

Please let us know if you get the shot or not. My situation was almost exactly like yours and I am also RH - and didn't even think to mention it to my doctor.


Belief - February 23

I'll definitely let you know. I'm going in again today for the bloodwork follow up. I'm not pa__sing any clots. It is still bright red and like a mild period. I'm not soaking anything. The cramps come and go and I get a nauseous feeling every now and then. Could be nerves since my hubby is coming to pick me up in about 15 minutes to go see the doc. I'm a bit aggravated as my reg doc is out of town and I have to see another one. But maybe I will like this one more ... I'm trying to stay positive. I teach school and the students have kept my mind at ease all day with their silly antics. 8th grade is very entertaining at times. I will definitely let you know about the shot...I just have this fear of not receiving it in time and never being able to have children.


Belief - February 23

Cerulean - the doc did give me the Rhogam shot as a precaution. It was a chemical pregnancy. So we'll try again in a few months.


sososleepy - February 23

I'm so sorry belief. Big big big hugs. Keep trying ttc. I'm right here trying with, um well not with (please laugh), I'm trying too. Stick with us, we'll win eventually!


sososleepy - February 23

Oh golly, you have me crying all over again. I guess it's good to get it out. Serious hugs.


Belief - February 24

Ahhh...don't cry. Think happy thoughts. My hubby went into the doc with me and asked if was him. That's when i started crying. He has had a heart and kidney transplant and though his meds were the problem. Doc said no. So we are just going to forget about "trying" and just enjoy the intimacy. That's our plan. It does stink when all your neighbors, girlfriends, and family are able to conceive and carry healthy babies to term and you can't seem to make it past the first two months. But, there is a lesson to be learned...I haven't figured it out, but hopefully I will. hugs to you and cheers to succeeding in the future.



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